Child Sexual Abuse


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Does anyone have any experience of working with victims of child sex abuse, and how that manifests in a horoscope? I'm keen to explore this area to see what elements would reflect this. I was the victim of a 'mild' form of sex abuse as a youngster and I'm wondering if there's anyone with knowledge in this area. Thanks for your interest.


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There are quite a few indicators that I've read about.
Some examples - chiron 8th house, significant aspects to asteroid pallas athene (if it is incest), ruler of 8th house in challenging aspect to ruler of house representing perpetrator (e.g. 4th house for a parent, 3rd house for a sibling, 10th house for an authority figure, possibly 9th house for a priest or teacher), pluto on the IC (again for incest within the family), hard aspects from pluto.
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