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That is partly true. From personal experience, I know that information through otherwise good sources can still be skewed by the interpreter and not just a little. I know of one man who got an answer that confirmed and reinforced his prejudice against blacks. I'm pretty sure that the One was not giving that information, yet it came through anyway because it was what he wanted to hear. As long as we live in this world to any extent, we are subject to its laws. This is why we must be concerned with accuracy and not simply trust what we're handed. The only way we can know the world is to live through our own worst enemy: us! So, it's not the Source that you should distrust. It's yourself.

All is designed for expansion and evolution, yes, and all things work together for good to him who Loves God. But some goals are more worthy than others. Choosing whatever you want without deliberation is a problem. You must know why you want what you want. You must consider your goals, motivations, consequences, interactions, and so forth. You may choose to create any reality you want, but that's why you can't trust your own creation to be True or accurate: because you can create whatever you want! The fact that you wanted it and created it doesn't mean that it is True or good in any way. In fact, it usually means the opposite.

It isn't a matter of right and wrong necessarily. It's more a matter of a concern for Truth. There is One Truth and we are all trying to describe It. That immeasurable Truth must be our measuring stick if we want to ever be One with it. That's where I want to keep the focus: on the One. All else is too low to be my ideal, except when included in the One. It's difficult to talk about such things as Universality, but that is the direction that all human development must eventually take. It is our destiny.


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Mark: I still don't think you quite here me........I'm saying what you believe is your choice it is right for you because it's your experience as an Aspect.
What I believe in not what you do but it is right for me as this is the experience my Aspect is choosing...Hopefully they both expand exponentially. Each individual will always perceive through it's own filters.. perception filters built from beliefs experiences and thoughts, so we can all read the same material and will all perceive it differently. We may not assume we do, but we do, and that is good cause it's then exponential expansion. It's like we all stand circled around the same statue and we all see a different view of it to paint. You may see the front and me the back it is a different view of the same this is ONENESS>
I ask you to ponder...What is good? Who decided?
not Source ~ MAN set these rules cause it's his reality, he was not placed in this reality with anymore than essence of self. `and `What Truth... Who's Truth your truth is not my truth because we filter experience from our own perspective. Source does not judge one thing as higher/lower better/worse right/wrong thus my sights are set not on limitations of perceptions devised by mans view of things existing outside himself, but to See the All as Source views it accepting it as equally part of self from within. Any less is limiting our expansion.
(this is a broader view than what we have held as humans with life existing outside ourselves.. there is no thing outside ourselves all is within.)
Accepting this is a powerful shifting of Consciousness to aim toward.
OPPS!!!!apologies gang Mark and I are getting a bit off subject....
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We are getting slightly off topic, but the tangent is important and at least somewhat relevant. In the words of Paul, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." This is precisely the point I've been trying to make. You've said many things that are true, aKuna, but it is not true that one view is just as good as another. What about the differences in world views between Mother Teresa and a serial rapist/kidnapper? Both individuals will act as they know to act and through this they will grow (no matter how slowly), but can we say that following one would be just as good as following the other? All perspectives are not equal. You have the potential to be the best of the best or the worst of the worst. Which path should you follow? These things are internal to you and shared. That is true, but every choice is not as good as every other choice. Even if we try to view everything in terms of expedience, rather than morality, we still get the same answers. Some things simply work better than others.

I'm trying to not be preachy. The one thing that bothers me in your posts is that it seems you don't see a value difference between horrible mistakes and right action. If that is the case, then you have no right action because your right action is mixed with wrong action. If we throw away the words "right" and "wrong," then it's all just one big blur and there's no reason to go any particular direction. You can learn through just living life, but that is the longest, hardest, most hellish path you can take. Should we not act more expediently in our development? Shouldn't we seek to become more like the One Father? Who is good? The One is good. No human is good because we are diluted with free thoughts.

