Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!


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Hi all,

The idea of this thread is to randomly select a Tarot card, and then leave it here for the next person who comes along to comment on, and explain how it relates to thier life, why it is that they were meant to find this card here.

In turn, this person then leaves a card behind of thier own, for the next person and so on.

If you doi not own a deck of cards, then go here: , and select a single card at random, form the 'one card' option, and just post the name of the card here, along with the description as well if you like.

Not sure how this thread will develop, but here goes:

How do you relate to this card, why was it meant for you?

Don't forget to leave a card behind for the next person.

As this thread develops, it would be a good idea to have a question in mind before coming in, and then see what card has been left behind, and take it as the answer to your question.

Draco :wink:[/i]


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Draco, fabulous idea!

Justice: When I see it...I often think there is a duality of feeling in the querent. For instance, if someone vacillates between two modes of feeling about a person or a situation in order to find a higher balance. (He loves me, he loves me not.)
Furthermore, Justice is also an indication that someone is making a decision based on logic, rather than emotion.
ANother meaning behind the card is that karma is about to be re-paid to someone, teaching them a valuable lesson. This card is neither good or bad in its meaning. You just have to glean it's intent by viewing the surronding cards and their placements.

OK! Here is my card for the chain:

The VI of cups!


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Hi Jen,

I liked your analysis of Justice, but what did it mean to you personally at the time, what was it saying to you?

I forgot to ask a question before I came here. :( I was too eager to see what card had been left.

In any case, I see the 6 of Cups as relating to how I am feeling at the moment. I am greatly content today. It's a lovely Spring day and I am wondering when my partner is going to get here so we can go and sit outside a pub and have a beer and a smoke. I think the 6 of Cups is all about these kinds of pleasantries, and contentments.

Also, in that I have a new scanner, I have been looking for photographs to scan, so I can post it on the picture board, but the only pics I could find that were any good were pics from my childhood. I've never been one to have my photo taken since I was a teenager, I cringe when cameras come out. The 6 of Cups is associated with childhood, innocence, memories. So I relate to it in that way.

I wish I had remebered that I should ask a question when I notice that there is a new post here, and then take the card as my answer. I'll remember next time.

Anyway, here's the next one:

I wish I had titled this thread, 'Chain Tarot: Remember: Ask Question Before Clicking Here!' Oh well, perhaps Mav might be able to change it for me, I don't know if I can change the title in edit.


Okay, I've changed the title now, so what does this card mean in response to your question?

Draco :wink:


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Hi Draco & all..

Ace of Swords - to me this says, I must be absolutely sure of what ever as it cuts both ways!
I took this as to be careful at the moment. This may not be the traditional reading, but that's was 'jumped out'. :oops: Very confused and indecisive.

Anyway, the next card is:

6 of Pentacles.


Sorry about the lack of graphics.


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I stumbled upon this old thread yesterday and saw that it was finishing with the 6 of Pentacles – a card which was actually meaning nothing special to me. I only thought that it was the second time in the last 3 months that I was coming across the 6 of Pentacles – and that everything has a reason.

Today I went to my yoga course and as I arrived last minute before we start, the only empty space to unfold my mat was next to a man that most people avoid, a huge man, pretty heavy and stiff, noisy and with all his body covered by psoriasis patches. His gasping for breath with every single movement easily throws you out of any fine balancing exercise, his full body struggles with every simple asana. My first thought as I was unfolding my mat was ‘oh, no!’. My second thought was the 6 of Pentacles.

6 of Disks, the Lord of Material Success – perhaps prosperity is coming to me, I don’t know it. But apart from it, it is also a card of nobility and generosity, of sharing in full consciousness. It belongs to Beauty, to the Heart of the Hexagram, to the place where you come after you have mastered Strength and Kindness, Justice and Mercy. Let the Sun shine and warm, integrate the lessons of the Fall, Healing (absorb the Light) and Redemption (reflect the Light). Apollo and Dionysus, the Lion, the Phoenix, the Child.

So today I understood that the difficult part is not to sigh and tolerate the heavy man in the yoga course, but to smile and share the air, the space, the prana in the room with him; and realize they belong to you no more than they belong to him.

