Concerned about Saturn transiting 8th house


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I don't think you need to worry too much about 8th house until Saturn hits your Sun, which is still probably almost 2 years away. But since you also have sextile from Moon to Sun (at the time when Saturn conjunct your Sun, restraining your solar energy), it won't feel too bad.

As far as I could tell from my own experience, Saturn transiting 8th house, you will put more of your focus in that house affairs. The actual timing of external affairs will relate to how Saturn aspects your natal planets.

The most important transits to you now should be the Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus oppose/conjunct/conjunct your natal Mars. You could google search those transits and find out more. And since your Mars is in your first house, I would think that it would be related to your self-image/etc and any other 1st house affairs. Watch out for accidents (with Uranus/Saturn transiting Mars).


You have some significant progressions......Sun about to enter 9th house; moon/venus entering 8th house; MC about to enter 11th house and Mercury about to enter Scorpio......all pointing to changes in your values/views about life and relationships, in preparation for your first Saturn Return around 7 years from now.

Seen in that context, the transit of Saturn is particularly it passes through the areas of relationships (7th+Libra); outlook on life (8th+Scorpio) and beliefs (9th+Sagittarius)......providing you with a 7-year "window of opportunity" to become (astrologically) mature before commencing your second Saturn Return...(and achieving that will make life much easier for you from the ages of 30 to 60).

I'm concerned about Saturn transiting my 8th house.
In Equal house T Saturn has been in your natal 8th since Virgo 22' and all transits act as background influences until they make a mathamatical aspect to something within your chart or an Angle ie; MC/Asc..

What I expect you to have noticed would be T Uranus/Jupiter conj your natal mars in 2nd house of how you earn your money. Has there been any disruptions or upheavals (uranus) or surprises (jupiter) With T Jupiter conj mars should have been a boost in confidence and with Uranus bouts of ill thought out action, bad tempered, impulsiveness etc...

I have just now finished with T Saturn going through my 8th house and it's definately about shared finances and lack thereof, No 8th house pleasures :sad: :sideways: having to share finances with loves whose need may be greater than mine, thereby keeping me short of money. All about duties and responsbilities unfortunately and having to 'dig deep' to resolved these issues.

this has also been a good thread for research.

How do you handle power? Your desire nature? Intimate relationships? What kind of obsessions and addictions do you have? What are your deep-rooted compulsions? What are your unhealthy attachments? When Saturn transits our eighth house, we feel pressure to answer these questions. Often, at the beginning of the transit, we are very sensitive to what seems like outer world pressures that force us to examine some of our deepest desires and attachments. These include our sexual relationships, our finances (especially with regards to debts and shared finances), and our need for control. Sometimes, Saturn transiting the eighth brings about sexual dysfunctions, whether we encounter these in ourselves or in our partners

I like the equal house system but I don't think it is accurate for everyone. Yep no problem at all For me, I can't imagine Jupiter being in my 4th house, the equal house system doesn't accurately reflect my life. I still believe it is accurate and beneficial for others though. There has been a boost of confidence lately. If this Saturn transit to my 8th house will give me an opportunity to find a job and contribute with relationship finances, I'll be happy. I'm currently unemployed and I don't like the thought of not contributing financially to my relationship. If you do find a job then it will be hard work and not that rewarding

Also I remember you previously mentioned Pluto singletons. I read some information about them, it was very insightful, there should probably be more of an emphasis in astrology on singleton planets. Thank you for your response and thread link.

You may well struggle with this hope, cos Saturn tends to limit and restrict. You may find yourself more and more dependent on a partner or spouse or even family unfortunately.


Making life easier in the second Saturn Cycle

...By making life much easier for me from ages 30 to 60, does it mean that until I reach the age of 30 life will be difficult?
When life is difficult or "things get bad", it's the planets way of telling us that we need to change......If you recognise (and make) the neccessary changes in your behaviour/outlook that are required at the time of a progression/transit, their related problems will not occur again.

Astrology is a mechanism for "looking back and learning about ourself" (and thus creating a better future) rather than for looking forward with apprehension......All events shown in our chart will happen, but we can alter how they affect our life by changing how we respond to them.

The Saturn Return Chart shows how we would be if (by then) we have learned the lessons of that planet as it transitted our natal chart over the last 30 years...thus becoming (in my opinion) the natal chart of the Mature Adult for the next 30 years, as well as an event chart which relates directly to our birthchart/the 30 years of maturing during the first Saturn cycle...

However, few individuals actually achieve self-awareness/astrological maturity by the end of the first SR...So, the second SR becomes merely a repeat of the first SR lessons (a second 30 year cycle of maturing/becoming self-aware)....but, this time the lessons are presented through harsher experiences...because we failed to be mindful of them during our first term in Saturn's classroom.

Nevertheless, you (Skillcoil) have a rare opportunity (during the next 7 years) to achieve astrological maturity before the commencement of your second SR, making life easier for you during it's 30 year cycle...because of your new "self-aware" attitude to problems, rather than because the problems themselves will no longer occur.

[Note : Life up to age 30 will be no more (or less) difficult than it has been up to now...but learning the Saturn lessons will make life easier/more enjoyable from age 30-60 than they will otherwise be.]

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