COVID vaccine is ready!

david starling

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Yes. But you'll probably have to pay for them yourself.

IF they continue to allow the EUAs AFTER the 2020 Declaration of Public Health Emergency has expired (which makes no sense at all), Moderna has stated it's going to quadruple the price for a single dose, and that the insurance companies will have to pay it provided the recipient has health insurance that will cover it!

Medicare will continue to pay for it for seniors on Social Security, but those without health insurance coverage for it will have to pay "out-of-pocket".


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And Twitter since Musk took over.
They have the entire thread of PV recording the Pfizer employee......
who admitted that the company was projected to lose billions in 2023 as nobody
was getting jabbed anymore......
So they planned on 'arranging a mutation of the virus' so that they could roll out another
booster shot.
PV have exposed a lot of the chincanery & deceit by big pharma.
And Musk is waiting to drop the Twitter Files.
They must be that important & incriminating!


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Criminal Charges Over Vax Injuries Filed Against Swiss President​

It has recently come to light that a banker, Pascal Najadi, has filed criminal charges against the Swiss President for the lack of informed consent surrounding the mRNA injections. This has come at a time when many governments including the Japanese Government are starting investigations into these genetically engineered drugs that have been promoted as ‘vaccines’.

The charges being brought against the Swiss President are:

  1. False advertising of a genetically engineered drugs as a ‘vaccine’ by the government and hence it does not come under the regulation of Australia TGA and,
  2. A lack of informed consent for the recipients as the governments did not provide the risks to the public (released by Pfizer in 2021) of a drug that they mandated for everyone in society.


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Case Closed On Masks​

In this video Ivor Cummins looked into the scientific evidence surrounding mask mandate and the wearing of masks and found there was no scientific evidence to support mask wearing for airborne pathogens like influenza and COVID-19.


The Irish Government released data after two seasons and massive positivity and there found the risk of mortality was much lower than we were led to believe. In under 70s the risk was 0.014%, under 50s was 0.002% and under 25s had a mortality rate of just 0.00018% meaning you were more likely to die from poisoning, falling from a ladder or in a fire than from COVID-19.

david starling

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Except there are no known benefits from mRNA shots.

Playing the game, to convince people who still trust their doctors not to get jabbed. Best we can do for now. The stats back when the Alpha and Delta variants were prominently featured were convincingly rigged to make it appear the mRNAs were lifesavers.

Now, with Omicron, that's not working--too ridiculously obvious. So, "That was Then, this is Now" is the most effective argument, instead of having to constantly refute the old lies.


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Pfizer spelled backward in Hebrew, means God of plagues. o_O



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Covid jab spike proteins get “delivered” to ALL bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging​

The phenomenon of “sudden deaths” being seen all around the world following the release of covid “vaccines” can be traced back to one common cause: the age-accelerating effects of spike proteins.

Spike proteins lodge inside every organ of the body, we now know, and once there they transform a person from young to old or from old to very old. This is why young people everywhere, including in-shape athletes, are dropping dead suddenly of cardiac events.

Walter M. Chesnut of WMC Research calls this phenomenon Spike Protein Endothelial Disease, or SPED, which he describes as Stage One of a disease he calls Spike Protein Progeria Syndrome (SPPS).