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I started a thread yestuday and i do apologize for this but im very new to this sight and realized i wasnt toally clear in the info i wanted,lol..Anyways for 21 years ive suffered from lupus and chronic pain with fibro as well as RSD.And numerous reproductive problems,cysts,endomentroisis and eventually a hysterectomy(ovearies taken) and early full blown menopause.All of this has left me feeling weak ,vunerable and depressed.

Im now in my early 40,s and still it seems i struggle with all of this.Like i stated previously,ive come off alot of the drugs and seem to be doin a tad bit better,but still i am fraustarted as all hell,lol.Anyways,i seem to be having some depression and mixed emotions latley and the pain is back.Was wondering if anyone sees anything astrologiccally as to the reasons of these feelings and such.Thanks kindly:)

Um for some reason my chart wont load..It is however on my other post i started.

December14th 1963,3:15 am toronto ontario canada.


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Hi, ladymac:

Your Ascendant is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Libra rules problems with the kidneys, the ureters, the texture and beauty of the skin, the vasomotor system. Venus rules the venous circulatory system, and it helps to regulate the throat, the thyroid and the kidneys. It partially rules your likes in food and gives a sweet tooth that might bring problems through undesirable gain of weight.

Venus is in Capricorn. With this placement, Venus may cause gallbladder problems, bursitis and gout in the knees and skin diseases.

Venus square Jupiter in Aries in your 6th house. You might need more vitamin E than the average person, and if you had a deficiency of that vitamin, this could result in cholesterol problems and kidney problems.

Neptune in Scorpio in your 1st house. It can weaken the colon and cause poor peristaltis. This resulting in constipation that may lead to a toxic condition in the body.

Saturn in Aquarius in 4th house. Lack of oxygen in the body, muscle cramping in the lower legs from lack of calcium, anemia because of a weak colon, club foot, sprained ankles, spinal curvature, cataracts and arterial sclerosis, are all possibilities with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn square Neptune. A hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune almost always represents some chronic/long term ailment or a hereditary/genetic condition. There may be problems with drugs that alter the absorption of calcium, and lead to certain vitamins deficiencies, or vitamin K being destroyed by antibiotics. This aspect may represent insufficient amounts of calcium in the body, and bone deterioration.

There may be also high amounts of lead, cadmiun, mercury....poisonous minerals ruled by Saturn, so if there is not enough vitamin C to wash them out of the body, poisoning could occur.

Mercury and Mars in Capricorn may cause knee injuries, bruises in and around the knee joints, inflammation of the gallbladder; Mercury here may cause rheumatism, gout, psoriasis as a result of pent up tension and nerves. Also pruritus.

Mercury conjunct Mars square Jupiter. Besides a moderate lack of thiamin and manganese, there are several problems that a hard aspect between these planets may give: Nervous disorders such as general inflammation of the nerves, impairement of the central nervous system, nerve degeneration, intestinal disturbances, pancreatic conditions, sciatica, respiratory ailments, glucose and insuline production problems, thyroid problems, even arteriosclerosis.

Aries in 6th house cusp brings about headaches, migraines, nosebleed, brain fever, neuralgia, inflammation of the cerebral hemispheres and diseases of the brain and the face.

Jupiter in Aries in 6th house inconjunct Uranus in Virgo, 11th house. If the arteries and veins don't remain flexible, aneurysms are a danger with Jupiter in Aries. It gives excess of blood in the head. With Uranus in Virgo, emotional stress may cause diabetes or hypoglycemia. Spasms and cramps of the intestinal tract, and in a situation of severe stress or traumatic shock, intermittent sugar problems could result.

The inconjunct from Jupiter to Uranus. Spasm, tics, cramps, twitching may occur under stress. It may indicate sporadic needs of zinc, manganese and cholin when a stressful situation is present.

Moon in Sagittarius in 2nd, square Uranus in Virgo in 11th. Can cause nervous disorders and gout. Moon square Uranus causes that you may lose potassium very quickly when you are stressed. For that reason, it's better to avoid surgery with this aspect.

Sun in Sagittarius in 2nd, square Pluto in Virgo in 11th. May cause sciatic nerve problems, and injury to the back and coccyx, so it's better to watch for falls in general and from horses. Severe deficiencies of vitamins A and D and minerals iodine and magnesium are a possibility. Scorpio related illnesses may also result if there is a lack of vitamin A.

These are the hard aspects between the planets that show your tendencies to suffer from certain ailments. It doesn't mean that you have to suffer any of them, but some transits can activate them and trigger health problems.

Your transits at the moment are probably giving you a really hard time.:(

I would recommend, first thing, that you find out if you have some vitaminic
and/or minerals deficiency. Once you have the results, you can get help from alternative therapies, such as reflexology, homeopathy, herbalism, shiatsu, reiki, magnetotherapy, etc. You can choose the therapy you feel most comfortable with.

I hope this can be of some help for you.

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HI Carole

I am truly amazed wth your reading of my chart. It is like you wrote what is in my medical file.
I have had kidney stones and gallbladder stones. They ended up taking my gallbladder out. I have had many surgeries. I had a full hysterectomy due to endometriosis and fibroid cysts. I lost my ovaries too as well as knee surgery on my left knee. Now my right knee is causing alot of pain. I also have back problems with the sciatia and sciliosis. i have been in therapy repeatedly for this. I do get the cramping in my legs and a nervous tic in my eye when stressed. I am being treated for stress and depression. I have had chronic constipation for years and have had inflammation of my chest wall and stomach for which I take 2 different stomach meds. The knee surgery caused me to have a condition called RSD which is nerve pain and I alsio suffer from Raynaulds syndrom. I am sure that the fibro and lupus would be the long term conditions. This is why I have been on so many medications. I have taken myself off alot of them and been trying to get by but my pain level is increasing. I need to look at alternative methods to alleviate the pain.
I thank you for taking the time to look at my chart. I will look into the treatments you wrote for sure.
Again Thank You:)


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Hi, Ladymac:

As hard to believe as it can sound, constipation can kill a person. If you have had that problem for years, it would be great if you went to one of those colon hydrotherapy clinics and had a colon cleansing. I won't ever emphasise enough how beneficial this could be for you, as this is another alternative method that you can make use of to help to restore your health.

I think I wouldn't be so wrong if I told you that many of your ailments may have been aggravated by this problem of yours. When your colon doesn't work as it should, you may develop a toxic condition that attacks the body, disrupting the delicate balance that keeps you healthy.

It's a good thing that you decided to take your health in your hands and stop
taking too many medications. I understand that there are some of them that are necessary to help you with the pain, but for the rest, you can make good use of so many natural medicines that there are on the market nowadays. It's just a matter of looking carefully for what you need.

Your sciatica problems could be controlled with a compound of vitamin B1, B6 and B12. There are some tablets that have these vitamins, but I guess you cannot get them over the counter. I have seen how this makes the pain disappear since the first week of treatment. It contains thiamine, which you may lack, and it's an important vitamin since besides helping the body to convert carbohydrates into energy, it protects the myelin sheath that cover the nerves, so vital for the transmission of the nerves impulses. Thiamine is essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles and the nervous system.

Well, to finish, I just want to wish you the best luck in your search for the best alternative therapy that can help you to recover.:)

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Courtney Love

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I'm a saggie with constant pain, for the last 6 years actually, it's pretty much destroyed my life... However, I have had great results with coconut oil/ coconut milk, as they are natural anti-inflamatories... Read up on what virgin coconut oil can do, as it can soothe alot of your issues...

good luck.


Hello Fellow Sagg

I am sorry to hear that you too suffer from chronic pain. Yes it has caused alot of problems in my personal life as well. I thank you for your advise on the coconut oil. I live in a small city so I am not sure if I can find it here. I have seen the canned juice in the grocery store but have not come across the oil. I am being sent for mri so maybe I will get some answers. I just hope I dont have to have yet nother surgery.
Thanks again

Be Well


Courtney Love

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Hi =]

actually, you can get some virgin coconut oil in the pharmacy area of walmart, but there's always the internet. I know it sounds odd, so if I were you I'd order/checkout a book (he has several) on coconut oil by Bruce Fife, and read up... Basically he's discovered that coconut oil and Coconut milk are nature's miracle healers... definitely try and read up on it, it could change your life.



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Paula, Hi. I hope you get to feeling better soon. :sunny:

In your efforts to understand your illness, have you read up at all on the Saturn/Neptune Square? Intuitively, I feel like this aspect can be the source of a great deal of your unhapiness and suffering...and thus your mysterious illnesses. I think your healing might be a matter of finding positive outlets or a healthy balance of these energies. There are many ways this square can manifest, for health or for ill.

It is somewhat of a generational aspect, so it affects you and many many others as well. This link to the astro-noetics site has a fantastic article about the Saturn/Neptune aspects called "Saturn Neptune and the Desert of the Real." In my humbled opinion I think it might be a good place to start looking. Neptune is so good at making us sick or ailing if we don't consciously find constructive oulets for the energy. And the same goes for Saturn.

Also, Liz Greene also does a number on Neptune in her book "Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption." I read it and it really depressed me because it is so heavy, but it also helped me get a handle on some of the larger themes I was experiencing but could not see because I was so deeply immersed in them. If you tend toward depression I might not recommend the book to you: (it literally made me cry everytime I read it) but if you are interested in pursuing consciousness about Neptune/Saturn, you can look inside and I bet you could find much insight in that book.

I wish you the best in getting well. ;)

Good luck,
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Neptune and saturn can be rough with anyone and i do notice alot of earth in lady macs chart.Highly responsible lady BUT with that comes a price on her emptional well being.Can lead to repression and depressions that ladymac may feel that she has to hide in order to preserve her responsible front that she puts out.In doin so she may actually be holding on to her ilnesses as well on an internal front which make it hard for her to recover as well as she could.

Chronic illness ,especially are so prone to depressions and anxities,ladymac needs to learn how to let down her"responsible" hat sometimes and allow herself to heal from the inside out:)