COMIC from 1894!


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Nothing much has changed lol


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Just the names of the players. In 1894, adjusting for the scale of the economy at the time, Pullman was the rough equivalent of Amazon: huge monopolistic company that thoroughly controlled its workers, grossly underpaid them, and got away with plenty of abuses.


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I don't know why we let the blood-sucking multi-billionaire capitalists get away with this. There are so many more of us, I mean the entire middle class, plus some from the lower class. There are literally double-digit millions of us. We should just band together, march into these capitalists' gated communities where their castles are located, and just force them to share their ill-gotten wealth with us. And yes, I do mean physically force them. We have the manpower and means. And a large part of their wealth does belong to us, at least the middle class. We are the workers that actually worked and earned the bulk of all that wealth. And no, billionaire factory owners sitting in air-conditioned offices thinking hard to generate more profit for themselves is not "working". And I don't care if somebody cries, "wealth redistribution". D*mn straight, the wealth needs to be redistributed.

Let's storm these mansions, castles, and palaces. Howl our demands at the obscenely wealthy.