check out my chart!!


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Let me know if you see anything interesting

anything is welcome

please help me figure myself out!! thank you so much


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Interesting chart. It's a bit unreadable here. Can't make much out of the tiny chart and aspects. If you could post a bigger chart it would be easier.

The only thing that catches my eye now is the placement of many planets in the southern hemisphere. Which means you are very social and outgoing. Networker.

The two jumps and spikes into the Northern Hemisphere to your mid heaven look interesting, especially career wise.


hi emotionalaquarius

you have a very usual pattern in your chart that can give psychic abilities and visionary dreams.
you node is conjunct to the vertex and Neptune is conjunct to the vertex and south node. and yiou sun is conjunct to uranus

the vertex and the node together means your mind and emotions are subject to other worldly influences and impressions. adding Uranus you have astral dream which can be prophetic. add Neptune and you have visionary states , sometimes when you awake or/and you have had dreams continue into your waking state.

these abilities/influences can be very confusing because the vertex bring cosmic input that may not really apply to you but still you will have strange dreams and sensations. the vertex/node shows that your life has been punctuated by strange coincidences and feelings/experiences.
Neptune can bring paranormal feelings or seeing and experiencing other dimensional realties.

these abilities make you extremely sensitive to other people and especially to babies and animals. you might have found that animals seemed to be drawn to you are act as if they understand you. and babies and children in general all love you.
again, you have so much "other worldly" influences in your chart that you must have been very confused at times.

the Uranus/sun conjunction with the midpoint of the node and sun and the midpoint of Uranus and the node opposed to your named asteroid(jenny) shows that you have vivid dream states which can include flying dreams.
you might also be subject to sleep paralysis at times .

you Venus/Uranus and Venus /sun midpoints are conjunct your south node. this often gives physical grace and makes you extremely socially and emotionally attractive. you have many suitors but with all this Uranus influence you are every independent . this also gives you a very loving nature.
your psychic/eros midpoint is also conjunct you south node which shows you are extremely idealistic and romantic. to you physical love si not complete unless there is a spiritual connection also. these aspect gives enchanting powers and all who met you are drawn to you because of your beauty and/or your emotional and spiritual sensitivity.this enchanting romantic nature is also shown by Venus sextile to psyche and the midpoint conjunct your sun and Uranus. this adds to your magnetic social grace, you are sensitive to all and all find you gracious and loving.

you mars/Venus midpoint is conjunct to your mercury/moon conjunction. increases you loving nature and shows you are a outgoing and happy person, around you everyone is at lease and laughter and joy is always part of your relationships.

venus square to eris shows that even though you have a very sensitive orientation emotionally, you also are extremely passionate physically .occasionally you could make bad choices based on pure physical attraction.

the moon/mercury conjunction gives you a very good balance of mind and emotions and you tend to understand yourself very well.(except for the strange psychic energies around you)
this adds to your general intelligence and gives you very good practical mind. this pattern also shows you work well with groups of people

one caution is that these forces are with the south node which means that there will be thise who envy you and are jealous of you, and so you may find problems in your life whe nthese envious people try to degrade you or slander you. the love that you engender in others is so strong that if you rebuff someone you don't like, they may turn their love of you into hate. so I would expect you have been a bit confused in your life because some people who have been your friends ,have turned against you for no reason you can see. continued later.

your Jupiter is loosely square your node which gives you intelligence and a far sighted mind. you understand large social patterns and have the aura of a teacher about you. I would expect that your friends often ask your advice on their problems because you usually understand an give valid answers to their queries. you would be a excellent teacher as you have a appreciation of knowledge and love to share your insights.

surprisingly , in spite of all effusive energy, at times you are very introspective and guarded in your thoughts. you have the sun/Saturn and Uranus/Saturn midpoints conjunct your mars which can shows tensions with siblings and possible a turbulent period in your childhood. it seem that sudden and confusing changes have made you think deeply about relationships and the way the world works in general.

your juno/Jupiter midpoint is conjunct your moon so even though you attract so much emotional and social attention, you look forward to a devoted and committed marriage. with ceres at mid heaven, you are actually a homebody even though the your environment wants you to be available to everyone.

chiron is on you ascendant so you are no push over. you are very intelligent and articulate. you have a critical bent of mind and analyze yourself and others constantly. but you have probably learned to have some tact because you tend to tell others their faults when you see them . and most people don't like having there bad sides pointed out, so you might have lost friends or offended some people with your straight forward and frank assessments of them.

lastly you seem to have a "dark" emotional issue that likely no one suspects. your Saturn/pluto and Saturn/chiron midpoints are conjunct your moon/sun midpoint point. this points to deep emotional issies with your father. it may be you come from a broken home but it clearly shows the relationship with yopur father have given you deep emotional insecurity that one day you must confront, that is you have emotional "demons" from you fathers treatment of you that will retard your happiness and emotional growth until you confront these "hidden" emotional dynamics you keep concealed from others.



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