Chiron: where it hurts


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I am a big fan of studying mythology to inform astrology, but I think it has its limits. After all, Jupiter was a constant philanderer! Young mercury was a liar and thief, which is why he rules such people today.

The main thing about Chiron is the promise of wisdom, as the light at the end of the tunnel. The centaur Chiron was not only a great physician but also the tutor to many Greek legendary heroes. In one version of his mythology, he was immortalized as the constellation Sagittarius. In another, Centaurus.

To my way of thinking, suicide is an arrested process so far as Chiron is concerned. Sometimes emotional pain has a verifiable physical or chemical cause: severe depression, as we know, is not merely a string of bad days. I don't wish to sound insensitive to it. Yet Chiron asks us to push through the pain-- with mental health professions and medication-- if needed. Or to transform our pain.

Some prime examples would be former drug addicts who become addictions counselors; or war amputees whose charity includes work with fellow veterans with disabilities or with children missing limbs. They have the capacity to be extremely effective because of their painful first-hand experience.


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Yet Chiron asks us to push through the pain-- with mental health professions and medication-- if needed. Or to transform our pain.

I hope it is okay for me to jump in here briefly. wb, you make a good point.

I would go further and say that Chiron asks us to respect our pain, to bring dignity to it. Like Chiron, we can never escape suffering in this life or even transform it. Suffering is a natural part of life in birth, illness and death.

But we can respect it by being with it, and by not making up or drawing upon and continually replaying story lines about it. By just being with the unadulterated, direct experience of our pain, we bring dignity to an inescapable aspect of all our lives. Our aspiration here is that all young folks to make it far enough in life to learn this invaluable lesson.

Best to all for an interesting thread,


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Hi. I don't mean to advocate suicide as an expression of Chiron - just to point out that it can be expressed that way, just as Mercury can be expressed as cunning, and Jupiter as philandering.


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It is indeed interesting how you see Chiron as hurtful - but as I did point out earlier, Magi astro society has researched Chiron's effects for decades - and they do indeed call Chiron- Saturn aspects heartbreak clashes, meaning that it will be devastating experience occuring. They do especially warn people not to marry on a day with a Saturn clash to Chiron. One example of this heartbreak marriages is Woody Allen with Mia Farrow - I can imagine her heartbreak and pain when her husband has (allegedly) been abusing their children and then goes on to marry one of their adopted daughters. That would be considered sick in most families. But there are many more examples they list of these heartbreak marriages ... so now I am indeed on the lookout not to have Saturn hard aspects on the day I will marry.

It is interesting to see your thoughts on past lives. I was once hypnotised and what came out of it were my stories of two past lives and when I came out of it, I laughed to myself and admired my own poetic and story making abilities :) - but the skeptic in me cannot get over the thought of "having parallel lives, a few at the same moment in time". How would that be possible? I think not.


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I'm starting to think of Chiron like I think of the 4 goddess asteroids - in terms of themes present in ones live whenever the asteroid conjuncts personal planets. Then it is very pronounced.

I know that square and opposition aspects to Chiron (like Venus sq Chiron) are very valid too, but I feel it is a very important theme when conjunct.

The reason I feel this way is: I've read for a few people where Chiron do not touch personal planets/ or angles and they cannot relate to the reading of wounding in the sign or house. For some people it is just not strong on the radar. :annoyed: They may feel more wounded by their Venus sq Saturn or Sun conjunct Neptune for example...


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Hey Flowergirl
Isn't it also a question of transit aspects to Chiron?
Maybe you are right that in the natal chart people wouldn't notice Chiron much if no natal aspect... but there might be experiences related to the slower moving planets aspecting it. ?


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Good point, Flowergirl.

Unfortunately nobody gets through a long life without "wounding" in some area or other. Possibly by transits to or from Chiron.


Wow I just cannot believe the incredible and extremely impressive understanding and knowledge of Chiron - and all of astrology actually.

Wow oh my hat you guys are extremely clued up.

Sheesh - and I thought I was good!

lol :)

I terrible at this but this is an extremely great place to get info on big time here.

Well I maybe need some serious help with some issues in my life and trying to understand how to deal with them.

I have Chiron in the 4th house and it is in Gemini.

Now I HATE TALKING to my family about ANYTHING.

Because all they ever do is either

a) Never care and think a bit on it even though their words hurt me like a ton of bricks
b) It is like talking to a brick wall they are deaf and never listen to anything I say EVER.
c) They make me feel like I am a total moron and this hurts even more.

I also need some big help on some of what I think you guys call "transits"?

It is in my chart but I tried to find info but no luck


But maybe I tried the wrong search or something?

Also I have felt like I am sometimes so dumb compared to other I sometimes just want to cry it is not fair.

What is Chiron opposite Neptune like?

Also opposite Urans.

Chiron is also square I think this symbol is Mercury?

Yes Chiron sqaure Mercury.

It has also got a "Q" (I think that is quintile?) for Mars.

There are squares for both "North Node" and "South Node".

And a green kind of star (Is this sextile? I am really sorry I do not know :( ) for Jupiter.

I am not going to lie.

I hate .... I want to swear... I HATE Chiron...

I really do not like it because I have huuuuuuuuuuuge problems with my family.

And in early childhood it was very rough for me.

not financially... no... but in so many other ways...

I am the kind of person that could live in a house made of pure gold and still be the most miserable person on the planet.

But fill it with fun and interesting people even in an open square of land and I am at home. :)


Oh yes here is my chart - I think I did it right because my grand mother made the 500% correct chart for me - wait yes it looks 500% the same thanks.

I really need to know what these things mean - I need answers.

I think my soul chose a hard hard **** hard life this time round... I want another life... any other...

Does Chiron really rule reincarnation?

Wow I did not know this!

.... hmmm... that is very interesting hey.....

I wonder soemtimes.


I read up on Chiron in the 4th house and it was not a veyr good read...

The 1 thing sturck very true when i read it... it was a very long time ago... but very true...

"Don't feel at home any where kind of thing"

I remember that very well because it struck so true.

I am actually not loved and frowned upon by my family for even the most menaingless things and they hurt me emotionally A LOT.


I hate Chiron very much and wish the world would send 500000 million nukes to blow it away for ever to never come back in a billion years.

Is there anything GOOD at all that Chiron rules - something else other than PAINFUL WOUNDS...?


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It seems like you are just learning astrology. That is fine, we all have to start somewhere. Don't worry if it takes a while. A good book for beginners is Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky. Or follow the educational articles here or at Astrodienst for starters.

We might assume, based on what you've written, that the Big Ouch in your horoscope is Chiron in the 4th house of home, one or both parents, and early childhood conditioning. It looks like you feel like the real black sheep of the family!

If we look at Chiron in aspect, a "rule" of modern astrology is that a sextile or trine will usually be an aspect of ease or even enthusiasm, but an opposition or square will be an aspect of tension and stress. A conjunction can go either way, depending upon the nature of the planet/s involved.

In your case, Neptune is a planet of both inspiration and feeling dispirited; beautiful illusion and bitter disillusionment. Something you thought was real turns out to be false; something you thought was false turns out to be real. At its best, Neptune gives us a healthy spirituality and artistic sense, however. Uranus is similarly two-sided. One side is a disruptive force: think "sudden upsets." The other side is the human potential for liberation, and breaking out of confining ruts in our lives.

If we pit these two characters against Chiron in an opposition, you might well experience it as painful disillusionment and disruption. Every kid wants an ideal family life, and you got the short end of the stick this time around.

Chiron doesn't ask us to ignore the pain-- in fact, we can't. He does ask us to use the pain as a platform from which we can gain some wisdom and compassion about our situation. So maybe Chiron's step one is to simply accept that you have the family you have, and you cannot count on it changing. It is the chirotic "wound that doesn't heal." Step two: once you stop expecting them to change, maybe you can see how your critical family members are deeply trapped in their own negativity. Have their lives been easy?

Also, maybe out of this experience, you can develop compassion for people in similar circumstances. There are a lot of broken-hearted children in the world, including the ones who grew up and could never leave that childhood behind. If you've developed some survival methods, for example, these might be strategies that you could pass along. Or just let them know that you are there for them if they need to talk. Especially as you age, and realize all of the dysfunctional families out there, you might gain a more relaxed perspective on your situation.

Congratulations. At this point you've reached Chiron's goal, which is: we develop wisdom out of experience. We develop experience out of our mistakes and misfortunes. Nobody gets a free pass, so the question is what we make of our unhappiness.


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I'm starting to think of Chiron like I think of the 4 goddess asteroids - in terms of themes present in ones live whenever the asteroid conjuncts personal planets. Then it is very pronounced.

I know that square and opposition aspects to Chiron (like Venus sq Chiron) are very valid too, but I feel it is a very important theme when conjunct.

Hello Flowergirl, can I ask something? I have Chiron 12th H trine two personal planets (Venus, Sun) & trine North Node..the theme is less pronounced compared to the conjunction?
This is a very interesting thread!Bravo to all of you!


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Stinky, our posts crossed. So just a few more thoughts about Chiron in aspect.

