Composite Nessus conjunct Ascendant


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I have Composite Nessus conjunct Sagittarius AC by 1degree, inside the 12th house, with one of my coworkers. We have been working together for at least 1 year and one day I decided to ask her about her birth time/date/place so I could look at her birth chart and our Composite chart.

Anyway, I noticed that we have this aspect: Nessus in the 12th conjunct the AC by 1 degree).
I have read on different threads online that Nessus means abuse but in other cases could be about obsession with the person/relationship. I don’t feel obsessed with her at all and I don’t feel like hurting her.
A while ago we talked about some of our colleagues and she told me about all the things that they have been saying behind my back and I also ended up confessing her about the things that I have heard about her.
I don’t know if THATS what Nessus is doing in our chart, but there is definitely some “darkness” in this relationship, because it’s mainly about us talking about what other people say (only the negative things though).

Ps. I also have a similar aspect with a friend of mine. Scorpio AC conjunct Moon in the first house also conjunct Nessus from the 12th house.

Does any of you have any experience with this aspect? How did this play out in your relationship?