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I know a virgo person with moon in libra, venus in libra, mars in libra, charismatic, talk a lot great great sense of humor.


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One of my friends has Aries ASC, along with a 6th house Libra Venus, 5th house Virgo Mercury (conj Sun and Jupiter), and 3rd house Gemini Mars trine ASC. He also has an Aquarius moon, which I usually find to be an awesome placement.
I'm so jealous of his chart. Haha. He's extremely charismatic and can communicate with just about anyone with ease. He's also able to talk his way out of basically any situation.
One time we couldn't find a parking spot near an art gallery so we parked near a store that sold sound systems and at-home movie theaters and such, so we ended up having to go into the store. He talked to the owner for 30 minutes about a sound system he supposedly wanted to get. Everything he said was completely made up, but he was easily able to keep up a conversation with the owner.

I like to think I'm charismatic at times, but not to that extent. I have a 5th house Sagittarius Mercury trine my 8th house Aquarius Venus, Moon, and Saturn. Hopefully that makes me at least somewhat charismatic. Haha.


my boyfriend has venus in first house in acquarius and he is such a darling. He also has Sun and mercury in venus in 1st, ruler of 5th (Gemini) in first. He is a teacher, very intelligent and convincing. He can get all kinds of people to like him so easily when he is in a good mood and not being overly nervous...

A counter-example is myself, with difficult position of Venus in a t-square with saturn, pluto and moon. Venus conjuncts mercury in late Capricorn in 6th, which squares both pluto and Saturn (late libra and early scorpio) (4th), at the same time, oppose my 12th moon in Cancer. I never find it easy to convince other people, (or having a hopeless belief of myself inable to convince others) and I am often being wrongly accused for things i didnt do, especially by authorities, somehow... I am not good at debate at all unless I am thoroughly prepared for it... However, having jupiter sextile venus and trine moon helps alot. I never lose my positive attitude even in the darkest days of my life.

I also have my sun in 5th house, which is the ruler of my 1st. I am a pretty spontaneous person, has a good sense of humor when I don't suffer from esteem issues. People around me generally and geniunely like me.

Overall, i find myself very volatile. Whether I am charismatic or not entirely depends on my venus and moon. There are times in which I am extremely popular and charismatic, but when my venus and moon gets afflicted, I just could not shine anymore...
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One of the most charming and charismatic people I know has a Mercury, Venus, Pluto all conjuct in Scorpio and an Eros in Scorpio as well. She's a Libra.


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Hi there, this is my first post :)

I guess there is something missing here : the sun position.

lots have been told about scorpions and Pluto .. okay it can show a charismatic person, but a kind "dark" charisma.

I guess, there is also the "lighting" charisma which fit to sun/leo value. Typically, these are people that shine and want to shine. sunny people

The position which strongly indicate this type of charisma is the sun dominant : sun conjunct to ascendant/in first house :

These people make a strong personal impression. Others tend to see them as confident people, or as leaders of some sort. This is because they project strength. Of course, this strong impression can rub some people the wrong way. These people are noticeable and very aware of how they come across to others. Sun rising people tend to believe that they are in control of their destiny. They usually don't believe in fate, and they'll take any pessimistic comments that come their way as personal challenges. In fact, this concept extends to other areas of life--they prefer to lead rather than follow, and are usually most comfortable in situations where they have the freedom to do so. They identify strongly with the image they project, and they usually prefer to be viewed as capable individuals. Children with this aspect may appear to be older than their years. (from cafe astrology)

Another good reference about this placement (but in French) :
=> psychology and example of famous people with this placement (mao tse tung, Roman emperor, and more !)

For me, sunny people are the "pure" charismatic type !

another thing I found important for charisma is the mars venus aspect. A strong aspect (conjunction and square especially) between this 2 usually indicate quite good looking people with passionate nature !
what about :

Sun Conjunct mercury in Aries.
ASC in Aquarius.
My venus is in Taurus in the 3rd house.
My pluto conjunct MC in Scorpio
My pluto trine Jupiter
My venus square my ascendant
My venus opposite pluto
My venus conjunct moon
My venus square jupiter
My Sun trine jupiter
Venus square ASC
Moon trine ASC
Jupiter opposite ASC ( jupiter in leo )
any charisma ?:whistling:
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I have a star of David.
As a kid I had far more appeal than I could handle. I was extremely shy because of it, but had a use dark red head of hair.

I have charisma, but am inwardly so Uranian and Saturnian that I always shock people with my doubts.

A guy in a bar said to be frustratedly: dont you get it? Youre the man!

Venus in Pisces/12 makes it a little more likely for me to keep my character hidden. Which is a shame as I am a much nicer person outward than I tend to be inward.


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Charisma depends of the Point of View.

Venus at Asc, one of the most ugliest people ever seen the ex wife of Brad Pit dont remember her Name, so digusting for me, but some mans find she looks good. can't understand :D

Edit: Remember :D Angelina Jolie. I can upchuck more than i can eat. Her Mars Moon Jupiter is on my DC. Seems no good interaspect.,_Angelina

For me By Far

Capricorn Asc.

I love this Ascendant at most. Women with Capricorn Asc drive me Crazy, extremly Charismatic for me.
In private life i know 3 capricorn asc. (1 Man 2 Women) they going to be my first real friends, very warm, loyal, very goodlooking and lovely people.

Maybe because this asc. hits my IC, parallel Sun, or Square to my Asc.

have no Prominent example, only for a Men.

James Hetfield from Metallica the More Older he gets all the younger he looks. I Like This Musican.,_James

ahh, i remeber a prominent Women with Capricorn Asc.,_Marie

very attractive.

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*hehehe* charismatic plutonian you made my day :D:D:D

never see a charismatic plutonian, mostly mentally deranged (like me :D) but genius people, often with mercury pluto,_John

i have a venus pluto conjunction on my asc in libra, most time of my life called very unattractive, ugly or something like this, never find a girlfriend or sexual partner till the age of middle 30 because of this

but seems to change slowly with the age of middle 30. but i dont trust this freedom completly :D
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Leo has true charisma, almost always, even if it is soft spoken, they dont feel threatened by themselves. They can come close without being intrusive. But if they are intrusive they can possess you.

I find Venus in fire signs charismatic. Venus throws in all her outward charm.

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Benito Mussolini had the Sun in Leo conjunct to Mercury lord 10th (combusting it, not in cazimi though) and Neptune on the descendant.
Scorpio ascendant with Mars in Gemini besieging the Moon together with Saturn.
He has also an exalted Jupiter and Venus lord 7 is conjunct to it.