Cheating aspects in a natal chart ?


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Hey so I have this situation... I am dating a guy for 2 years now. Everything is great I just started to get into astrology and I found out that there could be some aspects that indicate cheating but also loyalty. And as I was analyzing his chart I found both, very strong fidelity aspects but also a couple cheating aspects. So he had 3 girfriends in total. He always had long realationships he stayed with the first one for 3 years and the 3d one for 4. He never cheated on anyone of them. The only thing he concidered cheating was when he was with gis 2nd girlfriend he fell in love with his 3d but ge didnt act on it. He told her that he has fallen in love with another women and left her. Onlx then he started to date the 3d girlfriend.

The thing is Im just curious how others would interpret his chart because I am a little lost :) .

He has :
Ascendant: Aquarius 10
Sun: Aquarius 10
Moon : Pisceas 24
Mercury: capricorn 15
Venus: capricorn 22
Mars: capricorn 0
Jupiter: cancer 1
Saturn: capricorn 19
Uranus: capricorn 7
Neptune: capricorn 13
Pluto : Scorpio 17

His Juno is also at 20 degrees in Scorpio and his lilith is at 9 degrees scorpio.

And I am a

Ascedent : Taurus 18
Sun: pisceas 25
Moon: Leo 5
Mercury : pisceas 2
Venus: Pisceas 3
Mars: Aries 25
Jupiter: Taurus 5
Saturn: Taurus 13
Uranus: Aquarius 18
Neptune: Aquarius 5
Pluto: Saggitarius 12

My Juno is in 5 degrees Aquarius and my lilith is in 0 degrees Capricorn.

I hope someone vould give me some insight of this and thank you to those who answear ^^


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Venus and Mars conjunction normally shows an inability to separate love from sex.And they're in Capricorn...he wouldn't risk destroying what he built.I don't see a cheating aspect😅
Maybe if he had Mars or Venus in a Fire sign or a heavily fiery chart,then yes,there would have been a need for novelty.

To be quite honest,you'd be more inclined to be promiscuous due to your Mars in Aries.Maybe you're projecting that on him.

I know it's hard with Ascendant in Taurus and Moon in Leo,but stop being jealous.It only destroyis your relationship.If he does do it,then fine,he's a dickhe*d.Until then,enjoy your time together.
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