Clairvoyance/Empath in chart?


Hi Everyone,

I've always been a feeler and someone who picked up on other peoples' energies. It's what makes me very selective about who I spend my time with and how I spend my time. Over the course of the past ten years or so I've had different encounters with what may be spirits, all different types glowing people at night, voices in my head, "visions" which just means peoples faces in my mind, etc. I have a very strong intuition/gut feeling and I feel that my soul is old. I'm like a mother to my sister and even my mom whom I feel have younger souls.

Wondering if this is a natal chart thing. I've come across in it other interpretations on the web - that I'm prone to "visions" or "psychic tendencies" - but I'm wondering if there is something in there about communicating with the dead.

I never really thought much of it but I had another instance occur last night and I'm wondering if this is my life now, lol.



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Your Moon (emotional/sensitivity) is exalted in Taurus, and it received a sextile aspect from a tight Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Cancer which is Moon ruled. This would suggest to me an expansion (Jupiter) of light (Sun) expressed through emotions (Moon).

Normally psychic/light worker abilities etc. generally tend to have a connection to Neptune/Pisces/ruler of your 12th. However I can't see one. Though I have noticed your 12th is ruled by Mercury (communication) and squares Pluto (transformation/the other side).

Your harmonic charts may reveal more. I'm not sure which harmonic chart represents abilities/gifts.


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Welcome to the forum.

My feeling is that your intuitive experiences are a better guide to any psychic abilities you may have than a horoscope; with one big caveat. I do think that some people have true psychic abilities, but also that some people have delusional sorts of experiences, where something that seems very real to them is a product of their imagination.

I find the chart you posted to be very hard to read. We need to be able to read the degree numbers. The most legible charts are at Astrodienst free charts pages,

Astrologer Alice Portman says that people with psychic abilities generally have a planet in a septile relationship to the vertex. The vertex is sort of an alternate descendant (7th house cusp.) It seems to relate to fateful encounters or as a portal to other realities. The septile is a minor aspect of 360/7, which gives us degree separations of roughly 51, 103, and 154 degrees between planets with a septile relationship.

There is astrological software that will show you septile aspects; and then I suppose one could eyeball them off the natal chart. But:

An easy way to do this at Astrodienst, when you're on the free charts pages and have input your natal data:

1. Under the list of optional additional points, add the vertex.

2. Under the list of chart types (headed by natal charts) scroll down until you see two for harmonic charts. Click on the second one, which will give you just one chart, not several.

3. You will also see on that page today's date. Highlight it to erase it and substitute the number 7. Run the chart. You will get a 7th harmonic chart.

Any planets that are closely conjunct in your natal chart will show up as conjunct in the harmonic chart, as well; but other conjunctions in the 7th harmonic chart show that they have a septile aspect. A lot of septiles can make you a kind of visionary-- but if the vertex is septile a planet (i. .e, conjunct in the 7th harmonic chart) then you join the ranks of other people with psychic ability.

I also think that if you have a planet conjunct your vertex in the natal chart, that it means the same thing.

Please stay grounded, and focused on what is good.
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Could you please post your natal chart pulled at (charts are usually clearer and easier to read). I do understand how you feel and welcome you to my world. I have an exalted Venus and a dignified Jupiter, both in Pisces in a conjunction. Venus also tightly aspects my Moon and Mars in a sextile and it rules my 3rd house. My Mars rules my 9th house and is exalted, too :). I am clairaudient and have dreams.

I would love to see if there are any similarities in our charts.


Hello Everyone - thank you for your replies. Here is my chart from, it is also attached:

For added reference, I definitely wouldn't call myself a psychic. I am definitely an empath. I read people very well in a way that others aren't receptive to. It really comes down to picking up on even the smallest tendencies in someone's personality and feeling their energy. I also am a *very* calm, usually positive, person energy wise.

I guess I should detail the "seeing people in the dark" experiences I've had. These may very well be Hypnopompic hallucinations which is how they are explained scientifically.

The first one was the most vivid and shocking. I had gone to a late yoga class so came home very relaxed and ready for bed. I went to bed early. About an hour or so into sleep my eyes shot open, and floating above me was an elderly woman with long, curly hair. She had a mischievous look on her face with a big smile and her eyes were wide open. She was horizontal just as I was, imagine someone laying on top of you but about 5-10 inches hovering above you. She floated horizontally so that at first I saw her face and as seconds past it was then her body (she floated upward horizontally, if that makes sense). As soon as she dissolved I screamed "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" and jumped out of bed. I ran to wake my sister but she wouldn't answer the door (lol). Anyway, i just went back to my room and went to bed. I wasn't afraid, I was just startled. She wasn't scary. Also, she was glowing bright white maybe even with a green tint.

That was the first event. Events like this happened a few more times while I still lived at home with my parents. The second person I woke to was an evil man in the corner of my room. He was definitely evil. I swung at him and knocked over a ton of stuff on my nightstand, then he dissolved. The third event was a young girl in my living room (I fell asleep on the couch). She had a ponytail and she was just walking across the living room away from me until she dissolved. The fourth event happened a couple years later once I moved out (and in) with my husband. I woke to find a woman leaning over him in our bed (she was not nice) and I swung at her. The last event was this past summer and it was an elderly man hovering over me in bed.

