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Okay-- I joined an astrological matching service some time ago. What surprises me is that I am an Aries and it seems as though most of the signs which I am suppose to be highly compatible with are also Aries! Now I know that we are a combination of all our planets and so, hypothetically, we can be compatible with any sun sign. So the old cliche-- "what's your sign" is just stupid because we may not like someone who is supposedly a "compatible sign" (i.e. with me, it would be Gemini, Aquarious, Leo and Sagitarious), but may get along very well with someone not usually considered a compatible sign for your sun sign, like say Virgo. (I was matched comparitively high with a Virgo once, too! And he had five planets in that sign! I just couldn't see it, personally.) Many (not all) Aquarians and Leos can drive me up a wall, as well, though we are suppose to be compatible. My question-- are signs, in general, compatible with their own sun signs? I would think two Aries would be constantly butting heads with one another-- unless , maybe one has Libra moon. What is the answer? Also- you would assume (or rather I would assume) that people in these clubs would contact people with the highest compatibility quotient-- like in the 90% and above range. But they don't. Can't figure it.


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Hi Maries,

You've got to remember that many of those websites do play to the lowest common denominator and assume that most of their users don't know very much about astrology. So they will post very general information which they think will satisfy their users.

Think of the websites in the same way you might of newspaper and magazine horoscopes: they are there more for entertainment purposes than legitimate astrological information and assistance. The sum total of each person's chart must be taken into consideration in order to determine compatibility. Then the hard work begins because there are more factors to a healthy relationship than just astrological compatibility. Astrological synastry and compatibility is just another tool that can be used in understanding aspects of a relationship and it is not the end-all be-all way of creating, maintaining and ending a relationship.

And although two Aries sun sign people might butt heads with one another, there may be mitigating factors within each person's chart which would allow them to be highly compatible with one another despite their Aries suns. The relationship might require more work because of the Sun sign and both people would need to acknowledge the needs of the other (pulling in that old polarity point energy from Libra). Now granted, two Aries might think that it might be too much work for their tastes...that's a different story.

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I don't think that just using sun signs for synastry is good, I also think that using just the sign and not considering the aspect isn't good either (Such as how Taurus and Aquarius are "incompatible" but if one is born toward the beginning of their sign and the other at the end of theirs, it could be a sextile or trine). The aspect bit of my opinion goes for the moon and planets as well. And houses in synatstry are important, too, I think.


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my birt data

Okay, I was born 3/27/1959 1:38 AM. What signs would I be most likely compatible with? Is it feasible that I COULD be compatible with a Virgo with five planets in Virgo?


Maries, there is no simple answer maybe Franklin would agree with me on that .
As you know different people cause different reactions.
Certain people bring out certain qualities in us as well.
To your question unless both charts are are seen first it would be difficult to answer.
Aries sign may have many virgo things not always seen in the natal chart that might indicate a connection but I cannot give a definate yes or no answer without investgating it first.
I think Franklin wanted to look at it for you anyhow.
From your birth information* an astrologer could find what your basic needs are regarding relationships , love , marriage and friends whether you will get a sign as an answer not likely from me . I have found it is best to give the person things about themselves and descriotions of what they would need from a partner but not descriptions of a partner because a lot of people fit into a general description.
That is just the way I do it another astrologer might explain the partner and there is nothing wrong with doing that . The seventh house does give the basic description of a partner and for all of the partners if there is to be more than mate in the course of a lifetime as well as the moon,sun and several other planets depended on the sex of the person asking.
I look forward to seeing what Franklin writes oh *** put your present location and birthplace.***town, provence , state and country


A free solution you might want to check out would be:

This site will have you enter in both persons birth data, and then lets you know which aspects would make for a favorable union, and which would not. The only downside to clicking on this particular link is that you can not enter the time/location of birth.

A partial remedy I found for this is to visit ,, enter in all your birth data, and once it comes up with your chart, simply follow the 'Compare to another person' link on the left hand side.

This at least makes your birth data completely accurate, with the adjustments for location and time already made. Unfortunately, in the spot where you enter the other persons info, you are still limited to just the date of birth.