I leave here the 4 of Cups, perhaps it will find someone who may use it.



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Four of cups...
the four in all suits is the card of divine discontent. Although everything seems happy and rewarding still there is doubt and suspicion.
This four of hearts is negative and positive as this dissatisfaction can lead to the realization of ones own unreal expectation and looking harder at the relationship.

Hmm I guess I can say I have been in this state a very long time but maybe this will help me look closer at myself, my own state and questions. I have found myself suspicious and wonder why, why why. Though my relationship has seemingly ended in the fall I still feel this. Something to ponder.



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Hi all,

I stumbled upon this thread while killing time.

7 of Wands:

I openly groaned when I saw that this was the last card before my post.

To me, this card means hard graft. It means that dedication to a cause worthy of such focus can eventually bring rewards, but these rewards may take a time in coming.

The story of my life so far!!!

My card:

3 of Pentacles


Neptune Rising

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Thank you R4VEN:happy:

Ah this is not a bad card, kind of describes whats going on for me at the moment. I am working towards some future goal, its in the early stages and I need to save some money in order to fulfill my goal. Typical Capricorn Sun eh?! I am working with a new team at work and so far we seem to work well together. I think this is like a 'teamwork' card. :happy:

9 of pentacles



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Thank you R4VEN:happy:

Ah this is not a bad card, kind of describes whats going on for me at the moment. I am working towards some future goal, its in the early stages and I need to save some money in order to fulfill my goal. Typical Capricorn Sun eh?! I am working with a new team at work and so far we seem to work well together. I think this is like a 'teamwork' card. :happy:

9 of pentacles

Thanks Neppy,

So this must be my card, 9 of pents, will look it up and select a card.
oh by the way my question was , "Will my money situation improve?"


9 of pents...SOUNDS GOOD....
This card signifies a lucky windfall or payment for work well done, enough to buy what you most want. It can also indicate a retreat to a spa or one of those beautiful bed & breakfast inns where you're pampered and waited on hand and foot. Everything is lovely, luxurious. The physical things the Querent has been seeking, things they wanted but were unable to buy, they will finally be able to have.

the next card is

The Magician


hey Draco, we are in your neck of the woods tomorrow, love it :biggrin:
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In the numerology of my birthday, the magician is my 'soul card'. Magic has always been connected with me in some way, and I have spent a little time dabbling in the occult world of sorcery. Creation itself is magical. To me, card one of the tarot symbolizes being the one life in the space behind the mask of the myriad seemingly egocentric manifestations. Those manifestation are all the magician's tools, and though they seem to be different than the magician, imbued with their own identity, they are all a part of the one life. The magician is a Godlike card, yet tricky. It is a wizard and a sorceror. He knows all the world to be illusive, but summons all reality to any creation of his choosing, for Himself. The magician can create any reality at all from behind the scenes, but must be careful of his wits. It is a card associated with Mercury, but knows the power of silence too, before the seemingly dualistic nature of communication, balanced in the paradox between, where the magic of the one life does wind and weave, then disappear again like a stage magician's trick of the eye.

My next question is, how's my soul?

Next card: the Heirophant, and it was reversed!
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I will have to think about the Hierophant - I tend not to used reversed but will consider any impications & how it could be used positively
The next card is the Chariot

Neptune Rising

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Thats funny, I was asking about me and my mate/fella. He is a Libra! Not sure what it means though when his significator comes out like that.

The one I picked:Page of Swords


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I believe Tarot is a full symbolic system which does not respond directly to questions (this is why it is symbolic, after all), but which functions on multiple levels and invites its reader to discover the underlying truths. Usually, the answers we are looking for, lie already in our subconscious - and every symbolic system (like Tarots, dream interpretation etc) alludes to those hidden answers, based on the assumption that there is a bridge connecting the universal to the private symbolism.

I do not think I am entitled to speak on behalf of someone absent (Draco), but my understanding of both his original and his subsequent posts were that, who opens this thread gets an open invitation to meditate on a specific card and its qualities: to see the connections to their life facts, and perhaps discover a truth they were looking for - or a truth they should be looking for even if they have tried to ignore it.

