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I can't believe that there isn't a plane ol' "Chiron" thread here? :? Now there is. One location where we all can discuss this mysterious archetype and how it manifests in our lives and consciousness. As I've mentioned before, with Chiron conjunct my Sun, this energy is really important to me and I want to understand it as best I can. I also think we all should know Chiron much more consciously.

Anyway, I found this old but wonderful article by Eric Francis - "Chiron and Shamanism". I think Shaman added to Chiron's list of qualities it will make understanding Chiron and Chirotic energies much easier for many people.

What Shamans are, what they're capable of doing both in the physical world and the nonphysical ones, is highly Chiron like in so many ways. Chiron so easily walks between the worlds and can function both in and out of 'time' and works on healing, exorcising, integrating, many things on many different levels. All highly Shamanistic abilities. I think Chiron's gotten a really limited understanding being labeled "wounded healer" or "maverick". Shaman IS what Chiron's all about IMO.

Plus another highly important fact that astrologers either forget or overlook is that Chiron taught Astrology amongst many other of the 'Arts'. Because of this I'd think that Chiron's natal placement and aspects etc., would also indicate one's abilities to become a knowledable 'Shamanic Astrologer Healer' etc.

Arian Maverick

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This is a great idea for a thread, Lapis! :D

I have Chiron in my fifth house at the beginning of Cancer, yet it isn't placed too prominently in my natal chart except for a loose T-square involving a Uranus opposition, both square my moon...

Sometimes I don't know what to think of my natal chart; some placements simply don't make any sense to me :?

Aquarian Maverick


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Lapis - I'm with you on wanting to understand Chiron even better, with having a Chiron/Sun conjunction (mine's in Cancer in the 5th, what's yours?). These planets also oppose Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Vesta in my chart, but I'm still trying hard to understand what it means. What I have figured is that I do have great difficulty in the relationship with my mother (the Cancer part), but I do have creative abilities (5th house) which is probably how I would do my "healing". This is just a basic interpretation though, and I know there is much more to it, it's just a matter of more research and some intense introspection. :D


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The Chiron threads are how I found this forum and what motivated me to join it.
I truly seek Chirotic knowledge.

Long before Chiron was discovered in '77 -- I knew I had a T-square/semi Grand Cross formed by Uranus in Leo (6 deg 59')exactly opposing my Aquarian (6 deg 59') ascendent, Moon in Taurus (4 deg) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (1 deg). There's also a Mars (Pisces) opp. Jup/ Virgo, sextile (or trine) to a Sun/Mercury/MC/North Node in Scorpio (24 - 29 deg). Saturn at 4 deg Sag, Pluto at 0 deg Virgo, and a pretty much unaspected Venus in Libra (19 deg).

I always "knew" there was something on my ascendent that formed the first leg of a True Grand Fixed Cross. Eventually I had a chart cast w/ Chiron, and it is nearly combust the ascendent (7 deg 2' Aquarius).

My experience -- or point of view of my Fixed Grand Cross and abundance of squares and oppositions is that my squares are building blocks, and the oppositions are ley lines. Indeed, when I attune and align with the energy of the Fixed Cross, doors open and mountains move.

I've been really going through it with transits, between Neptune in the first, Saturn in the 6th (now in 7th) and Chiron through the 12th, rapidly approaching an exact return.

I've had strange and difficult physical manifestations -- psoriasis on the hands, scalp, and feet. I lost about 60% of my thick, fairly straight hair -- I see a homeopathic dermatologist and use vegan hair products, and now my hair is growing in -- fine and curly! Talk about a first house change!

Then there was the lung cancer scare at the beginning of the year. My cat scans were very ominous. Before I had the biopsies I had a LOT of energy work (icluding Reiki and Theta healing) and got real about myself, my life, my goals, my past, etc. There's nothing like peering into the abyss to gain perspective of the horizon. They took 20 biopsies, but found no signs of cancer, amazing the doctor (and yes, I am a former smoker, we can get into the addiction thing w/ a chart like mine). They don't know what is going on, it's all so very Neptunian, and yes, Saturnian and well ultimately Chirotic. I think the energy work and homeopathy (my derm is treating my lungs now -- it's all connected) are my personal best healing tools.