There of course have been lots of other events that aren't similar to these. I think we all experience unexplained noises, mysterious dreams, etc.

I slept at my parents' house during this past week and again, went to bed very calm. I lay in the dark for a few minutes and there was a voice in my head that told me a name, a year and a cause of death. I googled it and this person had existed and it checked out.

These are my experiences. I haven't drawn any hard and fast conclusions from them. I just move on with life and take what comes.


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Waybread, attached here is the 7th Harmonic Chart. I believe I followed your instructions correctly.


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Hi drenee7

The reason I asked for a chart is because usually any questions about psychic abilities or associated phenomena involve the node.
Your chart has mercury conjunct the south node. This shows you have a very creative and intelligent mind.this is also a indices of psychic abilities but the south node also brings many extraneous thought forms into you mind , so very often a person, such as your self, does not regard themselves as psychic but rather just very logical and deductive. But you do have psychic abilities. Haven’t you wondered why you can always anticipate what another person will say, you think it is just logic at work but it is your psychic energy. Conversely, you give out strong psychic energy, so I would expect others occasional anticipate what you are going to say.
Your Uranus is square to the vertex which is most likely the symbol that gives your other abilities, as this opens you up to the astral plane. This shows you have vivid dreams that are sometimes prophetic. The vertex though also brings in extraneous “cosmic” energy ,so you likely have confusing images or dreams that don’t make any sense because the energy you are picking up really isn’t about your particular karma this can give you otherworldly or altered reality feelings or experiences also.
Neptune is also square to the vertex which can brings you visions. Often these visions can start as dreams and continue into your waking state, or you can just have vision in your conscious state. Both Uranus and Neptune square to the vertex can give clairvoyance and other associated abilities.

You empathetic sensitivities are most likely coming from Venus opposed to Lilith. Lilith is the primal core of all emotional sensations and responses. So with Venus opposed to Lilith , you inherently can feel everyone’s emotional state. this aspect also gives you a very loving nature and attracts many to you. In addition you have your moon/sun and moon/Jupiter midpoints also opposed to Lilith which shows you are most gracious ,just, sensitive and understanding. These are qualities that just emanate from you and again many are drawn to you for your understanding and opinions. This is an excellent aspect for a teacher as you inherently love to learns and share with others. these midpoints would also increase your empathetic feelings and you are rarely work about your first impressions.
You already have very attractive energies about you and with eros conjunct to psyche you are utterly romantic and idealistic. You almost have a dream world of the ideal mate in your life and this can make you a bit unrealistic as you look for the perfect guy. but this also increases your allure .and with the mars/venus midpoint conjunct to psyche and eros you draw many suitors to you. This likely gives you a attractive appearance but your inner self and your loving nature is also part of you power over guys, not that you use them as you are far too moral to engage in such lower emotions.
But your mars is in a 3/20 harmonic to venus, this shows that in spite of all the very favorable relationship energies you have, you actually have a degree of difficulty when ti comes to relating one on is not your fault but this aspect shows a need to be intimately emotionally and mentally involved with you love one, but very often these need for intense intimacy causes tensions, usually because the other feels you are too pushy or that he becomes too pushy. This aspect needs constant reinforcement and intimacy so it may take a bit more time and patience to meet someone that has the same intimacy needs as you do.

You do have some aspects that suggest you have emotional issues from childhood that make you a bit of a recluse or at least make it difficult to be emotional and mentally open as you want.
Nessus is on your ascendant which is a primary aspect of severe emotional restrictions as a child. Mercury is conjunct to Orcus which also can indicate you have repressed or blocked memories from childhood issues .often these blocks are just below the threshold of consciousness and you may feel there are thing that you cannot quite bring into the here and now.

The mercury/orcus conjunction does give you a very deep and profound mind and you often ponder about things such as the meaning of life and such. orcus with mercury and the node can also give ominous dreams, dreams of foreboding sometimes even spirits that have passed over may come in your dreams\

With Sedna opposed to juno and square the node and with your sun/ Jupiter conjunction, family is very important to you as well is well as living in truth. orcus with the node can give past life connections just as pluto can. your need to mother and nurture others is shown by ceres conjunct to mercury and orcus.



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drenee7, you do have your vertex in a septile relationship to Jupiter.

Please stay grounded. If you believe in God (divine consciousness) through whatever faith, surely you can understand this divine consciousness to be far more just, loving, and powerful than any night terrors or phantasms.


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Hi- This is relevant to my current interest. I will have to brush up on my astrology interpretation skills in order to apply your info to myself.
I was told by a professional astrologer that there were people who would kidnap children who had certain qualities in their astrological charts. They would apparently be aware of the current astrology associations, and take the children when they were born. I was told by him that my chart indicates that I am one of the rare children that would have been taken. They were apparently then raised in an environment and by people who would help enhance these gifts as the child grew. Sounds like a Fantasy novel, I know. I want to know if any of this is true.

(Waybread- I am a serious Tolkein fan and recognized your name immediately, and was intuitively drawn to you, as a teacher)
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Wow, Tanglepuss. I hope I don't disappoint!

I tried your method to get the harmonic chart. Showing XXth Harmonic Chart. If I put the to 7 then only 7th harmonic chart coming out. Then no Conjunct of Vertex. Only Pluto Conjunct Vertex in Libra 6th H in natal chart and it's 1° orb.
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