When I opened again this 'ancient' thread and had my brief experience in the yoga course soon afterwards, I thought how little value it has to tolerate someone because you want to feel generous, and how real kindness lies in believing deep inside that the others are entitled to exactly the same as you are: so you are not generous by 'allowing to', you are One and Equal with them. And this was my grasp of the 6 of Pentacles.

Now, having the Page of Swords in front of me, I am brought far away from the 'spheres' where I usually wander: to Earth, to the Root, to the Kingdom. But it is the card of Venus in Air, of the personification of Earth in Air, a card connected to Caput Algol, so for different reasons it was right that the card found me. A card of acumen which can turn very destructive, discriminating and egoistic when trapped behind inner fears and insecurities. The antidote is using the intellect to serve generosity and kindness - back to the qualities of the 6 of Pentacles. Perhaps it is a warning of alertness against revengeful or indiscreet people.

I leave here the 9 of Wands for whom feels like/needs to meditate on it.



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9 of wands - interesting, was thinking about career... different paths, recently got a new job, just part time relating to what I am studying and I thought it would be brilliant, confirm to me that this career path will be fulfilling... instead I am even more confused now, and feeling like I will never reach a career I will enjoy. Feel like I want to give up now, and just get a job for the money rather than contribute to the world and do something I want.... Soooo, maybe I really will reach a position I am happy with, just have to trust myself that I will and be disciplined:)

Next card... Page of Cups


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I dont know what Tarot cards mean. But i got to this thread to see what happens. Would anybody explain this card (The Star) please?

I have got a card from and that's 'Ace of Pentacles'


dr. farr

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The Star: a Major Arcana symbol, connected as such also with a path on the (kabbalistic) Tree of Life;
a) keynotes for the + qualities of this symbol include hope, bright prospects, insight, strong astrological influences, balancing of hope + effort, love + its expression; spiritual love; balancing of the past+the present; inspiration; faith

b) keynotes for - qualities of this symbol include unfulfilled hopes, lack of opportunity, pessimism/skepticism, straight bad luck; imbalance of forces in general; outright disappointment; also stubborness; possibly the end of an unsatisfactory business or personal relationship

(Note: for those interested, may I direct your notice to my post in this section regarding conversion of astrological data into the Major Arcana symbols of the Tarot)


I submit, The wheel of fortune... *my deck; *Copy paste link*

Ace of penticles;
here we learn the understanding of joining ourselves, and our material possessions. For we are both one and the same, both living in illusions and lies of reality.

Looking over all that you have accomplished, and looking back with hindsight. If i knew then, what i know now... as we merge seamlessly as one into the material rather then a division of soul and physicality.

I think the star is the perfect embodiment of aquarius, its the humanitarian and selfless acts of the self, given to others.
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Neptune Rising

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I think I take the Wheel of Fortune from Niplan's draw...

anyway, I was thinking about a trip I'm taking in half a year, one heck of a trip for me.. Wheel of Fortune turns up in readings for me when things are about to change. The change is already in the air. Its one of the life changes, maybe easier going than a Plutinonian or Uranian change, still change though. Times now are in a state of limbo, career is going nowhere, accomodation is transient and not for me, everything feels quite temporary at this time in my life. I feel in limbo which means I also feel discontent when where I'm at because I sense I should be doing something else, going somewhere else, even if in myself, then followed by an outer change perhaps. So I get the wheel of fortune and this shows me this state of limbo is actually the energies of an upcoming change, and it just so happens I'm travelling soon. Saturn transiting into my 10th house next year will certainly bring a change, in career and home (I may live abroad for a time with my fella :w00t:).

My card: 4 of wands.

Neptune Rising

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I keep thinking of this thread every now and then, even though I know the card is the 4 of wands. So I came back anyway. :tongue:

This relates to my life at the moment in that it has become unnecessarily hectic and a bit stressful. I have had a lot to plan and think about, and all that is clogging up my thoughts. I think the 4 of wands is saying to me to find a place of relaxation where I can just enjoy life for what it is. The wands signify energy, and the 4 is stabilising that energy. The people in the card are playing and dancing around, happy, which they can only do when they drop all the plans, thoughts, bad news from the newspapers, ect and just enjoy life. Once all those things are released from the mind, the weight that lifts is a party in itself! :smile:

Next card: