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Me vs everyone else.


conspiracy theorist

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Was watching a greentext story on youtube and some russian poster said, "some of us retired from boards long ago, but spirit of retardation in our hearts will never die. So we keep watching these videos from time to time, drawn like a moth to a bulb." and I felt that


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Too funny!
Siriusly :)


In the bardo we will wander, naked & frightened, with no idea of where we are going
all alone, carrying the burden of our past deeds.

In front of us, we will face unfathomable darkness
from behind, the red wind of our karma will sweep us on

and, on all sides,
we will be surrounded by messengers of Yama, the Lord of Death, shouting, “..Catch him, kill him..!”

If at that time we can remember our teacher for even an instant
the frightful experiences of the bardo will fade away

and we will be reborn in a Buddha-field.

At the very least, we will again obtain a human life.
But if our mind is so heavily burdened by our negative actions

that we can apply nothing of the teachings,
any hopes of being reborn in the higher realms will be utterly dashed.

Like a stone falling from the top of Mount Meru,
we will plummet helplessly to the lower realms.
We, who in this life find it so hard to bear even the slightest pain,
will be plunged into ceaseless torment.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones :)
- Shambhala Publications