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Beginner astrologer seeks astrologer friend to swap info and natal chart interpretations...

Yes! What I am looking for is somone who wants to try doing a natal chart reading, and wants to get my attempt in return ;) The idea is that we both get to practice, and get some feedback on how useful our interpretation was. My criteria are the following:

1. Willing to try an interpretation of my natal chart (it doesn't have to be long!)
2. Would like to see my effort at interpreting their (or someone else's) natal chart
3. Has a somewhat adequate grasp of their own chart, so that my debut efforts don't unduly influence their astrological perceptions and cause havoc ;)
4. That's all

So, if you'd like to take me up on this offer, post here :D You certainly don't have to be professional, because I certainly am not (yet!!). As it's 5.17am at the moment in my time zone of the world and I have an essay to finish, it may take me a few days to get it done, but I think I'll enjoy giving this a bash. If you're game, I'm waiting ;)


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Oh my goodness, I've just been promoted to "senior member"....haha, I think this was the post that did it :D


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Howl, I would absolutely love to attempt to read your chart! I am pretty much a beginner myself..I do have a few books but haven't really done anything withe the small amount of knowledge I've acquired (besides look at my own chart and endlessly try to figure out my life). I can't promise I'll do well though...I must admit I am a bit scared to try something like this, but what the hell.

Here's my info:

June 26th, 1989, 11:47 PM, Vancouver, BC, Canada
(Daylight Savings Time, just in case you need to know :)

Just let me know your birth data - I can't promise a speedy attempt though - I'm currently in the middle of studying for my final exams, but by the end of the week I'll for sure be able to give it a look!

Thanks for your future reading!



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Hurrah! So we're both being studious right now....

I too have indulged in substantial chart gazing to "endlessly try to figure out my life" :) I am thinking that applying the methods I've used for my own chart to somebody elses will help me to develop some objectivity. I can't promise I'll do well either, so don't worry! We'll both be able to interpret things with a little more clarity by the time we've done our homework ;)

Birth data:

8.50pm 10/12/1981 Perth, Western Australia.

I might check with you once I've generated the chart just to make sure it looks like you think it should. Talk soon, chart buddy, in the meantime happy studies ;)