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I've gone through the entirety of the book recommendation thread (so many great suggestions!) but I'm not quite finding what I'm looking for so I'm hoping to get some recommendations.

I currently own "Chiron: Healing Body & Soul" by Martin Lass. I like this book and think it's a great starting point for learning about Chiron, but I have 2 issues with it.

1st is the houses: According to Chris Brennan, publishers in the 1980s wanted to save money so instead of putting out information on planetary transits through/natal placements in the houses, authors began to direct people to read information on said planet within the sign that rules said house. Brennan says that this is incorrect information because sign energy and house topics aren't 100% similar, so there are going to be house topics that are missed and suggests avoiding literature that does this. Unfortunately, this book does that.

2nd is the sextile: Lass claims that natal and transit Chiron sextiles are benign and doesn't provide information on them. This doesn't make sense to me because sextiles seem to be more of an action type energy. So to me, if a transit planet sextiles your natal Chiron, that particular planet will encourage a healing action specific to that planets energy, right? I'm not really finding anything of substance regarding sextiles online either.

In the book recommendations thread I did find "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron" by Zane Stein. I looked it up but I'm not really feeling it. Most of the information seems to be from the early to mid 1980s, which is fine but I'd like something a bit more recent (we've come a very, very long way with mental health the past 40 years). It's also more horoscopic in its descriptions of natal placements and doesn't actually touch on wounds, trauma, baggage, etc. I have Chiron in the 9th house which, according to Martin Lass, indicates trauma related to 9th house areas such as education, religious institutions, and culture (and then directs you to read up on natal Chiron in Sagittarius) but Stein writes that people with this placement have a talent for finding and understanding laws, are talented with simplifying technical explanations, have a powerful need to connect with others who share their philosophies, etc. It just feels more like fluff to me, ya know? Something to make the reader feel good about themselves instead of actually addressing what challenges this natal placement presents and what steps are recommended to address them.

So ultimately I would like a book or a blog recommendation with some thorough information on natal Chiron house placements, transit Chiron in the natal houses, natal sextiles to Chiron, transit planet sextiles to Chiron, and transit Chiron sextiles to natal planets.

Thanks so much!!
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