It's true that not everything that looks good is good and not everything that looks bad is bad. That doesn't mean that there is no good and no bad. If we have no more agreeable definitions, then we can call good "constructive" and bad "destructive." Surely you must at least believe your own ideal is good in some manner or you wouldn't follow it. The only point I'm trying to drive home is the fact that there are values to things, even if we don't have a good way of talking about those values. This relates directly to the sources we "channel" and manifest. Any source is not just as good as any other source. I assert that only the One should be manifested through yourself for this reason and for reasons of functionality (avoiding the personas and identities of non-incarnate entities which are real). If you're only manifesting figments of yourself, then you should seek to manifest the highest portion of yourself, which is the One. Otherwise, you can't tell you anything you dont' already know.

Love and Peace to All.

P.S. This thread has been more or less dead for a few years anyway. This is the first life it's seen in a while.


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Mark said "your right action is mixed with wrong action. If we throw away the words "right" and "wrong," then it's all just one big blur and there's no reason to go any particular direction"
No I'm sorry it's isn't .. that thinking comes from perception that we must be judging grading weighing things against other.(It is a polarity thing.) It is saying our right is the right way we must all travel to expand our frequency... Beliefs of right and wrong do not come with the newborn which is PURE, beliefs and these judgments are learned from mans perception as the newborn begins to experience mans reality.
"I believe my ideal is right for me"..there is a difference from believing it is the right or good way, which is limiting perception from human beliefs and not perceiving from our Essence self which is non judgmental and unconditionally accepting. I don't judge a killer against Mother Teresa anymore than she did, because it's recognized this is a reality of polarity in which we must have the dark and the light so we can view the shadow it creates for choosing the frequency we desire to resonate in our chosen manifestation. I honor the soul which has chosen the adverse path to assist in the creation of our reality,(honoring does not mean I choose it or condone it-I accept it as that souls experience of choice) for without darkness we can never know the light offers a higher frequency which is expansion. (it's a dirty job but some soul has to do it for this reality experience of polarity to exist) I am also aware this soul is gaining from adverse experience something it needed to expand and evolve itself as essence... this reality is not the real this reality is but a stage on which the soul is playing so it can be evolving.
(Higher equating to adding more to the existing.. darker equating to moving toward nothingness =again simply human perception based on our judgment) to exist in polarity
one does not need impose judgment.
My perception aims towards Purity of no judgment and complete lovingacceptance of all as equal Unified Oneness.
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There are many good things about your perspective, aKuna. My concern is more objective, though. I'm not concerned with what I or any other individual thinks is right. I'm concerned with what actually is right. It's impossible for an individual suffering from the illusion of separateness to perceive this objective good directly, but it is still there even though I can't see it. I suppose it's a question of what you want to be. I also impel myself toward becoming Unselfishly Loving and accepting of all conditions, but this doesn't mean that I should live next door to a murderer and do nothing about it. Justifiability ends when one individual imposes his/her will upon another individual. Perhaps his life may be good enough for him, but is his life good enough for the people he kills? We are more than cogs in a system. We are living components of an eternally Living System.

I should be clear that I'm not talking about judging individuals. Purists often have a problem with judging anything at all and that seems to be the trouble here. In judging, we must always remember that we do not know the path of the individual. Therefore, I can judge information that you give me, but I cannot judge you. I have to weigh the information in its own light and I can only do this because I have studied to know how to judge information. I can judge your work only if I already know the purposes, motivations, and consquences of your work, much like scientific review. If it will fit in the box of language, I can judge it because I know how to judge language. I could never judge the individual, though. My knowledge and skills are simply inadequate to judge a person.

If we never judge the path of another, how could we ever judge a path for ourselves? Even if we dismiss all moral considerations, we still have the question of expedience. Would you like to incarnate here a few thousand more times for your own reasons or would you like to find the door a little more quickly so that you can help others find that same door? My primary concern is spiritual development. Every person will be their own measuring stick when judged by the One. As you have given, it will be given to you. That means your life might be horrific, but it can still be good enough for you. Isn't there some good in spending your life, time, and effort to acheive Oneness and then help others acheive the same? Once one becomes sensitive enough, there doesn't seem to be any other way. Once you've developed to a certain point, you seem to be destined for either enlightenment or insanity. You always get to choose which one, but to simply "stop playing the game" is not an option. Even if you move on from this plane, you'll have new considerations in new worlds.

