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Today (September 11th) is the esoteric or Sirius-based new year, the moment the brightest magnitude state Sirius in Canis Major rises conjunct the sunrise. The constellation Canis Major (the big Dog) prominent in dawn hours in August and early Sep. gave us the term "Dog days of summer" for 40 days and nights from Aug 1-Sep 10 (winter in the southern hemisphere). The astrological zodiac degrees of Gemini and Cancer, but in the tropical and sidereal months of Leo and Virgo, and the "first" signs of the astrological year Aries and Taurus (in ancient Egyptian times). You have the planets Mars (for Aries) and Venus (for Taurus), as well Mercury (for Gemini), the Moon (cancer), the Sun (Leo) and I guess the true node (Virgo)-half of the astrological year. Today could be the actual birthdate of Jesus Christ in the year 1 BC or 1 AD instead of December 25th or January 6th after the 11-day shift in 1582 to the Gregorian calendar.


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Thanks for posting that, JupiterASC, all we need to know about Sirius. When I was 11, I had a star named after me located in Canis Major through the Int'l Star registry based in Switzerland. It turned out on Googlesky, it was a double star, somehow I wonder I'm a double personality like that particular star.


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Joe Biden’s past
includes writing the crime bill that scarred Black America forever
amped up mass incarceration
& is just one of the issues Joe Biden has had to address
and apologize for

but Joe Biden has even more troubling connections :smile:

When any person is running for candidacy
who they are is one matter
but who their DONORS are is another.
Joe Bidens connection to a big moneymaker in the prison sector
is worrisome.

One of Joe Bidens top donors is involved in
making money off of prisoners
in an exploitative way.

According to the Intercept,
“....Michael F. Neidorff is the CEO and chair of Centene
— a health insurance company
that’s a major player in the prison health care market...”

He also happens to be one of Biden’s top donors.

The prison health care industry may seem harmless, but it’s not.
Prison healthcare is often horrible,
leads to avoidable deaths through neglect,
mistreatment, and abuse.
This is a major concern for Black people
who experience many health issues disproportionately
and are more likely to be incarcerated.
It’s no simple problem.

Big donors endorse candidates to get something in return.
The prison healthcare industry makes a lot of money off of prisons
and wants to continue doing so.
It’s worth asking Joe Biden
if he’ll make sure their interests don’t come before Black people’s.



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Man becomes second victim in 10 days
to be killed by cows in northern England
98 people have been killed by cows in the UK
over the last 20 years
according to the government’s Health and Safety Executive :smile:
22 members of the public and 76 farm workers.

Pensioner Malcolm Flynn was walking along the Pennine Way
near Thirlwall Castle and Gisland in Northumberland
when the animals stampeded.
The 72-year-old from Carlisle was so badly injured
during the incident that he died at the scene
just 10 days before popular school teacher David Clark
was killed by a herd of cows
while walking his dog near Richmond in North Yorkshire.