Chiron conjunct algol


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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a quick question to ask and your insight would be appreciated. As the title of this post suggests, chiron is conjunct algol (chiron is located at 27 degrees and 30 minute) in my chart. It is located in the 11th house and forms a T square with my sun (23 degrees Leo) and Uranus (0 degrees Sag). What implications does that have for me? Im asking this because Ive recently been evaluating my friendships and Ive been let down by some of my friends recently. I often go to my friends to vent about my problems, but Im wondering if this is the best method of healing myself considering that the wounded healer is in the 11th house and is conjunct algol..maybe going to my friends for advice isnt the best thing for me. Who knows. Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think. Thank you.



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This is what I got from the aspects:

Chiron is in Taurus in the 11th, but the house is mostly Gemini. It is opposing Uranus at 0* Sag (30*Scorpio) in the 5th. These houses are intercepted, and the planets are in a T-square with your natal Sun in Leo in the 1st, which is in a duplicated house.

The Chiron in Taurus, I think represents self-worth issues, maybe involving criticism, and other people's opinions of you. Chiron is opposing Uranus, so you need to listen to your intuition, and not other people. I think you depend too much upon other people's opinions of you and what you should and shouldn't do. And, as it involves you natal Sun in a duplicate 1st house, I think it is affecting your sense of "self"-an identity crisis, perhaps. This is either manifesting as a withdrawing, and refusal to "shine", OR "shining" to PROVE them wrong, which means deep down you really do believe others opinions over your own. This could be in a somewhat rebellious way (proving them wrong, trying to "show them", is rebellion - giving power to the lie) Since it involves the Sag/Gemini polarity, it could involve your intellect, and trying to be the "best" and the "smartest". Having to be "right" all of the time is actually a hindrance to trusting your intuition. Possibly "shining" in the area of your intellect, even though you'd be happier letting your self "shine", in a more creative way. Another way of putting the Chiron in Taurus/Gemini house is being able to hold your own belief against people who oppose you and try to create doubt.

Just a thought, are you going to Law School because that's what YOU want to do, or because someone else wanted you to do it? Or are you possibly, deep down, trying to prove your worth through the law degree? I'm not saying that you're NOT supposed to be in law school, but just maybe there is some "taint" to your reasons for being there, and this "taint" could be robbing your joy and making things seem harder than they are? If you are called to be a lawyer, resolving any of these issues would make you a much more solid, fully equipped one.

It seems to me that I posted on an earlier question of yours about skin problems. What I came up with was "self-worth" issues. The face represents the Sun, which could be your Leo in the 1st, which is involved in the t-square.

And maybe I am totally off-base. Feedback would be appreciated, so I can grow.


my expeerience with chiron is that it shows a very stubborn yet sometimes articulate mind.i think you may use you friends as a sounding boarf but i don't hink you really take their advise.your are your owwn person.don't ask your friends as you know the asnswers anyway.


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Chiron is in 11th yes, but as for Algol I give those fixed stars no credit at all.

Are you involved in helping others and listening to their problems as well???? Do you talk endlessly about the one theme and get your friends frustrated and bored. I do see the badly aspected Venus which rules your 11th. You might do better to talk to a member of your family. You have the Sun square Uranus as well. The Venus has challenging aspects to the 12th house of hidden enemies so it would all be behind your back and underhanded especially with young women. A Taurus may well be instrumental in this. I wouldnt trust that one. Also a Cancerian woman who may be older. It is possible some friends could be jealous of your appearance and manner. With Leo rising and the Sun there you would be rather impressive and graceful with magnetism. There is a possibility of adopting, fostering or having a child out of wedlock. Be wary of a Scorpionic lover also. He could be very jealous and secretive...... Excuse me for diverting away from the subject but I felt I had to make you aware.

what you are describing more relates to your Pluto square moon, square venus and your saturn-moon aspect. You cannot get enough from your friends. you will never be satisfied. No matter what. The answers must come from inside you. You have to let go of asking for advice. all the advice you need is in you already. No Matter What, You will never be satisfied with their advice..or anyone's cares. BECAUSE of these aspects you must find the care you seek inside yourself.
and part of your life path is to express your self in divine self love and acceptance. The more you show up with your natural self love, the more others will love you.
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