Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!


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You ask yourself a question, and then the card the last person left is your answer.

Then you go online somewhere, or shuffle your own cards and pull a single card and leae that one. It'll be for the next person to read as the answer to the question they ask. it keeps going on. Since you did ask a question, the card I left can be your answer.

I'll leave a card for you to leave for the next person with a question.

Nine of cups reversed
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Thank you RisingSag. I asked if I should pursue another job with more hours and more money. The money is needed but the job would be at the sacrifice to my family. Nine of cups reversed pretty much reflects that and I will be rethinking my options.

I leave the 3 of Swords reversed (sorry)


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I asked, will I travel this month. So annoying. It is mercury retrograde anyway. I better sit back and wait.

I leave 10 of cups. Your welcome!


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I asked about my possible decision to something big and how I’m also fearing about making that decision- involving leaving a situation that is making me unhappy and looking for a brand new start for opportunities and career.

I leave The Tower.


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@UraSatVen1029: How would you interpret the 7 of coins in your situation? Harvesting time?

Aksed about the overall theme for April.


Five of Pentacles (Worry)