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**** it - I hate the Hermit card lol.
I can't resist checking in here so I'm going to take my Hermit and go.
The question I had in mind was HOW can I get out of this mess.
Well, the Hermit isn't much help really. Yeah, search and ye shall find but what if you have been looking and searching forever and nothing comes of it? :(
Urgh........ Chime in people we need more cards! ;)

Edit: BiddyTarot offers great insight on the Hermit card. It says:
You've reached a point in your evolution where you should know that you don't have to have all the answers, or know the future in advance, in order to ward off failure. Reservations and distrustful thoughts are barriers that stand between you and the Source, and they must be worn down and eliminated.

That's better! :)

For next person:

The Magician
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Neptune Rising

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Feeling a bit like a lost soul at the moment, no job and not sure what to do next, temporary house, considering moving out of the county altogether and going to the countryside out of the 'rat race', realisations about romantic life, what I need and what I have currently... I asked tarot, what's next, where shall I go next, how...

Magician is a nice card to have! It tells me I can make it happen, whatever it is that I want. Now is a good time to create what I want in my life. It could also be saying that something good is in the making - it just so happened that I chatted to a yoga teacher today that needs some lesssons covered and she asked me. I just need to decide where to go and what to do with my life now.:lol:

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9 of wands
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Wow! Was checking here and so glad to see your card!
My question remains the same: how do I get out of this mess.
The Queen of Cups is fantastic and I think very Neptunian. :)
Here's what Biddy Tarot says about the Queen of Cups:
Someone will come to your aid, or you will have the opportunity to utilize some of your skills or talents.
To which I say: Amen! :)

Card for the next person:

Ace of Cups


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im confused with my question i couldnt think which one to ask about... if this was the start of hearing from my love or will my health improve soon... allways sick due to dipression which i think i got it covered then i slip backwards...

so the ace of cups...

either way it should help with one of them.... beggining stages of something

I leave the 3 of pentacles


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OK I asked about our family´s general financial situation in the near future and 3 of pentacles, that´s not bad - focusing on working as a team, thinking things through, planning, concentrating on doing everything well and competently.

Card for the next person:
The Hermit


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I just wanted to say jennifer that... I pulled the hermit first... but was not concentrating on anything for anyone... then i put it back as it was only just on here.... then concentrating on what the next person needs to know i pulled your card.... so im glad i did that and also weird that you pulled up the hermit again... who ever gets it probbably needs to see that card :surprised:


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um, lol....... The Hermit AGAIN?! LOL
OK, OK, Universe, I'm getting the d a m n message! ;)

My q was about a friend of mine who has isolated herself and I was wondering if she will come out to "play" and talk and heal. I guess the card says that she's not ready. Fair enough.

The card for the next person is:

The Lovers


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sorry suimui10

but that seriously must be your card for now :joyful:

I asked how someone feels about me... so lovers ... a choice...
seems fitting together with the ace of cups reciently.

I leave the 6 of swords


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I asked a question about my job.

The 6 of swords means one may be in process of leaving a job that no longer works for him/her - TRUE. I will leave my job next month.

And that finances may change - TRUE.

And that stress afterwards will be less - lets hope so!

I have randomly chosen: STRENGTH, reversed.


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General: When Strength appears in reverse, it’s an important indicator that you have a lot to be grateful for and that you should make a point in the very near future to count your blessings. Yes, everyone wishes for more than they have - more health, more friends, more money, more… whatever. Appreciating what you currently have in hand is key to opening ourselves up for more.
Work: Before you can expect the people you work with to be crystal clear on what your talents and skills are, it’s obvious that YOU must be clear first. What are you best at? What gets you moving? These should give you some insights into where your strengths lie. Once you are clear, this is a good time to make sure that those in a position to hire you (or to keep you employed, or to give you a raise) are aware of them as well. Take things one step at a time, you are already doing well when this card appears, there is no need to push too far too fast.

Problems at a project... wondering if I it is best to quit.
for the next person: 9 of cups

Neptune Rising

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Hanged Man always comes when I'm in frustration. I need to change my perspective on things, sacrifice immediate results. Not a time for action, but more a time for assessing and reassessing.

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Knight of Cups


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Urgh, I thought I will resist clicking here but I thought your interpretation of the hanged man is spot on, NR! It also says you're in "waiting" phase (hence the frustration). Another thing it points to is self-sacrifice. Do you feel like you are sacrificing your needs in order to achieve something? I'm not clear this kind of sacrifice is actually recommended by the Hanged Man. He just says that's what you do and it may well be the reason for your frustration. I say quit putting yourself second and start doing the little things you need and deserve while still on hold for the biggies.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Knight of Cups.
For me, this is my Knight in shining armor.
I would love it if he somehow appears today LOL!

For the next person:

The Sun


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The sun. :smile: Everything comes unto enlightenment. The puzzle pieces of life's chaos, lunacy, and mystery all come together under the sun-- everything now makes sense, and life unfolds like a flower unto the truest love possible. The most fortunate of cards. And my Jupiter is in Leo. :smile: Well, the most fortunate besides the

Next card: X--La Fortuna-- Chance-- The Wheel Fortune

Neptune Rising

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Lol, well two cards, Chariot and Lovers. I did ask about a guy who is ardently pursing me. What should I do?? The Chariot has always puzzled me, maybe it shows me taking some action, making a decision. Lovers shows also making a decision. Maybe I should give him a chance.

(thanks Sui, great advice for a self sacrificing Moon in Pisces sq Nep:), I will stop sacrificing myself and see to my needs)

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Forgot to play LOTO... oh, well...

Hierophant... hmm... I just return from a prayer group. :)

Next card and good night:sleeping::
The World, reversed.