Chart ruler conjunct Lilith


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Hi; i would like to ask about a few meanings for natal chart ruler (Jupiter; in 6th house) conjunct Lilith. Im pisces sun (21°) with Sag Asc (23°)& Sag Moon (16°); thanks ik advance for any insight; greetings

dr. farr

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For me it indicates great difficulties for Jovian influences; however I do not believe the entire chart is tainted by the Lilith/Jupiter conjunction; 6th house matters would need watching, and Jupiter might be reduced in its otherwise benefic influence. But let’s not allot to Lilith the same full power we find with the planets.


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Hello: I'll tell you what my book on Lilith says that I have, because I too have Lilith in the 6th house, although my Jupiter is in the 5th (in a critical loss degree and I did lose a child) but also has helpful aspects for me, like trines and sextiles....But when it comes to Lilith in the beginning of my 6th house .....where I also have a later Mercury-Mars-Sun posited to deal with here - its all sounds quite like Mae-Wilson Ludlam the author interviewed me (the author which of course she did not), but its so spot on) The book is titled "Lilith Insight" a New Light on the Dark Moon (AFA) by the Founder of the South Jersey Astrology Workshop Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam

She says, "Lilith in the 6th is no less suggestive of limitation of health and disorder then Lilith in Virgo. (note: you probably already know that Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th) It is similar to Lilith conj. Mercury. Working out details of life is a perplexing matter. The immorality of others punctures the flow of harmony causing the domestic scene to suffer. Marriage itself is undermined due to the 6th hs. being the sorrow plagued 12th of partnerships. He suffers because of others either being victimized or institutionalized (note - in this case, victimized as in the case of 2 daughters over the years)

Services are performed on a lesser scale or in a lower position then desired (note: It is a house of service which I suppose you are aware) The manner in which the native discharges the obligations is somehow hampered, not due to his desire that is not the problem but rather detail-solving & proper channeling are. (Her) capabilities are thwarted for one reason or another (such as domestic chaos, necessity's demands, poor health, etc) note: at one time or other over 40 years, all of these occurred. For various reasons, health suffers. The intestinal tract may be weak (true) so daily living may be peppered with frustration.. Any form of analysis giving meaning to existence is indeed worthwhile (I use higher studies, meditation, writing, etc)

I do think as dr. Farr mentioned however, your Jupiter is still a benefit and being a Pisces with a Sag ASC I'd think that you have a natural disposition towards 9th house things (study of higher things which helps your 6th/12th house positions not act out to harm.

For me, I always thank my Mars in the 6th being in Capricorn because its exalted in this sign - so even though I've had many physical problems and still do, I always seem to get over them rather well in quick enough time even in older age but it has been a life long struggle.

My advice would be to work as apparently the position tells us our karma dictates, to be of service to others if and when the opportunity arises, and it helps to dissipate for the next life (if any) ....instead of bemoaning our fates.