childless and childfree


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i came across some information and found it quite interesting:-

If you find the (modern) ruler of the 5th house (Topocentric or Placidus houses) between one of the following degrees in a female natal chart, chances are high she's childless or childfree:

•between 26°-28° Leo or Aquarius
•between 6°-7° Leo or Aquarius
•between 25°-26° Virgo or Pisces

i have my natal saturn at 6 deg aquarius in the 5th, ruler of the 5th...hmmm (no kids for me)

it also says:-

We are excited to let you know for the very first time these degree areas that we could NOT yet find in any single natal chart of a woman who conceived a child as far as our research stands today.

Well i have a cousin who is a few days younger and exactly the same asc deg as me, so her saturn is in the 5th house, etc, she has 2 lovely children.

Has anybody else noticed the same aspects/signs cropping up in childless couples?
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I have seen women with the degrees of Leo on the 5th produce children. One has Saturn in the 11th too. You must remember nothing is written in stone when it comes to Astrology. There is no *Never*. :smile: