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If I have a scorpio rising with pluto in scorpio in 12th house as well as mars in aries in 5th, what is my chart ruler?



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Pluto aspects:

pluto sextile neptune
pluto biquintile mercury

pluto square jupiter

pluto sesquiquadrate sun
pluto semisquare moon
pluto semisquare uranus
(i dont know how important these final three aspects are)

pluto sextile MC
pluto quincunx chiron

Mars aspects:

mars conjunct venus
mars biquintile moon
mars conjunct lilith
mars trine uranus
mars trine neptune
mars trine MC

mars is well aspected (even though conjunct lilith...)


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They both have a lot of aspects. I would still go with Pluto as Mars is really the Aries ruler.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, in my opinion. And being a Scorpio, I say that with sincerity. lol


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I would not decide for either of them unless I’ve studied their positions in the chart and their relevancy in the individual specifically. Mars is a personal planet and Pluto is a generational one, but a native might have more of a Pluto-influence. Generally speaking though, Mars is more likely to be the ruler considering it’s already established to be a personal planet. Pluto works in a sort of top-down way and Mars works from the bottom-up (from personal to impersonal)

It’d be best if you posted your chart and let us know the position of each planet and then tell us which one you feel more identified with


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Here is my chart.

I have always been an extremely private person. This could be due to the fact that pluto is in 12th house. It is also my south node ruler (conjunct my ascendant).

Then there is a side of me that is more cheerful and outgoing which is where my mars in aries in 5th house fits in (conjunct venus and lilith). I was also asked if I wanted to be a professional runner.

I think I have had a strong connection to both planets. However the influence of pluto is felt much more in the shadows. Its like hidden in the subconscious almost.
OH and pluto is also retrograde in 12th house!


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I'd vote for Mars.

In traditional western astrology, you'd look for the planet with the most essential and accidental dignity as the lord of the geniture.

Mars, as the traditional ruler of Scorpio, does rule your AC; and it is also domiciled in Aries. Mars is well-aspected.

Pluto is also domiciled but I would get a few points deducted because it is in the undesirable 12th house and not getting a boost from other planets.

I would also give Uranus and Jupiter some attention, as they are in mutual reception. (Each in the sign the other planet rules.)


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As for which planet rules the chart
the planet which has the most essential and accidental dignity
the planet that has the most innate strength
coupled with the most innate power to enact that strength
surely such a planet is a front runner of our astrological make-up.
The ruler of the Ascendant is the Ruler of the Ascendant
and not the ruler of the chart
just as the ruler of the MC is the ruler of the tenth house
and not of the entire chart.

The reason the Ascendant is given such precedence

over any other angle is in part because

we are all so helplessly egotistical.

The ruler of the Ascendant has a particular importance of course
as it is the planet which presides over the self in all of us
and as our conciousness is almost always situated in that self
the ego takes over
and gives the ruler of the Ascendant more credit than it is due
and considers it the ruler of the life
when the life is so much more than 'I'
as the other eleven houses hold testimony to.
If there is such a thing as
a planet that presides over the entire chart
the entire life in all it's aspects
such must be
the planet with the greatest essential and accidental dignity
- because it makes so much sense.

If I have Venus combust in Aries in a cadent house
blighted by harsh aspects from unfavourable planets
and Venus is the ruler of the Ascendant
is it the ruler of my chart, my life.
I would hope not
because considering it as such would go a way to manifest it as so
it is the ruler of my perception of life as situated in the self
not of the life.
If I have Mars in Scorpio conjoined with the MC
receiving favourable aspects from agreeable planets
and as such
is the most essentially and accidentally dignified planet in my chart
but rules not the Ascendant
but yet is the best planet I have to work with
then does Venus or Mars preside over my life?
I suppose that it is a choice
because we cause to manifest wherever we direct our conciousness
but I would opt for the planet with the greatest strength
to be my representative in this life
and act accordingly.
The Lord of the Geniture/Birth
is the planet that shows the highest possible expression of ourselves
it is our guardian spirit
whom we should endeavour to act in principle of in any situation
in order to manifest our destiny.
This is a planet
not determined as our horoscopic representative based
upon beaming in upon the realm of one twelfth of Life
it is designated
based upon it's strength of dignity outweighing all others in the chart.
It is our destiny, the strength of our horoscopes
and the stalwart of our lives.
The ruler of the chart, indeed, the Lord of the Geniture
so called as it is the president of our incarnation into this world
is the planet which has the greatest dignity in our charts
and through which we may manifest our destiny.
If our ego's are what our life is consumed with
the Ascendant ruler will be the ruler of our lives
for anything
which spans the entirety of our twelvefold manifestation in existence
will not get a look in.
If it is our money and possessions are what our life is consumed with,
always or just for today
then the second house ruler will be the ruler of our lives
always or just for today
and again, we act accordingly.

The benefit however, of seeing the planet with the greatest dignity
as our guardian angel, our 'ruler'
is that we endeavour to attach ourselves to a strength
that transcends all of these compartmentalised boundaries
a ruler of all rulers,

that transcends all of these compartmentalised boundaries
a ruler of all rulers,
and indeed
the house which is ruled by the Lord of the Geniture
may be the twelfth of our existence that provides the most direct route
to the Whole
so perhaps we might better consider this house cusp as more important still
than the Ascendant in many respects.
The ruler of the Ascendant as ruler of the chart
and inevitably of the life
means that some have the blessing of wonderfully situated planets
to revel in
while others are relegated to the reject bin.
The consideration of the Lord of the Geniture
as the ruler of our chart is optimistic to say the least
and a manifestation of destiny at most.
This is because such a planet always represents the greatest strength
and the highest possible given that horoscope
which surely is what life is about
bringing to fruit our most optimum potentials.