I suppose I should ask your view on this subject. What do you think of making spiritual development a goal in life? If you agree with the goal, then aren't there necessarily going to be more and less expedient paths? It seems to me that living many, many human lives is only acceptable when you can't see any other way. Isn't there some reason to push onward and upward? Isn't there some fantastic relief to be found in being free from this place that people refuse to treat as anything other than hell? Isn't becoming One with the One the ultimate goal in human life in the first place? Learn to know yourself to be yourself and then become One with All. That's always been our purpose, hasn't it? If yes, then how could you possibly help another until you've achieved enlightenment yourself? I can only be truly good for someone when I have become good and I can only do that by conquering self and becoming One with the One and All and Only.

P.S. I suppose the best phrasing might be, "What motivates you to do what else?"
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Mark: this is fine it is each individuals right to choose as they will...if you feel your judgment is to be passed on what is right or wrong for the All this is as said your right to hold in belief..
you ask me
"What do you think of making spiritual development a goal in life? If you agree with the goal, then aren't there necessarily going to be more and less expedient paths?"
Goal Who's GOAL this is assuming that you have the answer to what every ones spiritual goal must be....
Let me just say I have lived with spirit speaking to me constantly my entire 68years, I was born seeking enlightenment and desiring to open others to enlightenment, but I'm not about to tell others what their relationship to Spirit or Source should be because it is individual for each soul how they choose to walk their path home to total enlightenment, If not then there was no purpose for duality of the One in the first place, cause there is then only one right way.
This is my view others are entitled to theirs it's not a contest of who's right so we can agree to disagree each speak our truth and each walk the path which best resonates with the frequency we desire to hold.
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When did I say that I judge or even should judge what is right or wrong for the All? I didn't say this, nor did I say that anyone has the answer for what everyone's spiritual goals should be. All I said is that the answer already exists within the One. In Truth, you already know the answer to every question you'll ever ask. The only thing that really stops you from knowing is wanting one answer more than another.

I've been thinking upon what I might say to you and it seems that you've left me nothing to say. Whatever I give you, you will dismiss it because you already have your way and your way is good enough for you. It seems that what bugs me is the fact that your view of things is ever-so-very open that it smells of hubris. I can't give anything to you because you have become satisfied with what you have. That would be fine if you were already enlightened, but I find this unlikely. You are a very skilled and open student, but not an Adept. Perhaps you've done many good things and if that is so, then I will join with any who want to reward you for it. But the race is not over, hare. The tortoise is widening a gap in front of you.

I hope you do not take these words as boastful, because I cannot afford to be concerned with appearances right now. I speak out of Love because we both share the Life of the One. We are not separate. We are Family. I see that there are some ways in which you've been misled. I have been misled too and that is the only reason I know how to see these things. I am broken and imperfect, and so are you. Perhaps we have bumped in to each other for help. Regardless of the reason for meeting, we can help each other if we choose. There is still more changing left to do for both of us. I just don't want to see you sitting on the side of the Path rather than walking It. When I read your words, I smell complacency, the state of being unwilling to disturb the status quo in order to change self. In my experience, the only way to overcome gradual deterioration is to learn and grow perpetually. Everyone should always live in a state of constant growth on the large scale. There can be many moments or even weeks of rest at a time, but evolution must continue. If you still hold the same values that you had 10 years ago, then you haven't been growing.

Perhaps I've already said too much, so I'll end here. I want to see you grow and blossom, as I want to see in all people. If we're speaking of spiritual development, the one thing that hasn't had its fair time is the only thing we should have been talking about: Love. Love is the foundation for all other things. Let us talk about Love, if we can.


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Mark said
"Whatever I give you, you will dismiss it because you already have your way and your way is good enough for you."
Your right! I've long since dismissed attitudes stating others ways are good enough for them (but wrong), because they don't bend to what another gives them. (which is right) .....The vibration is judgmental.....
We were told Thou shall not judge!! it's taken near my entire lifetime to understand the full complexity of this beyond common human perception, and I did not find it including any 'If's And's or But's' to qualify it once I moved into relating to myself as Essence/soul only projecting a human focused experience.

