Complicated Yod?


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i am having trouble with my yod because it points to my 11th house taurus stellium (sun, merc, venus, mars, and chiron), particularly the merc/venus conjunction midpoint, which opposes a uranus/vertex conj (kinda loosely but is combined with 11th house strength and south node in 8th aquarius though).. i have only been studying astrology more in-depth for around 6 yrs, and yods are complicated enough for me (partly because i focused more on learning sign house asc mc and major aspects and avoided adding "minor" aspects until recently so i didn't confuse myself - ty merc in taurus for the slow methodical mind lol) not to mention it points at a house i can't find much deep information on with a stellium which further hazes the meaning... gemini moon here so i love to analyze this :) ready for help though haha! :alien:
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