Could you help me reading my natal chart?


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I'm trying to understand me better, aind i think my natal chart coud be a tool for such a purpose. Although i've been reading a lot about it, I still get overwhelmed by the aount of information it gives. Could you please help me doing a general reading on my chart, the things you consider most important, etc.?

Thanks in advance ::happy::happy::happy::happy:


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I redid your chart and put it here because whole sign charts are much more accurate and easier for me to read.

1st house: So your first house will always be the rising sign so that is why I redid the chart. You have the ascendent in the Libra so you may come across to people as very strikingly attractive as well as very charming. You may have modeling contract offers.

The jupiter in your first house makes you come across as optimistic because jupiter is the planet of expansion while the 1st house presents your appearance and how you appear to the world.

2nd House : You have Scorpio here. The second house deals with earning potential. You may do well in the sex industry or as a funeral director. You may do well working around dead people like becoming a coroner or mortician. Pluto in this house deals with your current generation and your current generation will shape society. I have pluto in Scorpio as well so we are both born in the same generation.

3rd House: You have sagittarius here. Sagittarius deals with long distance travel or moving from a foreign country and your early education. When you were younger, you probably were able to express yourself FREELY.

4th House: Capricorn is here. You are very loyal to family and feel the need to take care of family responsibilities later in life probably. Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn allows you to be very traditional about handling family responsibilities

5th House Your sun here in Aquarius 5th house meaning you desire to express yourself in unconventional and creative ways. Your saturn here may try to force you to to fit into this box so there is a battle here

6th house: The pisces in this house makes you emotionally fulfilled when working and taking care of your family. With Venus here you may be attracted to people who may need to be saved etc. This may be a good placement for the medical field or helping oriented field such as counseling

7th House: Your moon here in Aries. You feel the need to be in a relationship to feel emotionally stable. This is a good placement for marriage counselors. You may want a partner who has a dominant or take charge persona

8th House: For taurus in the 8th house deals with inheritances and money through others. You may have financial benefit through the effort of others. Maybe you can start a business and allow others to work for you?

9th House: You have Gemini here. You desire so much knowlege

10th House: You have your Midheaven in Cancer and your Mars and Hygiea asteroid here.
As for mars in the 10th house, you have a strong drive and passion for success in a career. I see you may do well in counseling fields or psychology fields

11th house: You have leo here. You desire to lead in your pack of friends or company or become a manager or some sort. You like to be the leader of the group, and shine with your friends. You have many casual acquaintances, but also a close group of friends that you’re loyal to. You dream of having status and being admired publicly.

12th House: You have virgo in the 12th house. You may want to work in a hospital or medical setting. You can be more judgmental of other people than you seem, and think long and hard before you speak out. When comfortable, you’re practical, reserved, and detail-oriented. If you keep your nerves to yourself, it impacts your health.

There are Aspects on here of course but I won't go into them.


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