I'm here to share with others allowing all, including myself, to accept/reject what resonates to offer expansion, and we each design what expansion is for us. As far as love goes LOVE you refer to is 'Unconditional Total Acceptance' what is called "Divine Christed Love" without judgment. We may not choose the others path as it does not fit our societies perception of proper, but this Love means accepting others for who they are as they have chosen their own special aspects individual evolutionary journey to enlightenment. Regardless of what it entails...this my hold for them experiencing adverse focuses as the killer because they need this experience for THEIR own expanded enlightenment. When we are told Source desires to experience All Things, it does not mean just good things or what we in our human state denote right..It means ALL THINGS uncomplicated by human 'if and but' perceptions.. ALL is ALL Infinitely..human or know Love on this frequency one must accept ALL as another aspect of self, of us, as all Is ONE.
"your are me, I am you, we are all things throughout eternity into the infinite.=ONE Unified field"
This is my perception developed over this incarnation, I do not expect others to necessarily embrace it, it is where I am on my journey.
And YES Mark I do believe we have come together to expand the others perception.
We/soul self creates our reality by design with purpose even if we can't see it there are no accidents...only directions to choose to move us on our journey..
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I agree with many of these things. The thing I find lacking is the concept of personal responsibility. Who made this world the way it is now? We did, collectively. Is this world acceptable? Obviously not, as it will be destroyed through us. The human world is reversed in polarity. Many, many people spend many lives building all the wrong things for themselves and others. Is this necessary? To some extent, yes, it is necessary. It is not necessary, however, that this place be so very horrific, nor is it necessary for people to stagnate in development so that they can spend more time serving themselves by creating abominations. A certain amount is necessary on every path, but that is not the entirety of the path. To stop developing in order to do as you wish is damaging both to the individual and to the world.

Are we not our brothers' keepers? Being our brothers' keepers means that we have a responsibility to all people, including giving them what they need, rather than what they want. Is this not the Way of Love? Is this not the manner in which the One relates to humanity and always has? What you need is most often not the same as what you want. In order to approach, all must have gone out on their own way. Thus, the approach is the end goal of going out in the first place. People get stuck. People get lost. People are confused. This world is a place full of confusion because of the confusion accepted by the people.

It is my assertion that putting up a wall for someone to hit when they are wrong is a small favour at the least and a small miracle at the most. If ill ideas are never confronted, they will never be questioned. This is one way of semi-forcing introspection and actually the gentle way. When such lessons are delivered through Life itself, suffering is what forces introspection. Perhaps each person could learn more and suffer less? Would this not be a goal worth serving? If we aren't aiding this process by helping others to learn more and suffer less, then how are we keeping our brothers? What good are we to them at all?

What purpose should we have in this world? Your thinking works well for sitting back and not interfering, but if that is your goal, then you may as well have never incarnated. The fruits of your life are the ways in which your brothers and sisters are better off because you were there. If no one is any better off because of you, then what have you done with what you were given? Perhaps you have helped many, but your attitude doesn't seem to reflect that. You seem to want to live in a world devoid of "should" and "should not." I assert that you should help your brothers and sisters because that is the only thing which can give your life meaning.

Growth and development is the purpose of the experiences in this world. We agree on this, but should we be sideline observers or should we be players? Keep in mind that those on the sidelines can't change anything directly. Only the players make impacts on other players. That was the purpose for the second wave, wasn't it? You can't help anyone from the sidelines. Are we afraid to sully our hands for our brothers and sisters? Then what good are we? In the words of Edgar Cayce, "It's not about being goodie-goodie. It's about being good for something."


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Whoa Mark:your making judgment about my beliefs have no idea who I am, what I believe, how I live; or my dedication to sully my hands as you say for humankind. So Please: Responsibility you make me laugh
Years ago I came across an ancient healing format H'Oponopono which is a prayer meditation of taking TOTAL Responsibility for what is in Our Own reality as Our creation. Over the course I've expanded upon this through my beliefs and awareness of it's many more possibilities.
In H'Oponopono one not only takes "responsibility" for ::their role :: in creating others the way they are in our reality, but by doing this it's recognized we heal our self and thus heal all else in our reality.. This is not saying one takes responsibility for what others do or for healing them. What is recognize is that by selfhealing our inner self (our thoughts and beliefs) creating our reality, all in it is then healed as this perception of responsibility brings us to LOVE all as One With Ourselves.This will explain better and more in depth.
In my perception we create collectively an outer expression in which to inner-act with other aspects ~~~ applying then the energy frequency 'we are' which resonates the outer expression of experience we perceive as our life.
And yes it's proven to work when one embraces it form the heart center.
I suggest again we no longer hijack this post with the diversity of subjects.
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It's true that I do not know you. As far as the thread is concerned, you and I have added the only worth-while information since 2006. Considering what was said before, I think we've improved the thread greatly in terms of applicable information. Hopefully, some other stumbling being may stumble across this and be helped by it. Thank you for having this conversation with me and playing this role in my life. I will look forward to new conversations in the future, if it be within the Will. Love always.


