Chiron on the ascendant


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Aphrodite is the embodiment of a actual vagina on legs. That’s why men found her so irresistible because of her clam aura was so impeccable :love: Also have you read through her titles. She has one named Philommêdês: I wonder if she ate clam? Would it be considered cannibalism?....

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In her books...
That aren’t available on the web

Though I’m sure she has a database (if I recall correctly) you can purchase for a fee

So I'd have to board a plane to the US in order to access her material? Is it in some obscure library out there?

What's the cost of the book? If it's not too prohibitive I can mentally it file away until I'm willing to spend on it.


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I have Chiron on the ASC.
I was very, very shy untill the end of High School. After that i`ve went to study in another town and there my Retro Jupiter kicked in (transiting in 1st house) and from and introvert, ive all of a sudden become extrovert and now im omnivert :w00t:
Retro Jupiter wanted me to work on my inside world - spiritual life, self-esteem, love, communication, determination, social life, ect. With all these new shaped qualities now i am new person. Soo in a way i "healed" the low-vibrations of my Chiron. Now my healing method is to ( as still a student in his last year ) motivate people ( which just comes natural to me ) and to help them with every information they need. They do see me as a matured person, but thats only because i am laconic in my communication. :biggrin:
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