College not going well.... But why?


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I am a bit...confused. I consider myself a very intelligen girl, I exceed in high school in essays,speech, english.history,literature and was considered very gifted in a few fields,especially writting,although my goal was to enroll in the acting academy. I choose hotel management in the last minute because I wanted something that would be a challenge,and mainly so I could travel to the US faster to pursue my acting dream.
For some,strange isnt going well for me.I can not pass my exams,its such a strunge to even study things I am not really interested in..I look forward o practises,working in foreign hotels,travelling, in short, I look forward to the real life experience,but I am struggling as hell with the theory. I felt really low before because ppl would look down upon on me,because I am not sucessful,especially my peers in college,which I find insulting,given many of them,arent intelligent at all,not have them, a capacity for some deeper thinkings,thoughts,in fact one girl who goes in the same class as me,is a girl with whom I used to go to high school,and she is the most dense girl in the world,and even she is passing exams and moving ahead but.... Im not. Im sarting to be really frighetend about my future,and I realize that all I need is a jolt of confidence ( I am starting to feel it again ) and that all will be alright,but it makes me wonder... I am not this person. I was never viewed as ''the stupid one'', I was always viewed,and told,both by my professors and those close that I am very intelligent, ''she will go far in life'' and.....and I suppose I get scared for myself now. My biggest fear is being '' the intelligent girl that never amounted to anything ''

I will put a transit chart as well, but Im mostly interested in raw,looking at my natal,and just asking what the hell in my natal suggests such a hard time with college studies. I emphasize college since I never had a problem studying,up until now.

My chart is in my sinagture.


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Maybe you lack motivation because you are not doing what you wanted (you wanted to go to an acting academy but now you are studying hotel management instead, which is not even related...).

I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I don't see what you get from this. Why aren't you taking acting lessons? Maybe lack of confidence?

I know my comment is not astrologically related, but that's the impression i get from reading your post.

By the way, I'm Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon just like you. :smile:

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No,I dont lack confidence in Arts, I choose to study hotel management,like I said,to move to America faster where I can purse my acting dream,and studying something related to travelling moves u very fast whereever it is u wish to go.

Plus, since I dont have the money or the resorces to go to Hollywood, where is the next place where directors,actors,meet? HOTELS.