Conjunctions to house cusps, etc

Hi everyone!

My chart is full of planets very close to house cusps when I use Placidus, which made it hard for me when I was beginning to learn astrology, as Placidus and WSH completely changed the houses of most of my personal planets.

However now, I feel that these conjunctions to the cusps could be why both Placidus and WSH seem to resonate with me, with 2 out liters.

I’ve attached a small screenshot of the ones in question, Venus conjunct 8th house cusp by 1°, while being placed in the 7th house. Does this give my Venus 8th house qualities, as well as the 7th? Venus is my best aspected in my chart, so that planet means very much to me.

And then there is Uranus at 0° in the 8th house. I have very much always felt 8th house energy, which is why I felt my Sun and Mercury in the 8th (in WSH) resonated so much with me for a long time. Uranus at 0° Pisces while being in an Aquarian 8th house I feel may be the reason I feel so intensely connected with both Pisces and Aquarian energy, far beyond any interpretation of any planet placed in those signs. A deep, true understanding and knowing beyond words of those energies. Uranus also makes a square to the Nodes, so I feel that this planet is almost like a Karmic gift for my creativity (I won’t touch on that in this post)

Is my thinking correct? At random times few and far between I get these weird internal knowings about my chart, it’s something new every time. But if I am wrong please tell me!

Thank you for anyone reading!


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This is something I am also wondering! I figure since conjunctions to the angles from preceding houses can influence the angular houses, in theory it would make sense that this could follow, but I haven't seen anything written on it!


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A planet in a cusp is an interesting figure some of us have in our personal natal charts: would a Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, for example, bring out the most Saturnian influence a person would have and esp. conjunct with their natal sun either in Capricorn or Aquarius. That's something I want to know.


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Generally, a planet within 5 degrees of the next house cusp is considered to be in the next house.

There's also the question of which house it's in whole sign.

House cusps are murky, fluid boundaries. There's a borderland quality to the area around them. Just like the borderlands of countries are full of the cultural and linguistic influences of both, the borderlands of the houses are shaded by both.

Adjacent houses always have overlapping themes. When I see a planet in that nebulous borderland, or simply in one house Placidus and another house whole sign, I look most at where the meanings of the houses overlap.