Composite doom aspects?


So I recently met a man and we are somewhat involved with each other. It was crazy attraction, like love at first sight which I am guessing because of his venus/mercury conjunction conjunct my north node/ic conjunction. His moon is also conjunct my dsc, so maybe that is why I instantly felt comfortable around him and like I had known him for years.

I'm curious about how his venus/mercury conjunction square my mars/mercury conjunction will play out. There is a lot of sexual chemistry here.

Now for the parts that are worrying me, we have a venus square saturn in our synastry, which I am interpreting as our large age difference and the fact that we live almost 400 miles away from each other. We haven't known each other for very long but my heart aches for him.

What worries me most, and what I'm most in the dark about is what certain aspects could mean in our composite. The saturn conjunct pluto is opposite the sun conjunct venus, and it's also square mars. This could be very troubling, no?


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hi honeymilik
the composite shows a venus/sun conjunction giving a loving feel to the relationship , but as you noted, the saturn/pluto conjunction opposed to venus/sun usually tempers the attraction.this can give a powerful animal attraction but it also shows a deep selfishness and emotional distance in a chart.

your concerns about mars squar eto saturn/pluto are also valid as this shows him to be self centered and distant.the mars/astrun midpoint is square to uranus which shows he is not into a serious or committed relationship.

with neptune on the ascendant, there are hidden issues here and the relationship is compicated. with the saturn/neptune midpoint opposed to the jupiter/mercury/chiron midpoint, the likelyhood of deception is very strong.the mercury stellium does give a very strong mental/intellectual connection, but opposed to saturn/neptune , there is a secretive and possibly deceptive element here. likley he does not really tell you want he think.

with these many "harsh" aspects, the "crazy attraction" you feel is confusing until one enters a few more symbols into the composite.
mars is square to the eris\psychen opposition. this fits the bill as this shows a ultra romantic,idealistic attraction plus an extreme powwerful sexual attraction.between these symbols , the "crazy" attraction " is clear.but eris square to mars,though extremely sexual, is that extremely sexual with little chance that a truly romantic love will developed.this is complicate as lilth is part of this tsquare as it is conjunct to pluto. this shows that these sexual/emotional feelings .with the sun/moon midpoint opposed to nymphe, there is a very intuitive connection between you.this can manifest as a overtly psychic connection .but with the mars/neptune midpoint square to ceres , he is unlikely to be faithful to a committed relationship. and as you are separated by 400 miles, i think he has other love interest. this is just not a good aspect for fidelity.coupled with the mars/saturn/uranus influence, it very unlikely this will turn into the type of relationship that the "crazy attraction" would lead you to believe.that is physical intimacy will not turn into devotion and committment. as he is too independent and is not through "playing the field" yet.

you likely will find this analysis hard to accept as the psyche/eros midpoint is square to the sun/sedna conjunction. this enhances the ultra romantic,"spiritual" love you feel with him. and sedna with the sun often emphasizes honesty and truth in a relationship, but the hard aspects of pluto/mars/saturn most often trump the finer,idealistic feelings of love.

yuo may have first brcome entraced last fall and the intensity seems to have built up through january of this year. actually in january it would not surprise me if you and actually talked about a serious relationship or at least acted as if this relationshiop would become committed or even headed toward marriage.
it seems you and he have similar professional careers and likely met in a work or educational related enviroment.

in spite of these dynamics ,it does seem that the attraction between you is growing . if this is a "real" connection the i would expect him to travel to see you in the near future as there are the feelings of attraction and love in a committed manner are growing stronger through july.
at any rate the relationship is not over and as i said ,it will continue to grow stronger inthe near future.but he needs to show up.



Wow, amazing interpretation. I appreciate it and so much of what you said seems to ring true, although he and I only met a month ago.

Last weekend we went away on a trip together and slept together for the first time. He initially made all these romantic promises that he never kept, and after we slept together he became all quiet and distant, other than when we were alone together in the bedroom. It seemed as though he lost romantic interest in me, which I had pegged onto his Aries venus. And now that we are apart in our seperate cities he is saying how he misses me and what not, but there are no declarations of feelings anymore, he only seems interested in sexual related discussions.

He is planning a trip to stay with me in two weeks, we'll see how it pans out. It's all becoming very intense for me, to the point that my heart and stomach hurt, which is strange for someone whom I hardly know, so I'm still looking at that synastric north node activation to explain that part.