Conjunction of planets in 8th house


Conjunction of planets in 8th house - Please Help!

Dear Friends, as we all know that 8th house is still considered one of the most difficult houses in vedic astrology, I would sincerely request any interpretation about conjunction of planets in 8th house a welcome. I am looking forward to your help about 8th house astrology for my nephew's chart which I have attached here.


****Introduction of self: I started studying vedic astrology under the guidance of my maternal uncle some 10 yrs ago. But then I left my motherland and lost touch. Its just for the last two months that I have started studying again. I am finding aspects of planets rather hard area of study though . I must admit that resources these days are plenty, so I am kind of lost. Since last week, I started studying the chart of my nephew(9 months old now) and became paranoid to find 4 planets in 8th house in his birth chart. Several queries started popping up in my mind. Since I am a novice myself this has left me really exhausted. But what I found that his chart is kind of a rare type. Everything points to being a yogi but rahu being in seventh house makes me worried too as this is a kama house. I have attached his birth chart here. Any interpretation about his chart from my friends here is a huge welcome. Thanks again heaps.****


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