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Hi! This is the first time I'm in this forum and don't know if this is the right place to ask a question: When will it be possible to get pregnant? It's more than one year we're trying to conceive but no result...My data are : born in Italy, Trieste, on the 31st of July 1971 at 8.55 pm. If someone can give me a hint please write to me.
Thank you anyway


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I have seen so many couples...even within my own family...worry about not having children. They are so intent on 'making a baby' that they forget that the purpose of (their) love-making is the joint expression of how much they care for each other, from which a new life can result.
Often, there is something 'deep down within' going on that refers to whether a child is really wanted and welcome. Is there a fear of pregnancy, is one or the other ready for parenthood, will a child get in the way of the career, will its parents have time to devote to it, will it be healthy, is it to 'prove' something........and, worst of all, is a child the hope of saving a failing relationship?
If you have undergone fertility tests and both couples are healthy in producing seed and eggs, maybe they should look deeper into themselves for an answer as to why a child is not forthcoming.
I've seen couples 'try' for years to have a child, think it no longer possible, stop worrying about, prepare to adopt, love each other for themselves.....and BINGO!
I hope you are as successful.


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My data are : born in Italy, Trieste, on the 31st of July 1971 at 8.55 pm.

This is interesting sychronicity, as Radu recently created a new online tool called the Fertility Calculator] on [url=]Astrology Weekly. I would enter your natal data myself and post the appropriate dates, but I do not know the time zone for your current location.

Here is your natal chart, in case anyone is interested in taking a look :wink:

Arian Maverick

P.S. Frisiangal gave you some good may wish to have a heart-to-heart with your partner to discuss any fears you may have about bringing a child into the world. I also recommend that you surround yourself with images that remind of children.