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Hello all! I'm wondering if you can give any insight into the potential longevity of this relationship. It's truly been a blessing thus far. The third chart is our composite :)


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hi moonmuse.

ths is a very interesting composite, as it has aspects that usually show a difficult relationship. Saturn is opposed to chiron and square to the Venus/sun conjunction. the Saturn/chiron opposition usually does not work out because the man is a tyrant. in western culture composites, th e woman role is so dominated that most can't take it. but as he is from iran, his personality is reflective of the patriarchal cloture he is from.
assuming you are from western culture, then the success of the relationship will depends on you becoming subservient to his dictates.
with the moon conjunct the south node and mercury square the node, your relationship has very good communication. it may be that problems of cultural differences can be talked about and compromised.
The moon/sun and moon/venus midpoint is conjunct to vesta implying that you already accept a devoted and loving role in relationship to him.

The moon is opposed to Saturn , which usually is a difficult aspect as it shows there may not be a open emotional connection. Again this usually shows emotional restraint which is not the best aspect for a relationship.
Jun is loosely conjunct to Jupiter so this leads to feelings and thoughts of commitment or marriage. But Jupiter is square to pluto. This aspect is another that is not favorable for long term relationships because it shows that personal ambitions be it education or professional advancement are more important that love.often with this aspect the relationship is just a step to other things and not a step to commitment. This aspect brings very selfish motives.
There is on feature in the composite which is very unusual. Lilth is conjunct the ascendant and opposed to the vertex on the descendant. This shows that there is a very deep emotional connection between you.the vertex can bring intensity to the relationship and if could reflect a previous “karma” between you. I can say whether it adds to the longevity of the relationship or not but it certainly makes your emotional connection with him very unique
I can’t really get a hold on this composite, that is to say I can’t see whether it is stable or will fall away.
But the hard aspects that are there usually show a relationship that will not endure. but I can’t see for how long or not.



Hi Rahu,

Thank you very much for your analysis. Synastry is a fascinating subject. I checked with him once more and he said it's possible his birth time was a bit earlier. So I have attached our other possible composite chart below. Obviously, the planetary positioning remains the same with the new birth time; however, the house placements are changed. Im taking it from your analysis, that aspects between planets are more important than planetary house placements.

I can definitely feel his need to be dominant in our relationship- the aspect portended by the saturn/chiron opposition. Thus far, it hasn't negatively affected anything. Interestingly, for the first time in my life, I'm able to focus more on my career path and less on the relationship than I've ever been able. It feels like a nice balance for me, but we are currently long distance (I'm in Denver and he's in Boston) until I can figure this matter out and find a job back east.

The lilith aspect is also felt. There's definitely a karmic feel to everything between us. It's almost as if we've known each other for forever, even though we've only known each other for 8 months. It was a case 'love at first sight.' I most definitely hope that the relationship lasts, at least for awhile, and that he is in my life for a long time. If it's not meant to be, I trust the universe to sort all of that out too :)

Thank you for your response. I truly appreciate your insight!


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the problem here is not longevity, the chart composite cries it out, I am worried Venus doesn't get much of a look in, just my two cents which might be wrong