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Does anyone like American Dad or Family Guy?Well,I started watching both about a month ago:D .

From American Dad(which happens to be my favourite from the two):

Stan-Something like a Taurus with a Capricorn Moon and Taurus rising.He's very conservative,even to the point of being narrow-minded(I don't mean to ofend any Taurus/Capricorns out there,but Earth signs,and Taurus and Capricorn in particular,are generally considered to be more conservative than the others).

Francine-Perhaps a Virgo Sun,Leo Moon,Libra rising.She's the typical loving stay-at-home mom but,on the other hand,she fights for her rights and stands for her beliefs.

Hayley-An Aquarius with a Libra Moon,Aquarius rising for her extravagant looks.Unlike her father,she's very liberal and sees all human beings as equal,but,at the same time,she appears to be somewhat detached in her emtions(which is why I think she must have her Moon in an Air sign).

Steve-An Aries with a Aquarius Moon,Gemini rising?He's a little "brainiac",I think his chart must be full of Air.

Roger-My favourite one:D .He looks something like a Aquarius with a Virgo Sun(he goes insane about little details-I'm thinking about the episode when they relocated to South Arabia and he went crazy because he couldn't drink there LOOL).Since he's an alien,I have no idea about his rising sign!:p

From Family Guy:

Peter-He strikes me as an Aries with a Leo Moon,Taurus rising.

Lois-A Cancer with a Virgo Moon,perhaps Lbra rising.The characters from American Dad and Family Guy are pretty alike-just like Francine,Lois is a loving stay-at-home mom who's also willing to fight for her rigths.

Meg-An Aquarius with a Pisces Moon,Gemini rising.I think she's more sensitive than Hayley.

Chris-A double Pisces.He just seems to be totally lost in this crazy world:p .

Stewie-The evil little baby!Nothing sweet about this kid.Something like a Scorpio with a Aquarius Moon,Capricorn rising?

Brian-I just love this dog:D !He sounds something like a Sagitarius with a Libra Moon,Leo rising,because he's so philosophical and composed.
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Hmm... been a long time since I'm watched MASH. But here goes a few:

Hawkeye reminds me of a Gemini, due to his wit and ability to think fast on his feet. Mars in Gemini makes good manual dexterity for a surgeon.

Hot Lips stikes me as a Leo - probably a Leo stellium, at that.

Frank - Hmm, he's really sneaky. Sneaky seems to be a trait of many Scorpio moons I've known. So, I'd vote for some Scorpio in his chart.

Charles seems to be a Leo/Taurus mix, with his pompous attitude, and love of the finer things in life.

Radar, with his meekness and willingness to serve, would be a Pisces/Virgo mix, maybe?

Klinger - I would think would have to be an Aquarius.

Col. Potter - Capricorn?


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some funny silly game I have with my boyfriend is that when we finish watching a movie start to bet which sign could every character would be, we do it also with novels.
Let me tell you about what we thought with star wars:

luke and leia skywalker: leo

han solo: sagittarius

lando calrissian: gemini (or pisces)

yoda: libra

mace windu: taurus

anakin skywalker (darth vader): aries

padme amidala: libra

emperor palpatine: scorpius (why does almost everybody think about villians as scorpius? hehehe).

Well, that`s all by now


HURRA HANAMICHI SAKURAGI!! Show your Hanamichi proud!!
Talk to Hanamichi, receive borrascous glare...
...Pet Hanamichi, and receive a punch!!
Isn´t that WONDERFUL?
Love Han, and the image of Aries itself.



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Here's some more. Just saw the recent Harry Potter flick. Which sign/signs are the most mischievous? The practical joker? That would be the sign of the Weasley twins. Sagitarious?

Hermione? Workaholic. Overachiever. Know it all. What sign encompasses that? Know it all Aquarian? But the Virgo or maybe Capricorn workaholic overachiever?
Harry? Too complex. Aries leadership. But what of his other traits? What think you?

Scapes? Definitely Scorpio. The entire Slytherin is ruled by Scorio.

Ron? His parents? Mom's a Cancer, I think. Dad? Dunno


Sirius Black??

Dumbledore? The wise sage. The other side of Sagitarious than the Weasley twins, maybe?



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what about southpark?
i think that,

cartman is an aries, (very blunt, with that in-your-face attitude and also that "first in line" attitude.. he pretty much says and do wahtever he want. my favorite charcter :)

kyle and stan are probably libras, (dont realy ahve an explenation..)

kenny is an aquarius with cancer rising? (too much spooky accidents (aqua sun in the 8th house), hes detached but he also keeps to be on his small group of friends.. he is hiding inside his shirt and its hard to understand what he is saying, but overall he do have his own opinions )

chef is a leo sun/moon ...he is the idol for the young kids on south-park elementry, and he got friends everywhere.. and hes pretty much the centre of the stage even without trying

kyle's brother.. aquarius!


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Today I was thinking about this thread,and about how fun it was:) No one thought about the Desperate Housewives!