In the middle of it all, the company I worked for (named Dolphin) went under. The day I was told that I might have cancer, I saw an ad for a job and thought "that's me". But the doctor called before I could respond. In the throes of my abyss-pondering, I received a phone call and an email from a recruiter. I did not respond. He called again, after I did some of the interior work, and I answered. He was recruiting me for the job I had seen earlier. I was hired at a pay 52% higher than my Dolphin pay -- and the company is curiously named Redwood.

And this was just February!

Thanks for reading this. Any insight is appreciated. I am grateful to find a forum where such experiences and perspectives can be shared.

5th house moon

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Hi everyone

This is a very timely post! I'm another forumite fascinated by Chiron. My natal Chiron in 9th in Pisces is conjunct my 9th house Aries North Node. It also opposes natal pluto in Virgo in 3rd. I've been trying to work out what this all means!

I've found this book really informative:

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge between Inner and Outer Planets
Barbara Hand Clow



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Aquarian Maverick -- you, too, are experiencing a Chiron voyage from your 12th to first house. Has it been interesting experience for you as well?

Arian Maverick

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Aquarian Maverick -- you, too, are experiencing a Chiron voyage from your 12th to first house. Has it been interesting experience for you as well?

I suppose that depends upon your definition of interesting...I know that I have certainly become more aware of the psychological wounds of my past as I attempt to cultivate peace within myself and with my environment. The Universe has guided me to Jan Spiller's wonderful book Astrology For The Soul, which has helped me better understand the influence of my Virgo South Node. Now I seem to be engaged in direct combat with the wounds of my past; they nag me constantly to the point of distraction. For goodness sake, I cannot even write a simple response on the forums for fear that it will not be perfect!

Anyway, I am not sure whether or not my experience is a direct influence of the Chiron transit, but it is certainly interesting that these wounds should resurface after Chiron has passed through the subconscious realm of my twelfth house...

Aquarian Maverick


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Aquarian Maverick -- a Virgo South Node is very 12th house in its effects. I guess your self-critiquer does go on hyperdrive at times.

My wounds have literally come to the surface. It all began in February 2001, with itchy palms and soles. Transiting Neptune (rules Picses/feet) was right on my natal Chiron (exactly on the ascendent), and transiting Saturn was opposing my Scorpio Sun/Mercury/MC/North Node stellium.

Thus it began.

In the process of healing the skin, the homeopathy peels layers of stuff, like an onion. Now I think we've gotton close to the core/root of issues -- the lungs, and its associated lessons of love, self-love, regret, forgiveness, breathing freely. I think the treatment has aligned well with the astrology, but I'm no expert.


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Wow and welcome Empath, glad you've joined us here.

What a Chirotic journey you've been on! Transiting Chiron recently entered my 12th ( trans. Neptune's been there for ages it seems already) and I'm feeling the focus change to the deeper depths. This will no doubt get interesting as the months roll on. Natal Pluto is in the 6th in Leo so 'things' are stacking up again. No rest for the weary.....

I found it interesting how Chiron's been taking you through the many layers of issues/healings to get to the 'heart' of the teaching aka wound or place where energy has gotten stuck or shut out. Easy for me to sit here and say that.....but my times coming fast and I'll be singin' outta the other side of my mouth then I'm sure! :wink:

My Chiron is 4 Capricorn and Sun is 1 Cap both in the 10th. Like you I always wondered what was causing some of the things I did or could do. With Pisces rising I usually blamed Neptune even though it, whatever 'it' was, didn't feel like Neptune. Years later I too had another natal done with Chiron included and there was my answer. He's hugging my Sun in 10! Can't see the forest for the trees!

And so my quest to step back or up or sideways and try to view Chiron away from my Sun if possible. The main thing I've discovered for me at least with Chiron/Sun conjunction, is that I'm learning how to deal with being conscious of process if that makes any sense. I feel that Chiron teaches us how to keep both eyes wide open and remain in our bodies at all those scarey and painful points when we'd naturally flee the sceen of the crime normally! We'd leave our bodies, we'd leave our minds, we'd just plane leave because its too much. Chiron teaches how to face all of that and move through 'it'. 'It' of course is all that Saturn holds which is more than enough!!!

IOW's to me is feels like we go from being the person who has some sort of problem and goes to the local Shaman for guidance and treatment. When we get to a certain point with Chiron, instead of laying there and letting the Shaman do most of the dirty work for us, we morph into the Shaman himself and continue doing our 'work' from that point.

It's no secret that I'm a Barbara Hand Clow fan and the other book of hers that IMO is a must have for all astrologers is "Liquid Light Of Sex: Kundalini, Astrology, and the Key Life Transitions". It deals with the 3 main life transits - Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and Chiron Return. Here's a bit from this book.

