Comprehensive Books of Karakas


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First master basic karaga , thats enough , no need to get into deep . most of life issues revolves around basic things only . venus kalatra karaga , guru dhana putra karaga , mars siblings karaga , guru karaga for husband in womens chart , venus for man . venus is also for sisters , moon mother and mind . sun father ,soul and govt . mercury lovers , friends maternal uncle . thats it , its enough for basic astro prediction . rest is your wish , todays astrogers on youtube saying many things that even parasara didn't said those , its just showy types , projecting to world that they are great among others dont get deluded by that . just make your foundation strong its enough. just know house planets and rasi significance its highly enough , for eg venus in scorpio gives controlling , highly sexual , nagging , suspecting wife , she may be in occult or in medical line . dark and obsessive, possessive wife . like this just master karaga and rasi significance .

I suggest brighu nandi naadi to you, its superb book on karagas and life events , sage brighu takes each charts and expalins the life events of native , in between he shares some secrets which normal astrologers dont know . give it a try , also go for saptarishi nadi for each lagna which is avaliable online . seven sages sits around goddess parvati discusses each chart , its very interesting to read ...


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Do try KAS DIMENSION BOOK by krushna ji.

You can get an insight of ancient astrology, how to use karaka and it's ansha's.

Good luck