COVID Infection Reason


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I was infected with COVID-19 last year, and was seriously affected by it.
I had to undergo treatment because of it, and was hospitalized for some time.

I shared a drink with a friend, who had also infected at that time. Possibly, he aware of his infection, though he was not serious.
Around the same time, it was the last time i was to a dental clinic where i had gone for treatment.
I had met a few friends around the same time.
I had watched movie in a packed theater around the same time.

What could be the reason i got infected with COVID-19, which has affected my health even to this day?


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I would think a natal chart with transits for when you came down with the disease would have been the better choice to read, but looking at this one, all I see is the following:

Asc- Aquarius - ruled by Saturn in 1st house Retrograde (recurring ) perhaps you will be subject to what is known as Long Covid (harmed part of the immune system or organs)
If this happened to you this year, its likely you were not taking serious precautions? After all, the more easy to catch Covid called "Variant" still in the population and highly infectious can happen to those not wearing masks who are not well immunized with booster shots (imo)
so, risk taking (house 5) which is also the house of entertainment - where the Sun is located
Actually, this chart shows all the personal planets below the horizon - and each of these houses were busy unlike the ones above the horizon without planets other then the 12th of hospitalization or isolation which you say you also were confined to being .

Ironically, the 6th of health is not appearing to be triggered in this chart, but rather almost all the other lower houses are including the 1st house with the Saturn rx theme (your ruler) .

I think you gambled with your health and this is the result. The dental work, I don't know why you went unless it was absolutely necessary to be done during these past few years in an emergency situation. Dental offices see many people, in their chairs, with their equipment, up close and personal with the doctor. I'd think it would have not been safe.

But there is on sense in lamenting what is done. At least you didn't die from it as many did. As for where you picked up the variant it's impossible to say.


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It happened last year around the same time. Well, i do think that the dentist hadn't sanitised the instruments cleanly. I have to go the dentist again, but this time, i'm stopping myself to go.

So, you say that the visit to dentist would had caused(?).


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No, I didn't say that. I said you gambled with your health by going to the dentist if it was not absolutely necessary to do so. There are seats there with chairs that others sit on, lots of people in and out of those offices., places where people assemble should be avoided during times of epidemics like hospitals or waiting rooms or emergency rooms unless its of dire need (emergencies)

It may have been just as easily when you were with friends dining out, and more probable, or in the movies with all those people in close proximity.
Dentistry itself is usually pretty clean and careful with their equipment sterilization. It is the crowds to beware of.