"From mid-life until 50, increasingly subtle energies functioning in the upper chakras are working in synchronicity with Chiron as this small planet approaches its return. Just as Saturn Return creates a crisis about the completion of physical structures, Chiron Return will create a crisis about the completion of subtle structures.........."

"......Chiron is the archetype that makes it possible for us to feel like energy instead of only like solid matter. Its return sets off a period of maximal ability to consciously transmute subtle states of consciousness......"

".....As Chiron Return draws near, energy intensely reorganizes in your body. Your lower chakras now receive powerful spiritual force, straight from the cosmic realms, as energy flows right down through your crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras into your lower chakras. Like a foaming wild river blasting downstream when a dam is removed, the light rushes through the opened lower chakra, creating the possibility of a tremendous physical, emotional, and mental breakthrough."
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With skin issues, always look to the emotional/stress environment in addition to the physical. Cod liver oil is great because of the omega EFAs in it. Your boyfriend should also consider his physical environment and look for triggers -- new paint, carpeting, chemical exposure, even shampoo can trigger reactions. Stress -- family, work, long commute -- are triggers.

For me it was more of a cosmic stress. I was very upset about the 2000 election in the US, as bush proved my intuited dread and worst fears my skin worsened, and when the 2004 electoral fiasco occurred, my hair started falling out in clumps, my skin was bright pink all over, my fingernails and toenails thickened to grotesque dimensions and the skin on my hands and feet were contantly cracked open and very very painful. I was resisting the AMA at teh time and saw a traditional acupuncturist. I loved the treatments and had some unusal experiences, but I was getting much worse.

I meditated long and hard and 'beamed' in a wonderful doctor who is AMA board certified dermatologist, but also practices homeopathy and acupuncture. He thinks that my overexposure to chemicals in paint and carpeting combined with a genetic predisposition to both allergies (my mom) and psoriasis (my dad), and my cosmic depression about the political situation (and 9-11 and Irraq) just fried my autoimmune system.

Well, live and learn. I did use the 2004 election to quit smoking, so something good came out of it.

The moral of my story is that your boyfriend might do well to seek allergy testing, as well as a visit with a conventional derm to rule out any nasty systemic thing like lupus. Be wary of the prescriptions -- most allopathic remedies suppress symptoms, but do not cure. Your boyfriend's body is trying to expel toxins through his skin, so ultimately he will heal if you can figure out the source of the toxicity.

All the best -- this skin stuff is not fun!


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Thank you for your thoughtful reply and Clow quotes. It's funny -- I've read (or read parts of) all of the books cited on the threads I've visited so far!

What is so very funny to me is that those that are interested in Chiron turn out to have a prominant Chiron in their charts! Sun/Chiron is potent indeed. My sense is that some days your hands are very hot and full of energy and other days they are icey cold -- that's a flash that just came to me, but it's the image I got of Sun - Chiron - Capricorn (some days the rocks are hot from the sun; other days you are in the cool, smooth cave).

My intuition also tells me it's time for myself to emerge from my cave. I've surfed and lurked on forums for years, but have no internet identity. I joined this forum just recently and already it's been a boon to my astrology knowledge and self awareness. I think our horoscopes are macrocosmic holograms of our soul identity. For too many years I've read and pondered but didn't really have any venue for sharing and exploration.

Well here I am... out from thecave, eyes blinking in the bright sunshine...


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For me, natal Chiron is Rx in my 8th house, at 2 Scorpio. It trines my Ascendant, and Sun-Uranus conjunction in 4th. It also squares my 6th-house Saturn, and is in quincunx to my NN in 3rd.
I think Chiron has manifested for me in the fact that I have a very great capability to go to altered states naturally for healing - that's why shamanic energy work is so-o relevant and right-on for me. I am also very secretive in nature - many people, including my husband, don't feel that they really know me at all. But then, I associate with VERY few people, as most superficial small talk just drives me up the wall!
Transiting Chiron is at the front edge of my 12th house now, and will make a series of oppositions to my natal 6th house stellium. But I have already been working in depth on healing issues for the last couple of years, whilst tr. Chiron was in my 11th in Capricorn!
My DOB, if anyone cares to comment further:
6/21/1947 11:51PM Providence, RI USA


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Your 8th house scorpio chiron is all about the shaman. You were born with the ability to go deep within the cave of the psyche/human nature -- the very depths. I think the trines give you creative outlets for this deep, transformative thing you do -- and with a Sun/Uranus conjunction on the Cancer cusp, there is the continual "discussion" between the safe, warm, protected you and the outrageous, creative innovative you. It's easier to stick to small talk when the occassion demands it because few would understand what you would express of your experiences in that intense centaur cave!


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Hi Empath

Glad you're here. :D

You're absolutely right about people uinterested in Chiron. I wasn't interested at all until I discovered these boards. it was just another body, one too many to learn about (I'm very much the beginner here). But now, that has changed. :D

Any way, I think my Chiron is fairly prominet, too. I've an IC/Chir/Jup in Pisc opposing UR/MC/Plu/Moon in Virgo, all Squaring a saggy venus in the 1st. And Sco Nep sat on My Asc, trining Chir/Jup!

I'm learning all the time, about him.

take care


PS My merc is on your ASC!


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"I think the trines give you creative outlets for this deep, transformative thing you do -- and with a Sun/Uranus conjunction on the Cancer cusp, there is the continual "discussion" between the safe, warm, protected you and the outrageous, creative innovative you. It's easier to stick to small talk when the occassion demands it because few would understand what you would express of your experiences in that intense centaur cave!" - Empath

So right on with your assessment of the position of Chiron in my chart. But as far as the "warm protected you and the creative innovative you, there's no contest - in my case, there is no "warm protected you", in fact, the whole idea of feeling safe has been a huge issue in my life as I so seldom do feel safe, or in my element either. I've been on the outs from day one, and other kids sensed this when I was young, too. Tthe creative innovative rules my life - I am an artist by trade(although I haven't made much $$$ in recent years at at all!) But it is never easier for me to "stick with the small talk" - in general, social affairs are VERY difficult for me for that very reason, as well as generally feeling out of my element, as mentioned above.
The shaman archetype for me has rung true for a good many years, esp. when it comes to my art. If you want, I can give you my web address so you can see what it is all about.
The last two years plus of shamanic energy work with a very gifted practitioner have been the most powerful, and the most humbling in a good way, of my life.


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cara4art, feeling warm and protected -- and the quest for it -- is a huge issue for Cancers.

Many never leave the psychological womb and create layers of insulation around themselves to protect that warm, soft place and these individuals can become very hardened on the outside.

For you, I sent an overexposure, more like your soft core was turned inside out, and that is part of your vulnerability.
That Uranus conj. Sun is exhibitionist in nature, unpredictable and inexplicable at times and often in conflict with your very inner and private worlds. I think I meant to say that VERY small, terse talk -- the "hi. how are you. I am fine. see you later. (and then move on)" rote social type (not the superficial babble stuff) is relatively safe in that you can just say the words without exposing your vulnerabilities.

Actually I thought a good bit about the Chiron 2 deg Scorp 8th placement and shamanism -- and how shamanism, with its birth/death/rebirth voyage and imagery is the perfect expression of your Chiron. That's why the shamanic work is so powerful for you -- you are born to do it.


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Hi Empath!

"cara4art, feeling warm and protected -- and the quest for it -- is a huge issue for Cancers" - Empath

Is my Sun at 29'54 Gemini really considered to be Cancer? I have NEVER identified with the Cancer part of my chart as I feel it is too "squishy" for one thing. Domesticity has never been my strong point, even though I'm home alot due to the fact that I work at home. Cooking/food prep is only for superior nutritional value, not gourmet pleasures in my case, with the result that I am slim and healthy at the age of 58! Yes, I have felt that I have sometimes had to be somewhat "hard", esp. in my closest relationships, as being vulnerable just sets off all the alarms about fears of being annihilated, which I was in so many gruesome forms in many previous lives. Again, seldom have I ever had the feeling of complete safety, except in a counselling situation, or the VERY rare, understanding friend, of which I have extremely few at this point in my life.
As far as being "born to do it" does that mean that I do shamanic activity instead of art, or is it a powerful ally in my art-making? The reason I ask this is that some folks indicate that the true vocation or calling is often found in the 8th house.
How I came into it as part of my own healing process was through what I considered to be an "Initiatory" back injury nearly 2.5 years ago. What was initially follow-up to this injury has turned into an amazing spiritual journey that I have not been able to share with anyone, including my husband, other than making oblique references to it sometimes. My back IS hugely improved, BTW, but my inner work goes on, for whatever it takes - it's surely not over yet.
I know the shaman has to interact with his/her local community to be of service, but this is a huge issue for me now, as I am VERY private, and not happy in my current community.
I am also aware of the fact that transiting Chiron is going into my 12th house, to oppose my 6th house stellium - what can I expect from that if I have already been on an intensive healing path for the last couple of years?
My web address so you can see my art:


