Chelsea Vs Manchester United Nov 28 2021 prediction


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I cast a chart for Chelsea Vs Manchester United Match which will be played at 19:30 UT+ in London,England and get these informations.

ASC ruler moon in virgo 4th house
DSC ruler saturn in aquarius 7th house

But first you know that rule that if the ASC/DSC ruler is moon use it dispositor as its ruler, so the Asc ruler will be its dispositor MERCURY which is located inside Sagittarius 5th house.

Second, we will assign who will be ASC/DSC.
Asc ruler Mercury/Sagittarius will fit well with the colour of Man United Red in Sagittarius and white in mercury. So if Man united is ASC Chelsea will be the DSC team.

1,And then when i see on the chart the fist thing i see Moon VOC which is No change or the one expected to win or draw which support Chelsea.

2, DSC ruler is on its sign Aquarius in 7th house which is good for DSC Chelsea but for ASC team united its ruler mercury is in its determinant Sagittarius the opposite sign also it's combusted by 2 degree which make it even worse for Man united.

3, POF is in conjunct with IC which is good for DSC team Chelsea.

4, the dignity difference is 9

When i conclude I think Chelsea will WIN today's Match. Odd are 1.69


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Chelsea 1:1 Man United
Chelsea did not win because of that Pluto so close to DSC. Pluto has powerful destructive effect if placed directly on relevant cusp.