See if you can concentrate on the helpful aspects to your Chiron. It sextiles Jupiter Jupiter is the philosopher of the zodiac, and good luck factor.

Another book I highly recommend is Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. As a young man, he experienced his life as extremely painful. Then he developed a simple life philosophy that turned it around.


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Hello Flowergirl, can I ask something? I have Chiron 12th H trine two personal planets (Venus, Sun) & trine North Node..the theme is less pronounced compared to the conjunction?
This is a very interesting thread!Bravo to all of you!

Conjunctions and trines are the best aspects in astrology.


Hey thank you WayBread for your awesome wisdom and wonderful reply!!


I HATE Chiron...

I need to look for that book somehow maybe it is at that interesting shop "Books Galore" I think it was?

Or maybe they can get it for me? ;)

Waybread... it has HARD to concentrate on the good of that UGLY planet Chiron.

It is UGLY that planet.

The wounds are HORRIBLE.

They are so deep I hate my family to the very core... and I cannot get their love... I just can't



And it drives me MAD

I need to ask a VERY important question that is BIG ON MY MIND....

Can you actually HEAL not others but YOUR OWN wounds instead of just healing others wounds????

what about healing YOUR wounds and getting the love FROM your family that really really really NEED?

Chiron is a SERIOUS THORN and the UGLIEST planet of them all... but it will not be ugly at all if I can heal myself... and get the love i need....

THEN I will not hate it at all! :-D

IS it possible to get the love and care or for others where this butt ugly planet is in your chart - to HEAL and actually FIX and get the love you need from your family to heal the wounds that make you feel extremely depressed and very unhappy and feel like you are not loved at all???

Is it possible?????



It is a horrible planet Chiron.

It is the WORST of them all - it is worse than ALL of the other planets COMBINED


The world should try and blow it up.

Everyone must try to blow up Chiron.


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Arena & Waybread, yes I agree that with Transit Chiron you won't get away from the wounding as it aspects planets in the chart. Perhaps it is more with transit Chiron that the individual will get more of a visit to the natal Chiron wound. Perhaps at the time of doing a reading for someone when Chiron is not activated, perhaps then it is harder for them to relate to the natal Chiron wound, that is what I meant to say too.


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Stinky, I'd put an empowered Chiron this way.

We can't undo the past. Very seldom will people change, and even less frequently can we change them to our liking. But we can make our peace with the past, and let go of all of the emotional charge we fasten onto other people.

This doesn't mean we condone other people's bad behaviour. But we don't let it run (or ruin) our lives.

I've had people in my life who were unspeakably mean to me, who truly wanted to hurt my feelings and; in a couple of situations, destroy my career. I feel that one cannot be a doormat to such people, but also that if I take their bad words and actions to heart, then I am actually complicit in the harm they intend towards me. In effect, I do their work for them. I get hurt twice: once by them and once by me.

Chiron says, maybe we don't get the great family, the good looks, our dream girl or guy, the good job, or what-have-you. And maybe we experience these lacks as an abiding emotional pain. But everyone has Chiron somewhere in the chart-- so it is part of our maturational process as human beings to learn how to cope, accommodate, and move on with our lives. Ideally, we gain in compassion and understanding for others in our same boat.

We may never get the love we want-- and deserve-- from our families. No point in pasting a happy-smiley face on an abiding wound. But we can learn to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves, so that we don't do a dysfunctional parent's hurtful work twice.

There are so many ways to express love and get it back. Volunteering with the elderly, with disabled or disadvantaged children, or at an animal shelter come to mind. Think of the elderly people in nursing homes whom nobody visits, dirt-poor children from dysfunctional homes, or hurt and abandoned dogs. They will offer us more love than we can handle.

If we come from a place of love and have some to share, then we will draw love to us. It won't come to us, normally, out of our own sense of deprivation and need; but out of our own big-hearted sharing of love. That is a huge gift to give, and one that does get repaid. Not because a little kid, Alzheimers patient, or puppy can say "thank you" but because we know in our hearts how we contributed.


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Could I please ask what would be implied if someone's Chiron is on my DSC? I have a man in my life (not sure if I can call him my boyfriend) who and both his Moon and Chiron at his IC, conjunct my DSC, in Aqua.

My Moon 22.18
His Moon 17.13
His Chiron 14.39 R
My DSC 13.49
His IC 12.46

So, would you say that his pain is deeply held in his core (his IC) possibly related to his childhood and his mother (Moon)? I know he lost his father at the age of 15 which devastated his mother. As for his Chiron on my DSC, I'm wondering if this means that his pain will have an impact on our relationship, which, in fact, sounds logical.