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Mark I'm sure we will be in conversation again.............maybe you will start a new thread of discussion.....and I'll be in the right place at the right time.
Always feel a bit overstepping by hijacking :bandit: a subject in a different direction than the author intended...But your right it my be enlightening to others and nothing is by accident. I've enjoyed.


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You are right on many counts, aKuna, but I still feel the need to stress that most people are not capable of getting "unfiltered-quality" information. Clairvoyance and other such mundane skills are not enough to channel the One. There are only two ways I know of to reach the level of pure information. One is to simply become enlightened, at which point you are One with the One, so all of the information necessary is already at your fingertips. The second is to work through trance with an human guide.

Good conversation here. Sorry I haven't been around for a long while but have been working on my own "channeling" project. Whether it's exactly channeling, I can't really say. It is inspired in any event.

As far as filters go, I've posted some info on this on my site

Also, for those who are interested, here is the latest revision of my book that you can peruse that touches on many of the themes in this thread. All I ask is that if you find it of value, that you write a review on (the latest revision).

Here is is


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This is a channeled messages from a lady I know well. She is an academic and psychologist, so someone who would be able to identify hallucinations. She has been a clairvoyant and empath as long as she can remember, and has been, for the past few years, channeling the Archangel Michael. This is a message that I recorded and later transcribed. Errors in punctuation are, therefore, mine.

The importance of stillness

"I want to talk about stillness, about being centred and being calm. The great majority of the problems you experience in your life and the lives of many of you on earth that are not overtly caused by external events, the problems you experience as people whereby you feel depressed, stressed, anxious, sad, worried, cross, frustrated - all these feelings come from a failure to be still. You can think of many days when there is absolutely no stillness at all. This is not natural and it’s not healthy. This is not the way to be if you desire to come to terms with yourself. Coming to terms with yourself is very much to do with being who you really are and living as that person, not living as an image, not living in a role, not living as others want you to live but living as the person who you really are. When there is no stillness, there is a gradual separation between your consciousness and your reality. When you’re not still, when this is perpetual, you are cutting yourself off from understanding your experience. Experience involves not only what happens to you in your life, what you do in your life, but also who you are, how you feel, what you understand – all these things are aspects of your experience. Also an aspect of your experience is the extent to which you are in communication with God, with your source, with your centre and the degree to which you are able to learn from that connection, that communication.

It is the case that the world in which you live is of course very material, very materially driven and materially defined. One of the paradoxes of your world is that material driving perpetuates a cycle of thinking so that literally the more you strive to do, the more you strive to achieve, the more you strive to acquire, the more you need to do, achieve, and acquire. You never seem to get to your goals, they are always somewhere off there in the distance. This is the paradox, almost a law of the material world, which says there is never enough, it’s never good enough, there’s never enough to go round, there is never enough time. This is the law of never enough. It is peculiar to the material world and you on the earth find it very difficult to step off the cycle: to allow yourselves to believe that it’s alright not to achieve everything; it’s alright not to fill every moment of your life with energetic, positive, meaningful activity in the sense that you use those words. Again the material view is that to sit and do nothing is wasting time, is achieving nothing, it’s being selfish, it’s being lazy.

