Chiron in Composite Charts


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Evening Enlightened One's.

In my natal & my lady friends natal composite chart,
we have Chiron 14 Aries in the 4th house opp

Juno at 9 Libra
Mercury at 12 Libra
Sun at 12 Libra
Venus at 13 Libra
Uranus at 15 Libra

All these in the 10th

So my question is, Is this relationship going to be a great healing experience for us both as induviduals as well as each other ?

Just to add...we have also in the 8th house

Mars at 02 leo
NN at 01 leo ( which conj both our NN in natal )
Vesta at 29 cancer

and these trine in the 12th
neptune at 03 Sag
Saturn at 06 Sag

And to top it off, Jupiter is sitting on the ASC at 22 Sag


thats a interesting position for chiron.chiron square and oppossitions usually make a relationship difficult as it brings a overly critical and cynical tone to the relationship.the venus/uranus/sun/merury stelliuim is also a bit intense.oftenthere is a intial,intense connection that cools off rapidly with time.if you have any squares to this opposition,then the outlook is very it is,there is a intense,emotional,sexual and mental relationship that will necissitate giving a huge amount of freedom to each other.uranus usually indicates that the relationship will be unusual or eccentric though long has this been going on?

Kaiousei no Senshi

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Personally, I don't think Chiron matters so much. I think we've perhaps blown the importance of this object out of porportion or perhaps even invented its importance ourselves. Then again, I do carry some resentment toward Chiron's odd popularity while other bodies are forced into the shadow, however, this is not the place for such a rant. Anyway, I don't think aspects made by Chiron in a composite (or even nativity for that matter) are anything too important unless there are further aspects or placements that echo the themes Chiron is suspected of symbolizing.


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Hi Rahu,

Relationship has just started sun 02/09 just before Venus went direct.
But she is in egypt, and i will be going there OCT 28 to meet again with her.
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just a couple of more thoughts.the mercury/sun/uranus/venus stellium indicates that you two have a very joyous,interesting and fun relationship.there is excellent communication and your your conversations are far reaching and caution is that the chiron aspect can suddenly turn off the communication if seminal differences in opinion appear.chiron can make insensitive comments lead to a "cold shoulder".