Hope it helps,

franklin taylor

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Sorry I have not gotten back to you. I do need the location of birth. If you have five planets in Virgo, it gives you common energy with Virgo, but if they are not the 'personal planets', Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and some agree on Saturn some do not. Planets beyond this
would not count in innerpersonal relationships but generation influence as a rule. I do not have your place of Birth, but I know that the Moon was somewhere in Virgo at the time of your birth. This give an emotional attraction to a Virgo sun. If by chance you met a Virgo Sun with an Aries Moon common ground may be seen. I have seen numerous situations like this unbeknowst to these couples having long marriages and some who divorce because no marriage is failproof unfortunately. It takes a dedicated commitment to hold any marriage or relationship together with all the media attacking from without the marriage or relationship. Someone with Aries Rising could be compatible with you Aries Sun. The Aires Ascendant would have a personality energy that would blend well with your inner self (Aries Sun) You two would probably think and approach on life very similiarly. If you related to someone whose rising sign was opposite your Aries Sun sign (Libra) you could balance each other's strenghts and weaknesses. Aries could energize the Libraian Ascendant and LA could refine the Aries Sun native for e.g. If your Sun squares the other's Ascendant's sign, in your case Cancer and Capricorn, indicates conflicts and quarrels but a strongly passionate relationship. If your Sun is in trine or sextile with the other's Ascendant sign a flow of energy and a tolerance of one another less desirable qualities is seen and this match can work cooperatively. Your Venus placement (Taurus) is the same as his Mars placement tempers may flare at times, but a passionate relationship is to be in store. If your Venus in is the other's Ascendant (Taurus rising) Sign you have may have a similiar desire to please one another sexually and otherwise. Your Mars (Sagittarius) in the other's Moon Sign also makes for a volatile relationship with a high sex drive and desire. So it really depends on what you want out of a relationship, an intellectual, high energy, highly sexual, or a passionate committed one. Consider carefully on each for it is not likely you will be able to get all factors in perfect alignment You be blessed to get more than two or three. Above all consideration, it takes hard work and commitment to make even the best pairing work. You cannot give up but, do not sacrifice your basic self to make some one else happy and do not be anybody but yourself from the beginning so you can know if its right.
Take Care and good hunting,


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the gospel writers

By the way-- I was born in Pittsburgh Pa. Sorry I forgot to tell you that in the astro info about myself. I know I DO NOT have six planets in Virgo. I don't remember if I have any planets in Virgo. If I do-- they are not the five closest ones. They would have to be after Saturn.

Anyway-- have two other questions...

1) Found a web site which told the signs of all the apostles. Interesting. Now I wonder if anyone knows what signs the gospel writers are? If this helps, I read somewhere that the gospel writers were symbolized by these: Matthew: an angel, Mark: the Lion (Leo's pretty certain for him), Luke: an ox (Taurus maybe?), And John is an eagle. Anyone know?

Also-- an astrologer told me that I have a "karmic credit" coming to me. Is that possible? Or is the astrologer just trying to get me to purchase a astro reading? Can one have a "karmic credit"?

Mary Ann


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As for the signs of the gospel writers, it depends upon what side of the debate you are on. Some say the greater percentage of the apostles were most likely illiterate and that they did not write their gospels and/or books. It was their students or the next generation of students that recorded the books for posterity. Others say that it was the apostles themselves.

The eagle can represent the higher aspect of Scorpio in some traditions. Which, if you want to use a fixed grand cross configuration between the four, Matthew would be Aquarius, Luke Taurus, Mark Leo, and John Scorpio. What I would suggest is that you read the four gospels (and Revelations for John) and see if the qualities of the Sun sign come out for you. If they don't, don't be disappointed. The Sun is only one factor in the chart and it is the whole chart that influences how a person presents what they have learned in what they speak and write.

My 2¢ worth, keep what fits and ditch the rest.


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my birth data

All right, here is my complete birth data:

March 27, 1959 1:38 AM Pittsburgh, Pa.

This is what I KNOW about me:

Sun: Aries

Moon: Scorpio

Ascendent: Capricorn

Mercury: Aries

Venus: Taurus

Mars: Gemini

Jupiter: Sagitarious

Saturn: Capricorn

Also-- no one answered this--

Is there such a thing as "karmic credit?"