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Thank you for my tarot card : Death.

Interestingly I have Saturn in Scorpio conjunct my MC a.t.m. From a Tarot perspective, this transit would be like the dancer in the World card is riding Death’s horse. She’s put down her batons and is taking survey of what needs change. It immediately brings to mind the transformation I have embarked on since my first DMT experience (first ever psychedelic in my life and I'm 52 already), that I had 25th December 2013. Since then for some reason a rapid spiritual progress was triggered and I've managed to stop smoking, stopped eating meat and have spent many hours in meditation. I was a little concerned about losing focus on making money for the moment, since I've been taking a break from my business (interior decoration - 6th house in Cancer) doing only as much as needed so as not to neglect my clients (but not pursuing new business) but I realize that there is a lot of internal work going on. I feel that as an Aquarian (an Aquastell (1962) with six planets and a rising sign in Aquarius) that our leadership in the increasing transformation on earth becomes an important focus in our lives. As an activist for freedom of the internet (with my support of Anonymous as a truth movement), an activist for the preservation of the earth (as member of Greenpeace), as a feminist and animal rights activist, these activities are starting to eclipse any personal agenda I may have had. I do believe that the DMT experience triggered a lot of this healing work. :) I leave for the next person: THREE OF PENTACLES :