Cellphone lost!


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Help. Who has my second cellphone and where is it?

I think I either left it at my boyfriend house ( but he would have called me if he found a cellphone ) or that I left it in the cab whilst going to my boyfriend.



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There is testimony cellphone will be found.

Ruler is Su in conjunction with Ne, so first look at places near photographic equipment, tobacco, alcohol, medicine or near some object of glass. Ruler is in cadent house; cadent house means that item is either far off, or close by, but hidden and almost impossible to find. This will take time to find, usually indirectly by a third party. It may show it is to the left side of places that I would suggest for search.
Look in bathroom or kitchen, near aquarium, near liquids, chemicals, oils (for healing techniques for example). Look also in a bedroom in a closet. Look near religious areas at home.
Ruler in 9 house usually indicates item is far away.
Look near some church, college or law “things” at high shelves or around vacation pictures or travel literature. Also look at library (high shelves).

Direction Southwest
Near colour:yellow, red

POF is also in water sign Sco. It to can be in a bathroom, toilet, next to water pipes, or near something that holds water, in a dirty part of the house where rubbish or junk is kept, trashcan, room or desk where unpaid bills are kept, in an “empty” room, wash room, secret drawer or chest, in a hiding place. Because POF is in 5 house search any romantic places or any place of pleasure or enjoyment. Also look near the heating system or fireplace.

Direction: North by West
Near colour:black, murky red


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Thank you fancy!

I will give more detailed feedback later.

Do you think someone else has my cellphone?

I asked my boyfriend but he said it is not at his place, I have searched my entire appartment and it is not there either, so someone must have both my scarf and my cellphone. :(

what do you mean it is in a cadent house? I'snt the 9th house succedent?


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Found the cellphone! Yay!

The cab driver returned it to me. A person he was driving told the cab driver that there is a phone which fell ff the back seat and he took it and saved it.

I remember the guy who drove me, he was so grumpy and mean looking, and today he was the same, dressed in all black and seemed kind of a rugged type of guy. But he returned it to me!

Yay thank you Saturn! Isnt Saturn the cab driver?


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Because Su's dispositor is Ju and Ju is ruler of 6th house, and 6 house represent servants, might be it is with owner of cab!

As I told, Ju (ruler of 6 house) represent cab's driver, because 6 house represent servants! And because Ju is in its detriment that is why he looks so rugged...
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