could anyone interpret my chart (including the asteroids)?


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tell me all what you see here... strengths and weaknesses... what type of man is ideal to me? which sun-rising-moon combo is ideal to me? do you think i'll work out well with pisces sun scorpio/aries/virgo moon? or cancer sun libra rising scorpio moon? what this chart(asteroids/placements, whatever) shows about future children?


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Are you haunted by a sense that something is missing in your life? Do you often feel frustrated that you can't get your point across? Do you have a goal that you are obsessed about? Are you a perfectionist at heart?

You come across as a stern person and you are indeed stern. You need to chill a bit. Your ultimate life lesson is to go with the flow and stop worrying about being perfect. However, you have an inner strength to work toward your goal. There is a good chance that you will achieve great things in life. Maybe something related to writing, teaching, healing others... Just don't be too restless while you're at it.

You may attract a man who is family-oriented and emotional.

About the Sun-rising-moon, it's not a good indication for relationship. It requires a different reading. You need a synatry chart for this.