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Having Saturn retrograde natally can be quite a *****

When it's retrograde, it creates resistance to obligation, restriction, taming yourself and yet something will continuously follow you until you give in and learn its graces


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Hero worship is such a good way to describe Sun in 7th, and then with square Saturn, oooft I feel the insecurity and pain.

One day hopefully you will stop idolizing others and have this massive outburst of belief in yourself, free yourself from those chains and go WAAAAHHHHHH IM FREEEEEEE. That's what we are all waiting on tho huh.

Ive had it in little bursts of feeling less chains around me so its more likely a gradual process than suddenly a big burst of freedom. But still, those little realisations can feel like big bursts.

I saw someones soul at work. It was quite weird and what I have learnt about here since then fits in with what I saw in a weird way. It was my first experience of seeing a flash of someones 'soul.'

I saw her as a little girl in Africa, and I knew immediately her heart was at home. But I saw HER as the little girl. What I have learnt since is she has an adopted girl in Africa, where she is originally from. I don't know the full story behind it, but she misses her a lot and is currently away for a month to see her. I think she is the little girl herself tho, wanting to be home. Its weird, all I know is what I saw.

*EDIT, I knew she was from Africa but I saw her as a little girl IN Africa, like she was as a child. A few days after this she spoke to me about memories of her Mums cooking around a fire.

If anyone knows how to build on this or what to do with it, Im open to suggestions.
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