Gabrielle:Provocative and revengeful;you can't mess with this woman!A Scorpio with Scorpio rising,Taurus Moon for stubborness.Maybe Venus in Libra would explain her career in the moddeling world.Mars in Sag(we know she likes her sexual adventures:rolleyes: )

Susan:Dreamy Susan,always lost in her own world.A Pisces with a Gemini Moon(she's deadly curious,to the point of being inconvenient-but that's what makes her so funny!).Her rising sign,could be any,though I feel tempted to say Aquarius because of her long,thin figure with long limbs,but those are the actress's characteristics,not the character's.

Lynnete:She's super-woman!Handling the house,the kids,an emotionally immature husband,a job and now a step-daughter sent straight from hell.Strikes me as a Virgo with a Capricorn Moon-she is resilient and can take on a lot,but when she explodes it's not pretty to see,and that's something that happens with Virgos quite often I've found-they are extremly nervous(due to Mercury's influence)and,depending on their level of resistence,can take on a lot but once they explode,they look like maniacs,screaming all over the place and even throwing things sometimes(or maybe that's because I have a Virgo mom with Moon/Mars in Leo?:rolleyes: ).So she defintly has something in fire-maybe Mercury in Leo?

Bree:Bree is the ultimate Virgo,always worried about perfection and trying to keep her familiar scandals secret.So I would make her a double Virgo,with Venus in Libra(likes to entertain and values beauty and harmony as essential),probably Capricorn rising(a great ability to keep secrets,doesn't tolerate unconventional behaviour from her kids and even from herself).

Eddie:Evil,evil,evil!:eek: But not the evil Scorpio type.I see her more as an Aquarius with Capricorn Moon,combined with Mars in Aries(she is explosive and reactive,but you know she can discretly cook something without people realizing she's up to something.Revenge is served cold,this quote definetly suits her).


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Such an old thread.. Oh well, still fun

Bruce Wayne: Virgo asc, analytical mind that seeks justice but not romance, he never got married. Oddly enough, his Sun is apparently Libra (justice) or Pisces in The Batman.

Apparently Robin is a Scorpio, which is no surprise to me

Anyone watch Teen Titans? Here's my guesses:
Starfire: Cancer
Raven: Aquarius/Pisces/Gemini
Beast Boy: Taurus/Virgo (Virgo Sun, Taurus asc?)
Cyborg: Taurus
Terra: Capricorn/Pisces (the consequences of her inability to control herself or sacrificing herself and taking abuse from Slade)

JK Rowling never decided on a birthdate for Dumbledore! I think I like Dec 14 or 15, 1881 (she established this as his birth year), though some fans argue that his birthdate is in summer, making him either a Cancer (opponent to Voldemort's Capricorn Sun) or a Leo.

Principal skinner Virgo
I don't know about you, but I don't know any Virgoes that would take the **** he puts up with Bart, he said he was a Libra in the one episode and Sup. Int. Chalmers is a Sagittarius. Homer stated that he was a Taurus in the episode where he read his horoscope and it said "You will die today" (I remember that just for that!) They keep moving Marge's birthdate around, first she was a Taurus, then a Libra? WTF? I read Lisa is a Leo somewhere before (Aquarius Moon, no doubt then) and that Bart is an Aries or a Scorpio (will post the link if I find it). I would guess Mr. Burn's is a Capricorn, everything about him is stereotypical Capricorn! But I think he's actually a Virgo (Aquarius Sun M. Groening, seeing an imagining negative of Virgo, but if that's his perception, what can I say?)

Lastly, King of the Hill:
Hank: Libra (probably Sun conjunct Saturn and Venus in Virgo)
Peggy: Sagittarius/Leo
Bobby: Libra/Taurus
Luanne: Cancer/ Pisces
John Redcorn: Capricorn, Cancer asc (vice versa?)
Joseph: Scorpio
Dale: Cancer (Aqu asc maybe? His bday is est as July 12, Scorpio decan and Aqu dwad interestingly..)
Connie: Virgo
Bill: Cancer (with badly aspected Ceres angular)
Boomhauer: Virgo (mercury ret in Leo)
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Grounded for Life

Lily strikes me as a Leo, actually. She's such a drama queen.
Sean - Sag
Claudia - Taurus
Uncle Eddie - Gemini
Jimmy - Capricorn
Henry - Aries

Belgianmoonguy said:
Grounded For Life
Does anyone watch that
Lily... so obviously an Aries (or a fire sign sun)

Green Wing
Caroline... school example of a dreamy Pisces or Aquarian


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I just thought of opening a topic pretty much like this..
But seems you already got one, though it pretty much died

First of South Park

Cartman: strikes me as a leo, or maybe as an Aries.. Seems to be all fiery in my opinion.. No other elements whatsofar..

Stan: Just a Libra, with maybe some Cancer/Pisces factors.. Always seems to be the mediator in my opinion..

Kyle: Is a Gemini i think.. Is pretty peacefull and upbeat but has got a sense of duality.. Maybe Leo/Aries as his ascedant/moon

Kenny: Pisces? Always seem to be the unluckiest sign so it suits him well right?

Anyone of you got something with gaming, or ever heard of the games of "Monkey Island"

Well the leading character is Guybrush Threepwood, happy go lucky crazed individual.. Reminds me of a Gemini..

What do you think? ;)


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3r3bos said:
What about split personality characters:
- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
- Betty Elms (Mulholland Drive)

Maybe Gemini?

Yup,Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde strike me as a Gemini.

Does anyone watch Grey's Anatomy?
Meredith Grey:She is so anal retentive,strikes a Cancer with a Virgo Moon.Some 12th house planets probably....she is always dealing with deeply buried psychological/emotional issues.Some strong,heavy Saturn aspects too-maybe Saturn opposite Venus.

Christina Yang:Ms. Know-It-All,always out in front of the rest,an Aries with a Cappy Moon and some nice Saturn aspects for goal/achievement orientation.Some Uranus-Mercury link for the smarty pants thing.Maybe she could be form the Uranus in Sag generation and so,Sun/Mercury in Aries trine Uranus would fit.

Dr. O'Malley:There is something about him that just screams Pisces-probably a Pisces Sun/Ascendant/Moon.He always seems to be lost.

Alex Karev:Mr. Tough Guy,an off-the beat type of Cappy with an Aries Moon.Moon trine Mars too,he is frontal and assertive.

Izzie Stevens:A Libra with a Cancer Moon,with a late Pisces Ascendant and a 4th house Moon-she has a strong maternal instinct.

Dr. Bailey:A double Cappy.Strong morals,ambitious,determined,strong-willed-maybe Mars in Capricorn too,all stuck in either the 1st or the 10th house.

Meredith's sister(can't remember her name:p ):A Pisces with a Libra Moo,she is so eager to please it's even annoying.

Dr.Shepperd:Mr. Perfect Guy,he strikes me as a Cancer with a Libra Moon,maybe with a 7th house Sun?
Bart is definitely a Leo
Lisa is Aquarius possible Gemini tendencies
Homer Taurus,
Marge Cancer
Principal skinner Virgo
Lenny Libra
Carl Libra

What about Moe? :) He always strikes me as one of the most lovable caracters in the series - he gets to be Maggie's friend! I would guess a lot of water signs - the suicidal tendencies and the absolute lack of self esteem. These might be totally off... But he does seem to me like the burnt out Pisces who eventually got too numb.


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How bout for the show Lost?

Jack - He IS a doctor, and seems to be a decent e nough leader, perhaps a Cancer with a Leo moon...although I'm not sure about the moon, Leo might be to prideful and I don't see that with Jack

Kate - I see Gemini because how she kinda switches back and forth between Jack and Sawyer, and she was always on the run before the island. Perhaps even a Sagittarius?

Sawyer - A con man before the island and a cocky attitude make me view him as a Scorpio (good at conning people by roleplaying) and Leo (the pride and clever side of him) so perhaps a Scorpio with a Leo or Sag moon.

John - Kind of hard to decide...I kind of see Capricorn but with some air to it. He definitely seems to have a laid back persona but sometimes shows alot of emotion. I would say Taurus or Capricorn with a moon in Aquarius

Hurley - Well he loves food of course so my first guess would be Taurus or Libra, maybe with a moon in Pisces. He seems to be confused alot so that's where I see the Neptunian influence.

Ben - Very manipulative and bossy, so I'd easily go with Virgo as he's a better planner than a Gemini.

There's alot more characters but I just wanted to use those main ones...

there there

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veron and dudley of harry potter ought to be taurus right?
and what about aunt petunia: i have a vision she might be a virgo.
percy again looks like a cappy
neville in all probability is again a taurus
and luna lovegood's surely a pisces
can't think of what hermione granger might be(maybe an aries: the way she never wants to loose and always want to answer all the questions first and also she is all idealistic with all the s.p.e.w. stuff and all:happy:


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No, Peter's doctor said he was born in July and asked if that made him a Cancer, Peter himself later said he's a Leo later on (and he's kind of bossy and dramatic so I can believe it lol), I'd guess his bday around July 30.

Quagmire called himself a "vagitarrius," so switch the v for an s I guess.

I was thinking Gemini for Stewie - talks a lot, science...

Lois I can't pick, honestly she doesn't seem to have much sympathy, Cancer's probably the last sign I would guess for her.

Kenny: Pisces? Always seem to be the unluckiest sign so it suits him well right?
Ooh, I'd say that's Capricorn, not that he ever grows up to be an industrious type. Maybe Saturn's other sign Aquarius I could believe, some of the ones I've known can be really random, have random events that happen in their lives (often their own fault), sharp-tongued and Kenny likes to curse and always knows what the latest curse word means.

Sheila Broflovski (Kyle's mom) I guess is what most would describe as Aquarius, opinionated, proactive...