Child Molester


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This was in our local newspaper today of a University Asst Law Dean that was found molesting children from 12 MONTHS (!!!) and up. I don't know his birth time but his bd is 12/10/62. His sex deviations also included his children watching him in homosexual acts with another (he was married). He used the webcam for live sex acts. He liked them as young as possible...... one article even states 9 months.

Fast look at his chart.... Sun sq pluto, venus conj nept, moon sq Jupiter, moon sq uranus, jupiter opp uranus, mars sq saturn.... Transits.... Pluto conj Mercury, Uranus opp Pluto, saturn trine mercury....

Sun - 17SG27
Moon -28TA42
Mercury - 25SG31
Venus - 13SC03
Mars -LE12
Jupiter - 05PI37
Saturn - 07AQ44
Uranus - 05VI18
Neptune -14SC26
Pluto -12VI09
Nodes - 01LE51
What a horrible sick man. Yes looking at his aspects Venus Conjunct Neptune in the sign of Scorpio square to Saturn. Saturn is on his Nodes of Leo/Aqua.

Jupiter in Pisces opposed Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. With the Sun Sqaure Pluto. Probably abused himself also.


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I'm in the Eastern Standard Time zone. This event happened in Florida.

Saturn conj sn. Interesting. hmmmm. I just wonder when a person is so far gone, it has got to be a habit that has gotten completely out of hand from previous incarnations. I would only imagine that this 'Monster' will be getting some rehabilitation and paying for past debt now.


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Hi Jag & Teddy, I also get the Moon at 5.22 Gemini. What a story! But like Shining Ray says, he was probably abused himself, usually is the pattern. Nevertheless, just makes me sick.


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A UNIVERSITY LAW DEAN??? It's evil enough when the lay person does it, but a person that works in such a capacity - who are people supposed to trust?