Think of it this way - your centre, your spirit, your soul, it is eternal, indestructible, without beginning or end, complete in itself, whole, unitary, divine, interrelated, interactive. This wonderful thing called your spirit, your soul, or your centre, or your being, is all these wonderful things. Your physical body and your physical mind are vulnerable, fallible, exhaustible, limited in extent, in endurance, in time and existence. So the two things are very different and from that idea you can conclude that that which is devoted to the material, to sustaining this frail physical thing, if it is not in comparison with the time devoted to the spirit, if it is not accorded equal energy, then the energy that is accorded to the material and the physical is, in large part, wasted. For example, talking in numerical terms, the spirit requires 99.9% or your energy and the physical body requires 0.1% of your energy. Taking that analogy, you can say that as most of you devote the great majority of your energy to your physical life, it’s not surprising that most of you are terribly imbalanced most of the time, out of harmony, out of concordance. The answer is to trust, to have faith, to know that the right way is to devote far more energy to your spirit and far less to your physical. Your duty to your physical body is to keep it healthy, fit and well, to protect it, to give it shelter, to generally monitor it and be aware of any harm or damage or disease or illness or disorder that happens to it. That’s your duty to your physical body and you can live your physical life with those goals in mind. For example, you can arrange to choose a career that keeps you fit and healthy, enables you to have a home to protect yourself and those you have in your care and also sustain your physical brain, physical mind. That’s all you need to think about in terms of your goal. Once you start to add to that and believe that you need more than that, you’re depriving your spirit of the energy that it needs.

The answer is so amazingly simple, that if everyone were to listen to it and respond to the answer, they won’t find that not only would their lives be transformed, the world would be transformed at extremely small cost. Anyone can do it. Anyone can take the answer and use it. The answer is to devote a small amount of time every single day to being still, not to meditating, not to praying, although stillness is a kind of prayer, not to a philosophizing or trying to learn or trying to understand or trying to communicate. None of these things, because all these things are not to do with stillness, they are to do with effort. Just to be still, which is just to sit quietly, in a quiet and beautiful place in silence. Music, however beautiful, is distracting at this time of stillness; it’s beautiful in another context but not in your time of stillness. Just to sit quietly for a period of time. Of course you can’t really set that period of time because you will end up looking at your watch or setting the alarm clock and these things would be silly. Instead, allowing your body and your spirit to dictate and determine the amount of time that you need. Just stillness. Not nothingness, not making your mind a blank because that can’t happen, but being aware of what happens as you sit quietly and start to be still - the mind is racing and many things are going on in your life, many feelings emerging. Then with time, this all becomes calm and becomes quiet and you find yourself in a lovely, soothing, comfortable state almost of suspension. It doesn’t have to take long. It can be five minutes or it can be twenty minutes or it can be half an hour but it must be every single day. Not like a discipline, not something that you put in your diary and squeeze in, no not that at all. It is something your spirit needs, your body needs. It is something that almost you come to crave every day. Almost like your sleep or your food --- got to have your stillness! The consequence of this is that you then become habituated to centering and correcting your center every day, to bringing everything to the center, to bringing everything into harmony and balance. It carries over if you do it every day. This is so simple and it is the answer that everyone who is stressed and pressured needs. And it is the way for everyone."
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So Many CHANNELLERS out there now ... tis a blessing from source at this time in Human history truly :innocent:

How does one differentiate re trust etc ....

The Message has always been there is only `HERE-AND-NOW` along with personal individual guidance within that reference point eternally ...

Since 2012 the new energies have kicked our asses relentlessly into learning to live life on-a-wing-and-a-prayer moment-to-moment LITERALLY ...

Has not been FUN ... :innocent: but clarifying ...

We get to choose that which resonates/reassures us from every perspective .... whilst allowing the concept re NO LACK NO LIMITATION, a Big Ask , but one worthy of investigation.



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About 5 years ago my Mom (in her early 70's then) had this dream that helped answer this deep body elecrtical vibrating/shaking thing we both were having regularly. In this dream she was told by some male 'Worker' that......"They were rewiring the whole City."

I mean no disrespect of ethereal messages and their importance, but your mother was having precognition of the extinction event underway now. It involves the impending 5G which the telecommunications giants are thrusting upon us to the tune of 200 billion dollars. This technology, according to military leaders and real scientists decades ago, should never be exposed to any living thing.

I apologize for darkening the mood, but this is not fantasy, or conspiracy.
If in doubt, critical research abounds.

With light & hope.
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