Composite chart v davison v synastry


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Hello. Just wondering which of them is the most accurate based on your personal experience.

I believe that the composite charts are a very recent invention, dating back to the 1970s or so, whereas synastry and chart comparison have existed for thousands of years. Do you find one to be more accurate than the other?

And then there's Davison. Just wondering how it stacks up with composite charts. I have cast both charts for me and my ex manager and tbh, the resultant charts look very different, but our dynamics are what they are, how can their story be told by two very different looking charts. Just wondering how you guys deal with the problem when the Davison differs greatly from the composite.

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Hi, the thing that I have noticed between the two is that the davison charts shows the day to day inner part of your relationship. And the composite shows how the world sees it. Both are very accurate. But davison I think is more important personally, since it deals with what is actually going on in the relationship. Hope that helps.


I feel as if the composite doesn't completely encompass the feelings or what's happening in a relationship. I can't relate to it much honestly.