could i win the lottery?


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Is the potential in my chart? I'm interested in what in a chart would allow or prevent someone from winning a large amount of money through gambling. Could anyone have a look and tell me what they think ? Thanks :biggrin:

Also I wasn't sure whether to use equal or placidus house system?


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I NEED ANSWERS AND I NEED THEM NOW!!! Pretty Please lol :wink:

ARIES MERCURY , ruler of chart in 11th house - "I need this now" demand.
Yes you have sun opposite jupiter with moon as a strong potential.
venus mars with saturn is also possible although capital investment and attitude could affect you - neptune pluto conj in 8th house is challenging and determined, and can be useful for wealth gain, but not completely good
your 5th house ruler of libra is actually virgo also, so besides your natural inclination to take chance (aries mercury) you may win on occasion or when mercury or libra, virgo or pisces or perhaps aquarius and uranus (sudden changes of fortune)....there is caution in this chart, but chance of success.

- sent the following to another on astro weekely - mention of star group team. - Anyone has a favorable aspect somewhere which means you could
win the lottery. You have lots of favorable aspects.

To teach you to read the chart, check your 5th house, and planets
in 2nd or 8th or 11th house, and rulers of 5th house aspects
such as if virgo rising, capricorn is 5th and saturn is ruler.
if benefic planets are active, or positive, such as sun moon jupiter venus
then you would show more chance of winning - you can use the best
times to play also when you have benefic aspects.

Anyone wish to be with our recently begun STAR GROUP lottery - opportunity
- we use the exact numbers from the charts for lottery play
- each gets techniques to 'raise the best' numbers.
- each plays on their own state or inter-nationally
- you may join whether you use the "numbera" or not
- winners share (on honor system) 10% suggested.
- no fees or cost to players (other than buying your own tickets)
- If other players win substantially, you do also.
- we have increased our percentages of correct predictions
- we are still taking on players at this time

email paneagle at astrology weekly or paneagle7 yahoo.


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I NEED ANSWERS AND I NEED THEM NOW!!! Pretty Please lol :wink:

this week mercury in aries is currently same as your natal mercury in aries
- last evening the short list of numbers for a florida 5 game had 3 of 5
and a 4th was included. I found all five clearly in the "Numbera"

You have found your short cut, but you have to be smart
(how to do it doesn't get learned overnight)
Star Group will send players the charts (through email) and most possible numbers,
show how to "observe" and play it.

best; pan
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You are competing again the luck of millions of other people. Even if you have very good luck at that moment, chances are very great that someone else will not only have better luck, but they are living on their luck lines.

Luck is something that changes from minute to minute. So when I predicted times for my fairly lucky wife to win the lottery, she got several numbers, but if she bought the tickets only 5 minutes later: NOTHING at all.

You have to have a lucky birth chart, then lucky transits to secondary progressed chart in moments, and then live on your luck lines.

You need all three, and then you still have to compete against thousands of people who are even better. Finally you don't want to win with the wrong numbers since certain numbers are bad combinations and will bring sadness even if you should win.

Its a complicated thing. I spent months and months researching it astrologically.


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Anybody? Is it only people with venus jupiter aspects that win large sums of money?
Obviously not :smile:

Remember also, if your time birth is unreliable then your ascendant degree is also inaccurate - accurate prediction is based on an accurate ascendant degree