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I have been working since my graduation and had to quit my job on 31st December 2019 because of some reorg in the company. I did join a small startup on 24th January, however not enjoying it. I have applied to other companies and waiting for a response from them yet.

Here are my details and have attached my horoscope

My date of birth - 22/12/1972
Time of birth - 19:45
Place of birth - Mysore, India

I am running Venus Mahadasa and Rahu bhukthi which will get over on 16th February 2020 and then start my Guru bhukthi

Rahu is in my 6th house and debilitated and I guess because of this I grew fast in my previous organization, however I had to quit during the end of Rahu dasa

Will I get an offer from a good company in Guru bhukthi, as Guru is in my 6th house

Any guidance will help me


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The transit of Saturn over your birth Rahu has caused the break in your career. On the date of the break the Sun was with transit Saturn and the Moon in transit was under the control of transit Saturn. Saturn has now moved on to Capricorn. Jupiter will continue till the end of March/2020 to remain in Sagittarius. You stand a good chance to improve your job between end February/2020 and end March/2020.


Thank you so much for your quick analysis. Does this mean Saturn was transiting from my 6th house (career) to 7the house and does not relate to Dasha/bhukti


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taurus-venus badhak for cancer asc, stress-delays in income-gains-friendships;
sat 7th lord over taurus 11th, gains through spouse, food-dairy technology,
old people, old friends, but under stress-delays;
prone to throat-thyroid-teeth-ears-arms-shoulders etc;

sat opp mars-venus-mer scorpio 5th, research-occult-forensic chemistry,
stress in matters of luck-education-romance-children-position;
craving for affection but difficult to manifest;

sat just moved to own cap 7th opp moon trine sat 11th for gains,
stress in health-relationship
growth through mass supervision-public admin-event management etc;
sat cap elevated aspect libra 4th for mother-motherland-property etc;

Jup-ketu now transit sun-jup-rahu sag 6th, pain-injury-surgery
thighs-hips-intestinals-heart-stomach-liver-toxic issues; job separation;

sun-jup-rahu conunction rise-fall in life,
prayers for ancestors, observe fast Amavasya evenings,
observe death anniversaries religiously,
wear brown gomedh over pendant touching heart;

rahu-ketu overlapping transit, life-style reversal;

jup transit own sag 6th for health-employment;
effective mid-course march-june 020 to watch for!
jup sag trine aries 10th supportive of career
and trine leo 2nd for family-finances;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers thrus mornings;

promptly ack n do share feedbacks how true-insightful-helpful,
traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas etc etc

wishing well, kshantaram
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Thanks for your analysis, however need details about Jupiter sun rahu rise and fall - How do you calculate the period of rise and fall


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if could care share specific feedbacks how true-insightful-helpful
traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick etc
detailed in the reading offered, discussing the reading per return.

Appreciate the prompt ack.

wishing well.



About the analysis I would say there was delays in my earlier days I mean till my children were born, later I do not see such delays



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Cancer asc cancer rasi pushya nak .

For cancer asc venus is malefic , badhaka . its does nothing except giving basic needs for survival , but in your chart it seems that you even struggle for that , venus is in 5th very good but its in saturn star who is 8th lord , mutual aspects of 5th and 8th lord is not good , 5th - fall of position 8th humiliation . so when these lords aspects each other you get disturbances in profession . saturn not only aspecting 5th lord but also 3rd and 12th , 10th and 5th . 3rd is change 12th is loss . 4th is happiness and comforts , all these are under saturn control ,so in this venus dasa you get these things repeatedly. but good thing is jupiter is aspecting 10th house so no problem, its only temporary discomfort .

your saturn is retro is also reason for that retro saturn stops timely promotions and career success but it gives later since your mars dasa yet to come ,. patiently wait for that .

currently you are undergoing jupiter bukti which lasts 2029 FYI jupiter is enenmy for venus and sadly jupiter is also venus star. you are trapped !!!!!

6th lord wont give profession , as they say in modern astro. dont follow those rubbish things , 6th house is enemies , obstacles and diseases , also this time you face financial setbacks to since 2nd lord in 6th , health is good but it will problems in profession and finance . this too temporary only , if jupiter is not in venus star he might have done good to you but since he is in bitter enemy star he feel insulted . so patiently bear this. mutual aspects of mars saturn gives low profile job also obstacles , mutual aspects of saturn mercury gives debts , and problems incoming gains ..

sorry to say this through out your life your prof life will be like this , on and off . but somehow life wheel moves on . mars mercury , Jupiter rahu, sun rahu , mars saturn are enemies , knowing friends and enemies you get idea why our life is like this .

2021 march , may give some opportunities regarding prof .. so grab it . Dont have any personal demands or wishes regarding salary , just accept what it comes ,else you will loose even that also . your 2nd lord is weak ...


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Thank you for your advice Sir. Is there any remedy or should I recite any mantras to overcome this

Offer prayers to lord muruga visit arupadai veetu once and do sandal ambishek to muruga . also chant mars gayantri mantri for 1008 daily if possible , if you do this you get success in your profession

if you cant do above things then do blood donation mars gets double happy . or help those who need blood .

narasimha sharma

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6th house does represent daily duty and job. entire Venus dasha does represent houses which signify changing jobs so be ready for it.
make sure you are actively applying for jobs and keep searching for it, do not lose hope. you would require multiple attempts in getting success in any events you take on with saturn-moon connection to 11th.

June 12 to July 14 is a very good time to change jobs, so apply very actively.


Thank you very much Sir. I have been chanting Saravana bavaya namaha 108 times daily. I will start doing 1008 time from now on. Thank you