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:) Lapis,

Perfect timing with this thread,
as your refined frequency,
like a singing bowl that is played by being struck in
ancient times / now
by a goddess on Earth
that perfect tone and holds it :wink:

Hi to Cara4Art and Aqua Mav, Hel141, Sita and Empath (welcome).
Sharing our "Chiron-finds" continues to be
healing and educational for me (thanks, Chiron!)

I'm re-reading an earlier Chiron thread (it's somewhere here on the Forum) where I read an article that linked with this article:

In 2000 I had my Chiron return in my 12th house at 7+ degrees Sagittarius,
involving the transiting Chiron cj transiting Pluto (two
moving-and-shaking energies!) this event opened the window
to a potential rebirth...this next phase in my life.

In 1941 there was a previous Chiron-Pluto cj (before I was born)...
I think this is discussed in the article linked-above...
and now Pluto in Sagittarius is urging us to confront our shadow-
side and heal or integrate it, and Chiron is helping with that healing.

2000 to the present day have been "pushy" and difficult for me--
I guess I could give up resisting and make it easier on myself :mrgreen:

Transiting Chiron at 7 Aqua 45 is in a stellium with Nessu, Ceres and Venus and sextile my natal
Chiron in 12th house 7 Sagittarius 27.

I'm also interested in Eric Francis' interpretation of the combined Pholu,
Nessu, Asbol, Chiron centauric (shamanic) energy-shifters who all
changed signs earlier this year....preparing for the coming solar
eclipse and Aries-Point equinox awakening....

Well, this Merc Rx is like mental molasses/and my energies are
...well, I think I'll go back into my 12th house for a bit, with Chiron,
and from there look into the GC/Pluto depths and let the watery
energies wash over me (as Elianah suggested) and
"work with" the building-block/cross/oppositional energies of

transiting Jupiter square transiting Neptune
square natal Sun (5th house, Taurus) square natal moon (8th house, Leo)....

Great thread :!:


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"....too squishy for one thing." :lol: cara4art!!! Thanks for the Cancer giggles.

Yes you correctly picked up on my burning souls :mrgreen: and palms. Around 2000 this flaming feet and hands thing has made my little Pisces ASC life a real pain! The heat that blasts out of the bottoms of my feet gets so bad sometimes that I sit barefoot with ice packs under them. It takes 30 minutes sometimes before I even physically feel the cold. Prior to 2000 I was usually cold! Add to this hot flashes from Hades and well.......what can I say, it's been over-the-top since 1998 and I don't guess it'll be getting any easier from here on out! Anyone ever recall an angelic or nonphysical buddy ever saying that transmutation would be easy? :wink:

I've also repeatedly experienced the whole area where one's heart chakra is, to suddenly become super cold. It's very strange because you can feel exactly where this cold edge is on my skin.....its a perfect large circle on my chest! I just read something about this hot/cold business on Karen Bishop's latest article, much to my relief.

It hit me so strong and sudden the other day that there wasn't a Chiron thread on this forum.......I knew I had to not think and just do it. Often, those are the best ones aren't they?

That stellium you mentioned in Aquarius (Chiron and friends) is in my 12th along with transiting Neptune now opposing natal Pluto in 6. I have a throwing up emoticon which I'd like to add right here to emphasise my utter joy over this and other transits I'm experiencing now and will be for awhile, but I'll spare least for now. :roll:

It sounds like 2000 was a blast off sorta year for you too! seems that in many ways we're sort of doubling and tripling up (are those real words?) on many of these powerful transits. Like times short so OK, we'll just add some extra planets and aspects in there to make sure we don't miss the boat. The 'boat' being of course the big count down to 2012.

I too sense that all of the Centuars are doing so much more for us than I at least am completely aware of. Chiron was the the main ways and means for us to dive into our Shamanic Selves and not only get some personal healing done since 1977, but also collective healings and functioning outside of Saturn Time. I'm remembering Kite's new thread called "Dreamtime" and how Chiron-like functioning in Dreamtime really is.