Character's signs


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Okay-- here's some more character's signs I was wondering about---

Anyone have any other speculations. (You men may not have an opinion-- some of these may be considerd "chick books", but whatever....)

Jane Eyre: Virgo????

Anne of Green Gable: Libra or Pisces?

Scrooge: Definitely Capricorn

Moby Dick's Capt. Ahab: Scorpio!

THE OUTSIDER'S Ponyboy, Johnny, Darry, Dallas Winston, etc ????

LITTLE WOMEN'S Jo, Beth, Amy, Meg--Jo: Sagitarious? Beth: shy Virgo? But Virgos and Sagitarious are not usually compatible and these two were close??? Amy: Selfish Leo or Aries, but then Jo could be Aries also??? Meg: Cancer maybe?

How about movie characters? ON THE WATERFRONT'S Terry Malloy???? Rocky Balboa: Taurus (though Stallone's a Cancer)

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE: Does anyone know Laura Ingalls Wilder's real sun sign?

Hannibal Lechter:: Too psychotic, I guess. Any sign can be crazy.

Clarice, though????

Pres. Bartlett (Of WEST WING) He's an intellectual with an ego. An air sign with Leo moon or ascendent maybe?


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wow.. I haven't read nor seen some movies you wrote there... but I might comment on some:

THE OUTSIDER'S Ponyboy: quite hard, I this his is a mix of energies. I watched the short movie version quite long ago, and the impression that stayed was, a bit of cancer and libra (in childhood, before maturity).

The guy who died by gunshot, is that Dallas (played by Matt Dillon): He was a tortured character, pretty much having some square aspects, but I can't pinpoint though.

Clarice, though?: Clarice seems a bit libran-virgo-pisces.. none too strong.

Do you think the actor's star sign influences how their character would be? Let's say a cancerian is supposed to act as a Leo..


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freedomlover said:
I vote Scorpio for Hannibal Lechter - He was excellent at probing the mind. A lot of twisted emotions, too.
I tend to agree too, about the scorpionic qualities, but I don't think Hannibal would be a scorpio sun sign... I watched the movie, and it was acted by Jack Nicholson right? He does not seem scorp at all - I don't know his birthday though.
Scorpios would tend to have an intense gaze, not that glazed over look, and a certain focused egocentric power to their personality (as i noticed for guys), but Hannibal seems to focus on others more.. not himself.. as in, torturing others. And in a fun way! I would think a sagittarius/taurus sun with a capricorn moon or asc, loads of oppositions in scorpio and in scorpio houses.


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You do have a point, I think, but why a Sag or Taurus Sun? I don't see the reasoning behind that. The Cappy moon I get........ Hey, wait a minute..... I'M a Sag sun, opposition in Scorpio houses,with a Cappy Asc...........Just what are you trying to say here? Hmmmm?

Take a look at my chart!

(By the way, it was Anthony Hopkins, not Jack Nicholson.)


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Hi freedomlover,
I'm sorry, I didn't see your chart before..
I didn't think you were like Hannibal at all for that matter.. I should have taken into account "freedom" as a Sagittarian trait, but I thought it might be an aspect within your chart.

(It wasn't a personal attack or an insinuation)

I think an aquarian moon plays a huge part in humanitarian emotional expression.
By the way, you're female right?

You're more careful with your words (at least more than me ;-)) .. I have sagittarian friends and they're frank and candid to the point of offense - but I know no offense is to be taken, all in good humour.

I've based it on Jack Nicholson - he looks like a fire sign, but if you say anthony hopkins, then I'll have to write it off... I always get these 2 mixed up! (I think I've been picturing Jack Nicholson, in The Shining... I always get that)

I looked at the pics again, and he looks very serene, almost fragile.. like a pisces or cancer.. or even libran! (but more watery qualities).. but i suspect if these 'calm, serene' signs would resort to depravity they'd most likely have afflicted charts, mostly to their mercury.

Apologies again!
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It's okay, Lynns, I thought it was hilarious. It didn't dawn on me until I'd read your description a couple of times. Then I suddenly realized.. She's describing me!
Sag/Aquar/Cap combination also has a great sense of humor!

Out of curiosity, why would an afflicted Mercury be a possible indicator of depravity in an "otherwise serene sign"? I'm trying to learn here.;)


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I'm going to be silly and I am going to include a few absurd characters.

Screech from Saved by the Bell
Big Bird
Bert n Ernie
Mr Snuffleupaguess


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Yup you didn't seem offended. Cappy/sag is quite known for his sense of humour!

I guess I should read up more to get a feel of the signs before I write again, but I wrote mercury because it rules the mental processes, and afflicted might lead to depravity. But I still think it is a choice - either a soul choice to be the 'scapegoat' for so-called evil, or repressed hatred taken out on others.
I'm not saying that most people with afflictions in strong planets would be depraved, as it could be in a positive direction, to improve their inner self and resolve their conflicts.

I've not studied serial killers nor those recorded in history as doing evil, so I don't really have much material to drawn upon, but I think I would touch upon those one day. (There's alot of info and I find it's going way past my head most of the time - I really need time to digest and understand info. I wonder how people do it so quick!)


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23 said:
Big Bird
Bert n Ernie
Mr Snuffleupaguess
These are the only ones I know! But it's a bit difficult.. can't really grasp their personality well.

Big Bird - Water and air, mostly.. I would say Aquarian with pisces/cancer tendencies.

Bert - Air/Earth.. I guess Virgo/Gemini? (But Bert isn't that much of an intellectual,no? can't remember)

Ernie - Libra/Aquarius/Cancer?

Snuffle - I can't rememeber how he is at all


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A couple of years ago I saw a show on TV about the validity of astrology. To test it, they gave a group of professional astrologers birthcharts of famous serial killers - Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, etc. BUT they did not put any name or personal information on it -just the charts themselves. All of the astrologers correctly identified them as "serial killer" types. Some of them even were able to identify what types of crimes each one would be likely to commit - and were correct.

I was stunned! Has anybody else see that show? I think it would be interesting to get ahold of some of those charts and study them. What do y'all think?


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Laura Ingalls Wilder is an Aquarius (born February 7).

As for Bert, I thought he was a Virgo. He's not an intellectual, but he's more clever than Ernie. Bert is sensible, practical. Funnily enough I've always had a thing with Bert. I loved him. Why? I have no idea. I had a Bert doll and I took it with me, everywhere and I couldn't sleep when I didn't have Bert with me.


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Yes Bert is very virgoan - sharp tongued an a bit miticulous. Love of pigeons must come from some libran bent I think :)
Ernie - maybe Gem - short but his head is too wide, bit of a prankster; I can't help that he has something squaring to Bert to cause that friction.

I think Big Bird might be either a libran or aqu because of his concern for others maybe with a bit of pisces, cancer
Snuffy - have to think about it. Maybe Taurean?


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Oh oh, I've got one for Hannibal!


- he's quite the burgondian "hmmmm, braaaaains...".
- the way he displayed the guards' bodies was pure art, made my Venus in second wipe away a tear.
- plus he had an act for bringing things out into the open, rather the opposite of Scorpios I think.


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Watcha think bout these?

Kill Bill: The Bride, Bill

Star Wars: Vader, Annakin, Emperor, Luke, Yoda, H Solo, Jabba

SuperHeroes: Superman, Batman, Their alter egoes