COVID vaccine is ready!

david starling

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Sheldon Yakk's substack, I've posted links here before. He takes data direct from Health Canada, and posts links so you can download it yourself if you wish.

But miracle of miracles! This week all the numbers changed! Now instead of the unvaccinated dying in hospital on average at less than 1%, they're now 30% of covid hospital deaths!

How trustworthy is Health Canada?


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Monkeypox Outbreak Follows ‘...Germ-Game...’ Prep
Media Falsify '...2000 Mules...' Claims In Georgia

So they wargamed this.
In their scenario the first case of monkey pox is diagnosed on 15 May 2022
in a fictional country called Brinnia.

Real world: the 1st case was diagnosed on 13 May 2022 in Britain
You really can't make this up, but someone can create it :smile:

The variant
different from the two previously 2 variants
and descibed as having "...unknown characteristics..."
must incubate a bit faster than they had expected it would
at one of those US biolabs in the Ukraine
or Georgia (the country).

I won't give Tedros, the criminal, any control over my health
and neither will most.
It doesn't matter if Biden thinks
he can sign a document that overrides the Constitution. It won't.

And funny how the countries with the least "...equity..."
(Africa, So. Am., SE Asia)
who had the least access to the WHO's covid mitigation measures
and pricy vaccines
and horrible deadly protocol
many who simply ignored the whole "...pandemic..."
actually had the best outcomes by far.

That's all you need to know
- the UN, WHO, US CDC, NIH, and US FDA are at best counter-productive
at worst causitive, responsible, and guilty of collusion of crimes against humanity
on a grand scale.
Eliminate them and co-conspirators.
Eliminate the problem.
If only the US military still existed to protect the people


Pfffft ahahahaha. :lol:


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Very comprehensive article interpreting the UK government's own statistics about the number of deaths within 28 days and 60 days of getting the vaccine between Jan 2021 and March 2022. The number of deaths amongst the vaccinated is almost 180,000 in the UK alone! I think this is the best article I've come by so far that actually gives hard evidence. No opinions or subjective interpretations, and no one can deny its veracity, not even the biggest deniers on this forum (you know who you are) as it's just merely going off of the government's data. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

That means it's working. Safe (for the manufacturer) and effective™.