COVID vaccine is ready!


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Yes, very good point. Fauci did their bidding &, in return, they kept him installed in the top position.
He made a lot of corrupt people VERY wealthy with their patents & diverting the billion dollar funding he was in charge of.
He's a huge part of the SWAMP!:sick::sick:


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Gives the term band aid solution a whole new meaning :)
"...Mask mandatory, pants optional..." cognitive dissonance is other worldly hilarious
even more hilarious because this is real and not a joke
They want it to spread
"...Don't worry it's just herpes..."

when there’s a large outbreak, no one will know why it happened.
Lockdowns and mandates and social distancing for some :)
parties, protests and orgies for others.

Different rules for different groups.
pelosi's town! San Francisco’s “...Dore Alley...” fetish and kink festival

was back in full swing
over the weekend of July 30-31 2022
celebrants turned out in droves
– despite concerns about the spread of monkeypox among the LGBTQ community.

Organizers offered suggestions for precautions attendees might take
such as covering any open sores with Band-Aids :)
but many wonder whether a masks-on
pants-off approach
will do much to halt the spread of either COVID or monkeypox. :)
Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the growing threat of monkeypox

and whether the protective measures suggested by the festival backers will have proven all that useful. :)

From now on my name for band aids is " condom..."
Seem's like the health advice for monkeypox and Covid are a bit contradictory
looks like the government would rather have people being sick than have them being offended

They really need to learn to separate politics from health. It's costing lives.

“...Put on a band aid...” but we had to stand 6 feet away from everyone for 2.5 years!!!!!
Monkeypox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to-skin contact
including: Direct contact with monkeypox rash, scabs, or body fluids from a person with monkeypox.
Touching objects, fabrics (clothing, bedding, or towels)
and surfaces that have been used by someone with monkeypox.
Contact with respiratory secretions
"...There's no better feeling than latex rubbing up against your mysterious sores..."

Think about all the dudes who are bi or on the DL
and will be bringing there disgusting diseases back to their wives or other female partners.
gay guy on twitter said he doesn't want to be terrified over monkeypox
the way he was terrified over AIDs in the 1980s.
"...why the eff wouldn't you want to be terrified of monkeypox, if that keeps you from engaging in behavior
that causes you to catch monkeypox, the same way being terrified of AIDs
might just keep you from engaging in behavior that causes you to catch AIDs...?'
Apparently this now constitutes "...shaming..."

Remember when we couldn’t even attend a funeral, but this is totally and completely fine
Hey you know what else is funny? There are toddlers that got Monkey Pox too.

Toddlers that are in the homes of some of these "...upstanding..." gay couples.
Nobody should think about that though. Let's just all keep laughing.
Band aid your unknown pox, bumps, or herpes to share Body fluids, feces, ejaculate, & more
within relatively health & safety.
Rainbowpox is very progressive
get ready for the homophobia claims
"...Physician and Scientist Prof. Shmuel Shapira MD has been the Director of
the Israel Institute for Biological Research for 8 years from 2013 to 2021.
He recently claimed that mRNA vaccinations caused the monkeypox outbreak

as reported by Kanekoa Substack..."


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For more than two years
Dr. Anthony Fauci has never tired of talking up vaccines, masks and social distancing
as means of protecting ourselves against COVID
but for some reason he almost never talks about taking Vitamin D as a preventative measure.
Yet for some time we’ve known
and a recent study out of Israel confirms
about the prophylactic properties of regular, ample doses of Vitamin D.

Why do you think Fauci’s so silent on the subject? :)
Is there not any money to be made in selling Vitamin D?
Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the curious silence

on this key preventative measure from the typically loquacious Dr. Fauci.

So, basically, and contrary to our health “’s...” guidelines
people should have been out in the sunshine playing, exercising

or sun bathing as much as possible over the past couple of years


david starling

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Sunlight can do a lot more than JUST vitamin D supplements, but both are good.

Apparently, it's the infrared part of the Solar spectrum that produces the most important vitamin D effect that supplements alone can't produce.